Diablo 4: Whispering Pines Dungeon [Location & Objectives]

In Diablo 4, the Whispering Pines dungeon houses many creatures lurking in the shadows.

diablo 4 whispering pines
Diablo 4: Whispering Pines Dungeon Guide

Whispering Pines is a dungeon in Diablo 4, infested with different kinds of foes, including spiders, spider hosts, thorn beasts, variety of vile creatures like shamans, overseers, and giant tree monsters, including their elite versions.

Key Takeaways

  • In the Wild Highlands of Scosglen, you can access Whispering Pines.
  • The first objective requires players to eliminate 2 Gatekeepers, which are elites known as Borik and Rorka.
  • The second objective leads players to eliminate a big mob of foes consisting of vile creatures, spiders, shamans, and overseers.
  • Leading toward the final objective, kill the final boss of the dungeon, Spiritcaller of Squalls.

Whispering Pines Dungeon Location

The dungeon’s entrance is in the Wild Highlands in Scosglen, inside the Dead Forest area. For easy navigation, it’s exactly present south-east from the fast-traveling waypoint in Timair and near Lilith’s Altar, as you can see below on the map:

diablo 4 whispering pines map location
Marked Location Of Whispering Pines – Image Captured By Us


Slay The Gatekeepers

diablo 4 gatekeepers dungeon map location
Marked Location Of The Gatekeepers – Image Captured By Us

In the starting objective, you’ll have to hunt down and eliminate a total of 2 Gatekeepers who are elite variants: Rorka and Borik. You’ll find both of them in the Grieving Woods area of the dungeon, and they both equip the same weapon, like a mix between a totem wand and a saw.

  • Borik can hit you with Explosive, Mortar, and Fire damage, consisting of AOE and single target burst down. Its attack move set is quite simple to identify, so you can easily dodge all its attacks with predictions and kiting.
  • Rorka is slightly different from Borik, inflicting you with Shock, Lightning, and Electric damage, and relies more on AOE oriented than a single target.
diablo 4 borik the gatekeeper
Eliminate Borik, The First Gatekeeper – Image Captured By Us

The common factor between both is that in melee range, both can instantly lower your Life with one blow, so moving simultaneously around them is crucial if you’re playing a melee class. Big groups of enemies will appear to aid them, so get rid of them first to level the playing field.

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diablo 4 rorka the gatekeeper
Eliminate Rorka, The Second Gatekeeper – Image Captured By Us

Slay All Enemies Inside Razed Keep

diablo 4 razed keep dungeon map location
Marked Location Of Razed Keep – Image Captured By Us

In the second objective, you’ll have to proceed toward a maze-type area in the dungeon known as Razed Keep. Beforehand, to access the Razed Keep area, you’ll first have to initiate 2 Levers blocking the door entrance. Remember to time out on when to interact with them, as you can be damaged by vorpal spikes erupting around them on the ground in intervals.

Afterward, kill all the enemies spread out in that area. Then, I recommend using the available Conduit Shrine, allowing you to move at lightning speed and finish them instantly, so clearing this objective will be a breeze.

enemies in razed keep
Kill All The Enemies Inside Razed Keep – Image Captured By Us

Defeat The Spiritcaller Of Squalls

fallen sanctuary dungeon map location
Marked Location Of Fallen Sanctuary – Image Captured By Us

Moving towards the final objective, go to the Fallen Sanctuary area, where you’ll face the dungeon boss, Spiritcaller of Squalls. Its deadly attacks and ways to counter them are given below: 

  • In all 3 stages, this boss relies on ranged attacks, unleashing single and three-way spread firey bolts in one direction, which can be easily avoided.
  • It summons an army of minions to attack you. In my opinion, they can cause much trouble if not handled accordingly.
  • Its conjured pillars reflect its ranged attacks as a big AOE, which can be challenging to dodge. Therefore, I suggest you be fully stocked on healing potions in case you take lethal damage from them.
spiritcaller of squalls
Annihilate The Final Boss – Image Captured By Us


The rewards for completing the Whispering Pines Dungeon are:

  • Ballistic Aspect for Druid.
  • 1x Magic or Rare Item.
  • Gold.
  • XP.

My Thoughts

From my experience, I can say that Whispering Pines Quest in Diablo 4 is quite easy regarding combat but has good gold and XP farms to offer players. The first two objectives are easy to cover, but the final boss may become troublesome, especially due to his summoning ability. I suggest killing the spawned minions first, as the boss can be handled easily once they are gone.

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