Diablo Immortal 9 Lamps

Diablo Immortal 9 Lamps [SOLVED]

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Diablo Immortal hit the mobile and windows platforms just a few hours ago, meaning players can initiate the journey on both PC and mobile. To be precise, the Diablo franchise released the game on 2nd June, and with players already in on the action, my guide will help you light up the Diablo Immortal 9 Lamps.

Before we get started, let’s get a brief idea about the game—demonic creatures overrun Diablo Immortal along with their counterparts. Your goal is to explore the dungeons, kill these creatures, and attain enough loot to destroy shards of the world stone.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game, which differentiates it from its predecessors. Furthermore, similar to the game style and work of other MMOs such as Warcraft, players can see other characters through their minimap and possibly use voice chat features.

Along with the interactive environment, you can move your character and perform the respective skills simultaneously, a feature not found in many MMOs. Let’s cut to the chase; the game requires you to complete quests based on their difficulty and slaying demonic creatures and minions.

With that said, one particular quest poses difficulty to the players. Users reading the guide may have reached the same answer; Lost Runes.

Are you having difficulty solving this quest? Fret not; we are here to guide you in solving the ‘unsolvable’ quest in a matter of seconds! Well, not seconds, actually; you get the point, right?

What Are Lamps in Diablo Immortal 9

The Lamps are specific for the Lost Ruin quest in Diablo Immortal. They have magic energy imbued in them and when triggered cause nearby lamps to activate. Players have to find a pattern in order to light all the Diablo Immortal 9 Lamps to progress in the quest.

If the players randomly try to activate each of the nine lamps, they will fail to do so; Hence, I am about to reveal the solution to this particular puzzle.

Diablo Immortal Characters

Before starting the game, players are to choose from six unique characters that play different roles in the game. As such, these characters have 12 exceptional skills that need to be unlocked.

To unlock the unique skills of these characters, players will gain experience points throughout their exploration. I believe players can cap at level 60, and from there on, they can invest these paragon levels into four different skill trees;

  1. Treasure Hunter
  2. Survivor
  3. Gladiator
  4. Vanquisher

On another note, it has been confirmed that Diablo Immortal will offer newer levels with additional abilities and features to make the game more interesting.

With that said, let’s focus on finishing the Lost Runes quest by lighting the Diablo Immortal 9 Lamps.

Solve the Lost Rune quest

Diablo Immortal Lost Ruin Quest
Before following my 5-step guide, you can restart your quest by going toward the location on the map above.

The quest is in the form of a puzzle. You need to understand and focus on solving the required pattern to solve the puzzle. You can’t mindlessly try to light these lamps in a different order.

Similar to other puzzles, there’s always a pattern that needs to be discovered. Similarly, the Lost Ruins Quest requires a specific pattern to light the lamps and solve the puzzle.

Long story short, if you take a random approach and light the nine lamps, it will not work. If you have already tried this approach, you need to reset the lamps and come back to the same spot where the lamps are situated.

Follow my lead and activate the lamps in this order. There are three rows and three columns. That’s how the lamps are placed. By lighting the lamp on the far left side, you’ll be able to light two of the lamps adjacent to this particular lamp.

Go in the opposite direction of the first lamp you lit, which will be the one facing diagonally to the first lamp. Activate this lamp, and it will automatically light the other lamps on adjacent sides.

Final Phase

Now you have three lamps lit in the upper left corner and three in the lower-right corner. The only lamps left to be activated are diagonally placed; one in the middle, the other in the upper right corner, and the last in the lower-left corner.

Listen carefully; this step is where it gets tricky. When you light up the middle lamp, it will automatically deactivate the four lamps on the sides. Don’t worry because you did not fail.

Activate the lamp, which is situated in the upper-right corner; by doing that, it will activate the lamps around it. Go in the opposite direction, which is the lower-left corner, and activate that lamp.

By doing that, you will be able to light up the leftover lamps, and voila! The puzzle is solved. I know it seems easier said than done, but it is what it is, right? The Lost Ruin quest and lighting all the Diablo Immortal 9 Lamps is straightforward.

Steps to Solve The Quest
By lightning the Diablo Immortal 9 Lamps in this order, you will be able to solve the Lost Ruin Quest easily!

If you still can’t follow the directions, I have an image above that will solve your problems. Follow the pattern, and you’ll be done with the quest in a few seconds!

I know some quests in Diablo Immortal can be difficult. However, once you get your head in the right direction, you’ll be able to finish them with no difficulty. You might find other answers to your queries if you head on to our game guides!

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