Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare: Guide & Tips

Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare

Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) is a renowned game in nerd culture and almost impossible to miss if you talk about role-playing tabletop games. Let us introduce you to the DnD of RPG video games, Diablo. Initially released in 1997 by the now infamous Blizzard Entertainment was a smash hit among the first generation of gamers who wanted a game that could scratch that dark fantasy itch.

The game essentially boils down to a dungeon crawler where in the end, you, the player, must journey into Hell to slay the evil Diablo. The franchise has lived on since then, with Diablo as an IP maintaining its popularity throughout the years and even getting a mobile game version. That is the one we will be talking about today. In specific, we will discuss the Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare event and help guide you through almost every step of the way.

Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare

What is Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare?

The Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare is a zone event. “What are zone events?” you may ask. Well, these are special events that take place in certain zones of the game. Diablo has an extensive map; hence, it is divided into multiple sections classified as zones.

For this particular guide, we will focus on the Mount Zavian zone, originally called the Tamoe Mountains. This zone can be accessed after traversing the Bilefen zone. In the lore, these mountains are home to the monks at war with the Goatmen or Goat Demons, who threaten to destroy the Sentinel’s Watch once and for all.

Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare Location
Mount Zavain, Home to the Ancient Nightmare

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How to Complete the Ancient Nightmare Event

 Firstly we must recognize that this event takes place in accordance with the in-game time system. It occurs every two hours, from 8 in the morning to midnight that day. If you miss the entry once, then you will have to wait two hours to be able to enter the event once again. But once you get in, the event’s main objective is to defeat the Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare boss.

The Ancient Nightmare boss is relatively easy to defeat if you understand the gimmick that makes him different from the other bosses. The boss has an enormous shield around it that replenishes; to destroy this shield, we must activate various altars that stun the boss. This allows the player(s) to chip away at the shield for a limited time.

Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare
Ancient Nightmare Boss Location | Courtesy: touchtapplay

The main reason we want to destroy the Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare’s shield as fast as possible is that it causes a severe area of effect damage to players unlucky enough to be caught in the radius. Once the shield is down, we can shut down the monster more quickly than before, although it won’t be a cakewalk.

Now two strategies can be applied when fighting the Ancient Nightmare, and one of them is significantly more complex than the other, but we will give a brief overview of both so that you can decide what is best for your party.

Method 1: Kiting Ancient Nightmare

This is the old-school way of fighting, with players luring the monster and fighting in turns while also moving and dodging the attacks thrown at them. The main tank of the party absorbs the main brunt of the assault while the heavy hitters stay in the back line to avoid getting one shot.

Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare
Fighting Ancient Nightmare | Courtesy: thecoinnews

This strategy revolves around moving the Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare from altar to altar while chipping away at its shield. Upon reaching an altar, you swarm the boss as he is left stunned and unable to fight back against the constant onslaught your party brings to the table.

This method is reliable and works, but if you prefer an even safer way, you can look towards method number two listed below.

Method 2: Getting the Zakarum Sigil

The Zakarum Sigil is a channeling item that can give your party the easy way out when dealing with the Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare boss. This sigil allows the player to almost perma-stun the Ancient Nightmare. We will not go into the details here, but to obtain the Zakarum Sigil, you must defeat the boss known as Lord Martanos. To understand how to beat this boss, we recommend reading our guide on Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos: Location & Tips.

Fighting Lord Martanos | Courtesy: gosunoob

Final Thoughts

Diablo Immortal is the next game to inherit the Diablo franchise name. While it is not the favorite of many old-school Diablo fans, we believe it introduces a new generation of gamers to the franchise and genre. Diablo Immortal acts as a gateway drug to the franchise, and this event is the same. An addicting feature that encourages friends to collaborate and form alliances to face a more significant threat.

Overall, Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare is a fantastic event that offers each different participant rewards but almost always guarantees Enchanted Dust. If you like this guide, then check out more guides about the Diablo franchise by our talented writers, such as Diablo Immortal: BEST Demon Hunter Build.

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