How To Get Adventure Journal In Diablo Immortal [Full Guide]

Diablo Immortal Adventure Journal
Diablo Immortal Adventure Journal

With a fair share of players’ reception and criticism, Diablo Immortal is still making noise in the community. The latest entry in the Diablo series adds more challenges to players with tons of content and hidden items that will take players to unique quests. Soon after the release, players are already on the hunt for rare items, including the Diablo Immortal adventure journal

Key Takeaways

  • Diablo Immortal has numerous rare items, including the Adventure Journal, which unlocks Elite quests.
  • Adventure journals are one-time usage items, obtained through completing Codex objectives or progressing to certain Paragon levels.
  • The Codex objectives are challenging, so it’s best to bring your best gear and gems to enhance your character’s performance.
  • Players can trade the adventure journal with Taite the Adventure Seeker to receive an Elite quest, which takes you to new locations and missions.
  • The quests are challenging and lengthy but provide rewards upon completion.

How To Get Diablo Immortal Adventure Journal

Now that you know what adventure journals are, you might also want to know how to obtain them and start your journey of Elite quests. Before that, it is worth noting that adventure journals are one-time usage items. It means you may receive a single adventure journal, and it will be used for one time only. 

Once you have these adventure journals, players can trade them with a specific NPC to receive the Elite quests. This brings us to two ways to get a Diablo Immortal adventure journal. One, you can receive it as a reward for completing the objectives of Codex tasks. Or you can receive it after progressing to certain Paragon levels. 

For those unaware of these levels, the mechanics work only after players have reached the level cap of 60. If you want to upgrade the level system of your character, you will be advancing the Paragon levels. With each Paragon level a player receives, in-game mechanics rewards them with different items. Adventure journal is also one of these items in the reward pool that you may receive with each Paragon level up. 

These are the only two approaches that players can consider to obtain the adventure journal. Although, neither of them may seem to be an easy feat. But still, you will have to invest a considerable amount of time and grind to get your hands on the rare adventure journal. 

Diablo Immortal Adventure Journal item
Diablo Immortal Adventure Journal item

For that instance, take the bitter pill and start farming the Codex tasks and objectives. These tasks are also painfully tricky. You might want to bring your best gear into play to complete these tasks and also defeat any opponent in your progress. You can consider adding the best gems to your character’s gear to add passive buffs to attributes. Adding gems will enhance your character’s performance and grind your way to get the adventure journal in Diablo Immortal. 

Apart from the Codex objectives, players can pursue progressing the storyline until Paragon levels to receive the Diablo Immortal adventure journal. All you need to do is complete the storyline and reach the highest Paragon level to enhance the chance of receiving an adventure journal as part of the reward pool. 

Unfortunately, the latter approach is not ideal for farming the adventure journal and playing as many Elite quests as you want. For that instance, you will have to consider the Codex tasks approach to farm numerous adventure journals in your Diablo Immortal. Apart from that, there is no other known approach to obtaining these rare items quickly. 

Meanwhile, the community hopes that developers might add new content to support the hunt of getting your adventure journals to start the Elite quests. It is recommended to complete the storyline and become the prime warrior in the deep legions of hell. Only this way you will be strong enough to take on the journey of getting your rare items and pursue the gameplay for secret quests. 

How to use Adventure Journals in Diablo Immortal?

Now that you have got yourself a quest item of adventure journal, you might be wondering what to do with it. After getting the item, the first thing you might want to do is to go and speak to the NPC known as Taite the Adventure Seeker.

Diablo Immortal Taite Location
Taite Location

 Firstly, you must use the Westmarch map and navigate to the south corner. Finding the NPC is not much far, and you can fast travel to Rakkis Plaza Waypoint in the Westmarch. From here, take the North and head straight. Players can see Taite on the sidestreet that leads to the Court of Whispers. Now you will have to speak to her and trade the adventure journal to receive the Elite quest. 

Taite the Adventure Seeker
Taite the Adventure Seeker

Every time you receive an adventure journal, you may return to the Taite and trade the journals to get an Elite quest. These quests will take you to new locations and missions that will push your Diablo Immortal experience even further.

Beware, as these quests will challenge your patience and characters’ abilities to fight the mighty bosses and insanely lengthy quests. The cherry on top is the rewards this Elite mission gives players after completing all the long haul of objectives. 

Final Words

Acquiring the adventure journals is indeed a hassle. However, with the many rewards and unique Elite quest gaming experience, it is worth the grind. Make sure your character is on a higher level with the best gear and weapons to make out alive in the deep dungeon quests easily. 

That is about it for how to get your hands-on adventure journal in diablo immortal. Do you find this guide helpful to get your journal and Elite quest? What is your best practice for pursuing these quests in Diablo Immortal? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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