Diablo 4: Uldur’s Cave [Dungeon Explained With Images]

Uldur's Cave is a Dungeon in Diablo 4. it can be found at Kehjistan and has no final boss at it's completion.

diablo 4 uldur's cave
Diablo 4 Uldur's Cave Dungeon Walkthrough

The Uldur’s Cave in Diablo 4 is a dungeon designed with most wildlife creatures residing. This guide covers this dungeon’s exact location, how to clear it on the first run, its reward, and the optional bonus events available, which you can opt-in for, so without wasting further time, let’s begin.

Key Takeaways

  • The Uldur’s Cave dungeon is located on the Ragged Coastline in Kehjistan.
  • Players must find, locate and wreck 3 wooden barricades for the first objective.
  • Next, kill every foe residing in the Bandit Hideout area of the dungeon for the second objective.
  • In the third objective, annihilate the Ringleader to finish the dungeon.
  • As a reward for finishing Uldur Cave for the first time, players unlock the Aspect of the Damned for the Necromancer class.
  • Players can participate in 3 events inside this dungeon for bonus rewards: Cursed Well, Cursed Shrine, and Rest For The Weary.

Location & Layout Of Dungeon

diablo 4 uldur's cave map location
Exact Marked Location Of Uldur’s Cave – Image Captured By Us

Uldur’s Cave is located southwest of the Iron Wolves Encampment fasttravel Waypoint on the Ragged Coastline in Kehjistan. On your world map, you’ll find this region to the extreme southwest portion.

This cave dungeon is an average-sized home to various wildlife creatures and bandit-human enemies, consisting of bull-type beasts, wasp-type stingers, giant scorpions, marksmen, and even bodyguards.

Not only that, but this dungeon has a lot of surprises for you in the form of many strong elite variants, which we have personally encountered and have died from on multiple occasions throughout.

Destroy The Barricades

diablo 4 barricades dungeon map location
Exact Marked Location Of All 3 Barricades – Image Captured By Us

The first objective will prompt you to destroy 3 barricades placed throughout the dungeon, made out of wood in the shape of a mini-wall. All you have to do is click on them to attack and destroy them.

Subsequently, while going through this objective, you’ll be bombarded with big mobs of enemies just like in any regular dungeon you clear, so be well-prepared.

diablo 4 barricade in uldur's cave
Eliminate All 3 Barricades – Image Captured By Us

Kill All Enemies In The Bandit Hideout

diablo 4 bandit hideout dungeon map location
Exact Marked Location Of The Bandit Hideout – Image Captured By Us

Moving on to the next objective, make your way to the bandit hideout area, where you’ll have to annihilate swarms of enemies everywhere.

This also includes many elite variants in big amounts, which will run it all down toward you, so make sure to perfectly time out your dodges and attacks in order not to take fatal damage and die like we did multiple times.

enemies in the bandit hideout
Finish Off All Enemies Spread Throughout The Bandit Hideout – Image Captured By Us

Kill The Ringleader

final boss of uldur's cave
Eliminate The Ringleader To End The Dungeon – Image Captured By Us

Moving on to the final objective, you’ll face an Elite Ringleader as the final boss in the same area. His attack movements are simple to get familiar with as it’s just a hack and slash with a sword in specific intervals. Once you finish him off., the dungeon is over.

On the first dungeon completion, you’ll get the following Legendary Aspect for the Necromancer from the Codex of Power:

  • Aspect of the Damned

Check out our Codex of Power and Best Aspects guide to learn more about these aspects.


Additionally, Uldur’s Cave also has 3 events that you can attempt optionally to earn extra rewards of item drops, gold, and XP points farm:

  • Cursed Shrine
  • Cursed Well
  • Rest For The Weary

In each event, you’ll be tasked to finish off 5 waves of enemies before the timer runs out. Interaction with the Shrine and healing well are necessary to activate the cursed events.

Final Remarks

That’s all you need to know about the Uldur’s Cave dungeon in Diablo 4.

Although taking into account the recent patch nerfs performed on a majority of the dungeons by Blizzard, this dungeon seems to be the only exception currently for being an excellent farming spot in terms of gold, XP points, and a variety of Rare item drops.

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Considering that, we highly recommend you attempt this dungeon again on higher World Tier settings to get the best out of it as soon as you can before Blizzard takes notice and nerfs this dungeon too.

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