Diablo 4 Waypoint Map [All 35 Locations]

There are 35 Waypoints in Diablo 4 that you must discover to fully unlock fast travel to all locations. Here are all 35 Diablo 4 Waypoint locations and how to unlock them.

Diablo 4 Waypoint map.
All the 35 Diablo 4 Waypoints.

Diablo 4 has its unique fast travel mechanic called the Waypoints. These are sigils marked on the ground that grant you quick access to other Waypoints. But where are all of the Waypoints? And how do you unlock them? Find out all this and more in our Diablo 4 Waypoint map and guide.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 35 Waypoints in Diablo 4 which grant quick access to key spots in Sanctuary.
  • You unlock fast travel after unlocking the first Waypoint in Kyovashad. After that, all other Waypoints must be unlocked by discovering and activating them.
  • However, some Waypoints can only be unlocked after completing a corresponding Stronghold dungeon. These require you to fight a final boss and clear some puzzles.
  • Fractured Peaks has seven Waypoints while Scosglen has eight. Dry Steppes also has eight Waypoints while Kehjistan and Hawezar both have six Waypoints each, totally 35 Waypoints in Sanctuary.

What Are Waypoints In Diablo 4?

Every open-world adventure and exploration game has its unique fast travel option. And in Diablo 4, these are the Waypoints.

Waypoints are areas marked on the map that you can use to access other locations without walking there. They only allow you to fast-travel to other Waypoints, though.

Physically, they look like circles engraved into the ground, a geometric sigil in the middle, and three blue flames lighted around the outer ring. Diablo 4 Waypoint map markers look like light blue triangles inside a circle with three points jutting from where the triangle’s edges meet the ring.

Like most fast travel mechanisms, you must unlock every Waypoint before accessing it. Hence, if you want to go from Waypoint A to Waypoint B, you’ll need to discover and unlock both physically. Then, you can easily fast travel between the two.

Most Waypoints in Diablo 4 require you to walk up to them and activate the simply. Some, however, are only unlocked after you complete a Stronghold. Strongholds are special dungeons that almost always feature a boss at the end.

Fractured Peaks Waypoints

Fractured Peaks Diablo 4 Waypoint map.
You’ll find seven Waypoints in Fractured Peaks. (Image captured by us)

Fractured Peaks features seven Wayppints that you can see on our Diablo 4 Waypoint Map:


  1. Kyovashad is the first Waypoint you’ll unlock in Diablo 4. Hence, it’s pretty hard to miss.
  2. The Waypoint is right at the heart of the city of Kyovashad.
  3. This city gets unlocked during the main campaign of Diablo 4 when you finish your first boss and complete your first dungeon.
  4. After unlocking the Kyovashad Waypoint, you unlock fast travel. However, you must still unlock each Waypoint individually to use it.


  1. From Kyovashad, you can unlock the other Waypoints in any order you like. We recommend unlocking the Menestad Waypoint next.
  2. It’s in Menestad, a tiny hamlet at the very Northwestern edge of the area.
  3. Travel to the Kyovashad Waypoint and exit Kyovashad using any of the two exits leading into Sarkova Pass.
  4. Both of these exits feature wide obvious roads that lead straight to the Menestad Waypoint. You just need to avoid turning from the lower exit at all costs and follow the big road straight Northwest.
  5. From the upper exit, you’ll need to hug the Western edge and follow the road to the center of Menestad.

Bear Tribe Refuge

  1. The Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint is located at the Northeastern edge of Fractured Peaks.
  2. Travel to the Kyovashad Waypoint and take the Eastern exit into the Frigid Expanse.
  3. From here, travel to the very Eastern edge until you find the road with two forks: one leading into Seat of the Heavens and one leading to Malnok.
  4. Follow the one that leads into the Seat of Heaven and take an immediate left.
  5. Keep going directly North; you’ll find the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint there.


  1. Nevesk is one of the first settlements that you visit in Fractured Peaks. But you can’t unlock the Waypoint here until you unlock the one in Kyovashad.
  2. From the Kyovashad Waypoint, take the Southwestern exit into the Desolate Highlands.
  3. Keep going South, ignoring any turns, and once you reach the Southern edge, start traveling Westward.
  4. Eventually, you’ll come across the Nevesk Waypoint.


  1. The next Waypoint to unlock is Margrave. Start by going South from Kyovashad and taking the first left into Dobrev Taiga.
  2. From here, travel South, hugging the Western edge.
  3. Take the second-last left turn and head directly East. You’ll easily find the Margrave Waypoint in the Margrave settlement.


  1. Nostrava is the only Stronghold Waypoint in Fractured Peaks. If you don’t know, Stronghold Waypoints require you to complete a Stronghold, which will then convert into a Waypoint.
  2. This Stronghold is located between Desolate Highlands and the Pallid Glade. Start from the Nevesk Waypoint and take the lower Northeastern exit into the Pallid Glade.
  3. Then, take the second right and then an immediate left.
  4. Ignore the first large opening to your right and take the next right path. This will lead to Nostrava.
  5. This Stronghold lends several objectives, including destroying five Demonic Effigies and dealing with enemies like Fiery Succubi and Tainted Sandstalkers.
  6. The Nostrava Stronghold also features a boss to defeat: Negala. After defeating it, you receive 120 Renown and access to the Nostrava Waypoint.


  1. Yelesna is a small settlement that you will explore during the main campaign of Diablo 4. Start from the Nevesk Waypoint and head East.
  2. Take the lower Eastern exit into Gale Valley.
  3. From here, take the second left and then go right, following the road into the center of Yelesna to find the Yelesna Waypoint.

Scosglen Waypoints

All Scosglen Waypoints.
You’ll find eight locations to fast travel from in Scosglen. (Image captured by us)

There are eight Waypoints in Scosglen that you can see on the Diablo 4 Waypoint map.

Tur Dulra

  1. One of the two Stronghold Waypoints in Scosglen, Tur Dulra, is at the very Western edge of the region.
  2. It’s an important Waypoint to access several unique items and mysterious chests.
  3. You’ll need to finish the Stronghold close to here to unlock this Waypoint. You’ll need to travel to the city Cerrigar and look for the Stronghold near the far West, close to the shore.
  4. This Stronghold can be easily encountered during Act II (although it’s not part of the story).
  5. You’ll need to find and free a few Druid Spirits by fighting several Elite enemy waves.
  6. After that, you’ll need to fight the Demon Boss, Baelgemoth. This fight is a bit harder than the others. But this fight becomes a breeze if you learn its telegraphs and can defeat the minions first. Focus on bringing down its HP instead of its Stagger Bar.
  7. Once you defeat the boss, you get 100 Renown and 20 more for unlocking the Waypoint.


  1. While you’re at the Tur Dulra Waypoint, we suggest heading North.
  2. The path is relatively convoluted. But if you learn to stay close to the shore, you’ll eventually find the Marowen Waypoint.
  3. This Waypoint is crucial for access to many Helltide and Tortured Chests of Mystery.

Firebreak Manor

  1. Firebreak Manor is not only crucial for the Waypoint there, but it also plays a major role in Diablo 4’s main campaign story. Travel to the Tur Dulra Waypoint and take the Southeastern exit into Deep Forest.
  2. Go directly Southeast and take the next exit into Westering Lowlands.
  3. A big marked road will be going into the center of the Lowlands. Follow it until you reach the spot below the Firebreak manor on the Diablo 4 Waypoint map.
  4. Then, take the exit into Firebreak Manor. The Waypoint is near the East of this area.


  1. Cerrigar is the primary hub of Scosglen, meaning it’s the dead center of all the other Waypoints.
  2. From the Firebreak Manor Waypoint, use the Eastern exit to return to the Westering Lowlands and follow the marked road until it turns North into the Emerald Chase.
  3. Keep following the road North until you enter the major city of Cerrigar. You’ll find the Waypoint in the center.
  4. This will unlock easy access to all the other Waypoints in Scosglen.


  1. Go to Cerrigar and exit the city via the Northwestern exit.
  2. Take the first left and right and keep following the marked road until it forks, with one end going into Northshore and the other into Wailing Hills.
  3. Follow the Wailin Hills road, and you’ll find the Braestaig Waypoint after you ignore the first turn.
  4. Braestaig has many points of interest to explore. On top of that, it grants access to a few other Waypoints, in case you haven’t unlocked them already, including Marowen.


  1. From the Cerrigar Waypoint, take the Southeast exit and then take two rights.
  2. Keep heading North and take the second right.
  3. Head to the very heart of the Strand. You’ll find the Waypoint in the center, South of Caen Adar.
  4. This Waypint can also be accessed from the Braestaig Waypoint. From Braestaig, travel South, taking the first left.
  5. Keep traveling along the path until you reach the very Western end. Then, take the path into the Strand.
  6. You’ll find the Corbach Waypoint just South of Caen Adar.


  1. From the Corbach Waypoint in the Strand, exit the Strand through the Southeastern exit that opens into the Shrouded Moors region.
  2. From here, travel South until you reach the edge. Then, travel East along the edge of the road. You’ll eventually come across the Waypoint.

Under The Fat Goose Inn

  1. From the Tirmair Waypoint, travel East and South into the Highland Wilds.
  2. Once you enter, immediately go West and keep on the upper Western path. At the very Northwestern edge of the Highland Wilds, you’ll find the Under the Fat Goose Inn Waypoint.

Dry Steppes Waypoints

Dry Steppes Diablo 4 Waypoint map.
Dry Steppes also has its fair share of Waypoints. (Image captured by us)

Dry Steppes also has eight Waypoints for you to discover and use as fast travel, shown on the Diablo 4 Waypoint map.


  1. The Farobru Waypoint is located at the very Northwestern edge of Dry Steppes, at the border between Dry Steppes and Scosglen. To get there, travel to the Tur Dulra Waypoint.
  2. Then, make your way toward the South, into the Deep Forest.
  3. The Deep Forest only has two exits that lead into Dry Steppes. Take the Southeastern exit and take the second right.
  4. You’ll find the Farobru Waypoint awaiting activation.

Ked Bardu

  1. Ked Bardu is the closest to the Farobru Waypoint. First, from Farobru, travel South into the large road into the Kotama Grasslands.
  2. When this road forks, take the right path.
  3. When it forks again, take the left path and head straight into the small settlement in the middle of Kotama Grasslands.
  4. You’ll find the Ked Bardu Waypoint there, which serves as the primary hub for Dry Steppes.

The Onyx Watchtower

  1. The Onyx Watchtower is a Stronghold that is easily accessed from Ked Bardu. Take the Northeastern exit from the Waypoint out of Kotama Grasslands and into the Khargai Crags.
  2. From here, enter the Onyx Watchtower through the Southern exit. You’ll find the Stronghold in the center of the area.
  3. This Stronghold requires you to defeat several waves of bandits and lieutenants. You must also destroy critical structures, such as support beams, tents, and supply carts. You can see these as diamond markers on the minimap, while the lieutenants can be seen as yellow circles.
  4. You must defeat the four lieutenants: Thidrek the Beast-Master, Crocus the Greedy, Talida the Lookout, and Hagrin the Quartermaster.
  5. After defeating them, you’ll need to take on Captain Ezmin. His primary self-defense mechanism is going invisible and becoming immune to attacks. Hence, the right timing and quick movement are key to defeating him. Additionally, crowd control abilities work wonders against this boss.
  6. Now that you’ve defeated Captain Ezmin, you’ll receive 120 Renown, and a new Waypoint will unlock along with several NPCs and other places in the Onyx Watchtower.

Fate’s Retreat

  1. From the Onyx Watchtower Waypoint, exit this area into the Khargai Scrags through the Northeastern exit.
  2. The journey from here is tricky, but your primary goal is to reach any of the two exits that open into Chambatar Ridge. We recommend heading for the top-right exit as it’s closest to Fate’s Retreat.
  3. The best way is to travel from the Onyx Watchtower into Khargai Crags. Then, keep traveling Northeast until the road ends.
  4. Travel directly East until you enter Chambatar Ridge through the top-right exit.
  5. Once you enter the Ridge, immediately take a right, and you’ll find the Waypoint.

Hidden Overlook

  1. Before we begin, you must complete Act III to access this Waypooint.
  2. Travel to Fate’s Retreat Waypoint and go South until you reach the shore.
  3. Now go Southeast, aiming for the Southern exit that leads into the Accursed Wastes. Keep going Southeast, eventually going South until you find the exit.
  4. Once you enter the Accursed Wastes, take an immediate right to enter Jakha Basin.
  5. Take another immediate right and then left.
  6. Go North, and you’ll find the Hidden Overlook Waypoint.

Ruins Of Qara-Yisu

  1. Ruins of Qara-Yisu is the second Stronghold Waypoint in Dry Steppes. Travel to the Hidden Overlook Waypoint and head back into the Accursed Wastes through any of the two upper Western exits. You can also use the lower Western exit.
  2. From here, travel South toward the center of the Accursed Wastes. You should be aiming for an area called Qara Yisu.
  3. In Qara Yisu, you’ll find the Stronghold, and a disembodied voice will call you. This is when you’ll need to start your first task: destroy three Infernal Spires.
  4. You can find the Spires as Skulls on the minimap. You’ll need to fight Cursed Yisunis as well as demons.
  5. After destroying them all, you’ll need to defeat Utulku, the final boss of Qara Yisu. You’ll need to fight his Cursed Yisuni minions before you take him on. His attacks are quite weak, and the fight is simple if you can understand the attack patterns.
  6. After the fight, you’ll receive 120 Renown and have unlocked the Ruins of Qara-Yisu Waypoint.


  1. Jirandai is a bit further out than the other Waypoints. Start from the Ruins of Qara-Yisu Waypoint and exit into the Accursed Wastes.
  2. Then, exit the Accursed Wastes through the lower Western exit into the Untamed Scarps.
  3. Your aim is to exit this area through the Southern exit into Kehjistan. You’ll find the Jirandai Waypoint along the way, close to the exit.


  1. From the Jirandai Waypoint, take the Northwestern path and keep traveling along it until you enter the Fields of Hatred.
  2. Now, traverse the Fields of Hatred until you reach the lower Northwestern exit into the Scarred Coast. You’ll find the Waypoint along the way.
  3. If not, head back into the Fields from this exit and take an immediate left.
  4. Then, take a right, and you’ll find the Alzuuda Waypoint.

Kehjistan Waypoints

All Kehjistan Waypoints.
Kehjistan has only six Waypoints. (Image captured by us)

In Kehjistan, you’ll find six different Waypoints on the Diablo 4 Waypoint map.


  1. The closest Kehjistan Waypoint to any of the Waypoints in Dry Steppes is Tarsarak. From the Jirandai Waypoint, travel Southeast into the Scouring Sands.
  2. The path from here on is not very clear on the map. Enter the largest expanse of the desert and head toward the dead center of the Scouring Sands. You’ll find the Tarsarak Waypoint right there.


  1. Travel to the Tarsarak Waypoint and exit the lower Southwest into the Fields of Hatred.
  2. From here, travel to the Southwest, hugging the Western edge.
  3. When the path takes a sharp turn to the Northwest, go along and keep going North.
  4. You’ll find the Denshar Waypoint just to the East of the exit into Caldeum.

Gea Kul

  1. Travel to the Denshar Waypoint and take the exit into Caldeum.
    From here, take the lower Southwest exit into the Southern Expanse.
  2. To cut to the chase, you’ll want to reach the docks at the very Southwestern shore of the Southern Expanse. The Gea Kul Waypoint will be waiting for you.

Imperial Library

  1. First, complete a major portion of Act 6 of the main storyline to unlock this area.
  2. Go to the Denshar Waypoint and enter Caldeum.
  3. Take the second right and travel North into the main area of Caldeum.
  4. From here, traverse your way to the very Northern edge of Caldeum. You’ll find the Imperial Library and its corresponding Waypoint right there.

Altar of Ruin

  1. Altar of Ruin is the first and only Stronghold Waypoint in Kehjistan. From the Alzuuda Waypoint, exit the Fields of Hatred and enter the Scarred Coast.
  2. Then, take the Southern exit into the Amber Sands.
  3. From here, hug the Northern edge until you reach an area leading into the Altar of Ruin. It will be marked on the map.
  4. The Stronghold here has you locating an important Keystone, or three, held by Elite bosses.
  5. These Elite bosses are Mayze Boltrend, Heinrik Taintspur, and Sephuz Boltrend. They’re pretty simple to defeat but have powerful weapons.
  6. In the end, you’ll need to fight Dark Cardinal Maldul. But first, you’ll need to fight his minions: the Annihilator and the Unholy.
  7. The Cardinal has simple attacks, including ones that summon Khazra to fall from the sky. After defeating the boss, you receive 120 Renown and the Altar of Ruin Waypoint.

Iron Wolves Encampment

  1. Begin from the Altar of Ruin Waypoint and exit the area via the Southwestern exit into Amber Sands.
  2. Travel Southwest until you reach the Southwestern exit into the Ragged Coastline.
  3. Once inside, take the first left and then another left.
  4. Travel West to the very edge until you the path forks South. Take the Southern path and take the first right, followed by another right. You’ll find the Iron Wolves Encampment Waypoint in the open space here.

Hawezar Waypoints

Hawezar Waypoint map.
Here is the Waypoint map for Hawezar.

Hawezar features six Waypoints, shown on the Diablo 4 Waypoint map.


  1. Wejinhani is the first Waypoint you should access in Hawezar due to its proximity to the other Waypoints. To access this Waypoint, travel to the Margrave Waypoint in Fratured Peaks.
  2. Then, take the Southern exit into Dismal Foothills.
  3. From here, keep following the path South until it opens up.
  4. Then, travel South and find the spot right in the center of the Foothills.
  5. You’ll find the Waypoint directly above where it says “Dismal Foothills” on the map.

Ruins Of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court

  1. Travel to the Wejinhani Waypoint and the very South of Dismal Foothills.
  2. An exit here will lead into the Ruins of Rakhat Keep region. Enter it.
  3. Follow the path as it goes South, then West.
  4. Take the first path that goes North, and you’ll find the Waypoint in the Inner Court.


  1. This is the only Stronghold Waypoint in Hawezar. From the Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court Waypoint, head Southeast into Fethis Wetlands.
  2. Stay on the Eastern edge of this region and head South, ignoring the first exit into Blightmarsh and continuing South into Toxic Fens.
  3. Once you enter this area, keep going South and take the first (or second, both lead to the same place) path East to Vyeresz.
  4. This Stronghold requires you to clear three Serpent’s Eye Pedestals. These will unlock three doors.
  5. Return to the Serpent’s Eye Door, and you’ll be charged with a cultist mob.
  6. Enter the Serpent’s Eye Door, and you will eventually find Dianthus. Its attacks are easily predicted but harder to dodge since some are Area of Effect (AoE). Additionally, Dianthus will spawn several minions to distract you.
  7. After completing this Stronghold, you receive 120 Renown and unlock the Vyeresz Waypoint.


  1. From the Vyeresz Waypoint, enter the Toxic Fens through the Southern exit.
  2. Then, travel directly East, ignoring any exits into Blightmarsh.
  3. Once you reach the Eastern edge, you’ll find three exits: one into Blightmarsh and two into Forsaken Coast. Take any of the exits into Forsaken Coast.
  4. You’ll want to reach the Eastern coast and travel South along it.
  5. You’ll eventually find the Backwater Waypoint right beyond where the coast juts out.

The Tree Of Whispers

  1. This Waypoint is best reached from Wejinhani. Travel to the Wejinhani Waypoint and exit the Dismal Foothills through the Writhing Mire’s western exit.
  2. Here, travel along the Western edge until you reach the Northern end.
  3. Then, travel East until the path goes South.
  4. Go South and take the first right.
  5. Now, take the second right and keep going north. You’ll eventually find the Tree of Whispers Waypoint.


  1. Zarbinzet can be best reached from the Tarsarak Waypoint. Travel to this Waypoint and head to the Sutheasertn exit to enter the Umir Plateau.
  2. Upon entering, keep going East until you come across a path that bends South and curves into the center of the Umir Plateau.
  3. Take this path and, ignoring the first three right turns, stop when you reach a point where the path diverges into two Northern paths and one Southern path.
  4. Take the second Northern path, and you’ll find yourself at the Zarbinzet Waypoint.

There are 35 Waypoints for fast travel in Diablo 4, with seven in Fractured Peaks, eight in Scosglen, eight in Dry Steppes, six in Kehjistan, and six in Hawezar. Finding all these is tedious; you must walk up to the Waypoints to activate them.

And on top of that, some Waypoints require you to complete a whole Stronghold dungeon before you can access them. However, traveling across Sanctuary becomes much easier once you find all the Waypoints. We compiled this Diablo 4 Waypoint map to help you on your journey.

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