Diablo Immortal Awakening Gear
Diablo Immortal Awakening Gear

Diablo Immortal: How To Upgrade Awakening Gear

Diablo Immortal awakening gear requires series of steps and legendary items. Here is the complete guide that details on upgrading gear and getting resonance.

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Diablo Immortal offers many opportunities to become the ultimate Immortal in the resounding hell and defeat all the monstrous enemies. At the same time, progressing through the storyline and competing with the opponent demon slayers requires special consideration for gears and weapon upgrades. For that instance, players seek Diablo Immortal awakening gear to boost the performance of gears. 

Although, awakening gear in Diablo Immortal is no easy feat. The overall process involves a series of steps and grinding to obtain the required items so you can upgrade the gear. You will have to grind daily missions and objectives to farm items like Legendary gems to increase your character’s chances of receiving the awakening gear features. 

At some point in the game, a gear upgrade becomes necessary as the enemies your character face are more challenging. Meanwhile, just because gear awakening is complex does not mean you will never get your hands on it. 

This guide entails all details you need to know about Diablo Immortal awakening gear and receiving the resonance. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Diablo Immortal Awakening Gear

As said earlier, leveling up your character has its upsides and downsides. As you become more powerful, game mechanics will also put your character against some of the worst demons to fight in the gameplay. The game mechanics enable players to branch out to other means of playstyles and also upgrade the gear to quickly progress in the game. 

Diablo Immortal Awakening Gear
Awakening Gear in Action

This is where gear awakening comes in handy to add a buff to your gear stats. Unlike other gear upgrades, awakening gear is the endgame upgrade for your legendary items that will enhance the performance and appeal of your gear. 

You might always be aware that your character’s gear has the base stats attributes. They represent the damage and defenses of your character during the battle. However, you can increase these attribute values to the maximum by using gems and Legendary gems. 

Meanwhile, getting your hands on the gems is another crux. But do not worry; you can follow this guide to get your hands on Diablo Immortal best gems and upgrade the stats. If your character is lucky enough to obtain a legendary gem, you can easily awaken the gear and get resonance to enhance the base attributes of your gear. 

Now that you know what exactly you are after, let’s look at the top requirements and step-by-step approach to awakening the gear in Diablo Immortal. 

Requirements For Awakening Gear

Since Legendary gems can be inserted in their respective gear socket, there are specific requirements you need to consider in the process. The most important of them is having at least Rank ten legendary gem with Legendary item being at least rank six or above. 

Awakening Gear Requirements
Awakening Gear Requirements Screen

Every Legendary gem you obtain in the Diablo Immortal has a starting rank of 1 to 10. On the other side, these gems also have the star from 1-5. These stars represent the total cost of upgrading these Legendary gems. 

The crux of the matter is the cost to upgrade the gems that can take farming on resources forever and expensive in-game currency or real money. If you are lucky enough to gain all these resources or farm well with friends, you must upgrade it to Rank 10 and level 6. 

Awakening Gear Process
Awakening Gear Process

It would be best if you also upgraded only a particular Legendary gem you want to use for awakening the gear. The last thing you will want is to waste all the resources and time on upgrading a useless Legendary gem. Once these requirements are met for your Legendary gems, you must proceed to the next step for awakening gear in Diablo Immortal. 

Invest In Dawning Echo

The next step towards Diablo Immortal awakening gear is to purchase a Dawning Echo. With this process of awakening gear, players might feel they are forced to invest real money in a free-to-play game. It is also why the latest release in the Diablo series is criticized for being inclined toward microtransactions rather than providing everything a player demands. 

Purchase Options for Dawning Echo
You can select either of the option for Dawning Echo

Unfortunately, you will have to purchase Dawning Echo for a whopping 1000 Eternal Orbs premium in-game currency. Once you have this currency, you can head to the Materials Vendor. Moreover, you can also spend real money to purchase the Dawning Echo from the game shop. 

Dawning Echo
Dawning Echo is available for 1000 Eternal Orbs
Price List for Purchasing Dawning Echo for Real Money
Price List for Purchasing Dawning Echo for Real Money

You can consider different activities like farming for the rare drops and monsters. Considering, your character is at the endgame level; you can easily farm Eternal Orbs and invest them for Dawning Echo. Otherwise, you will have to spend real money and cut the process short.

Visit Vic, The Master Jeweler 

Now that you have all the required materials for kickstarting the awakening process, you will also need to see Master Jeweler at his location. Considering that your character will be at a higher level for awakening, Master Jeweler is already accessible in Diablo Immortal. 

Vic the Master Jeweler
Visit the Master Jeweler to Awaken the Gem

Once you visit the Master Jeweler NPC, you will be able to see the Legendary gem in the gear socket and the required material to awaken it. All you need to do is to hit awaken, and that is about it. You will finally receive the bonus stats and upgrade to the existing attributes that apply to your gear. 

As said above, you only might want to invest in awakening for a specific Legendary gem that will reward your character build. There is no need to waste all the time and resources on awakening the gear that serves no purpose to your character build. So it is worth considering all the essential details before maxing out the Legendary gem. 

Unlocking Resonance

As soon as you upgrade your Legendary gem by awakening the gear, players will also unlock resonance for the upgraded equipment. In essence, Resonating a gem does more than give a complete revamp of the cosmetic outlook for the gear. Resonance will also add Socket bonuses to push your character performance even further. 

Gem Resonance
Gem Resonance

There are a total of two Resonance levels that you can obtain by adding respective gems to the awakened Legendary gems. At Resonance 10, players will receive a Socket bonus of Primary Attack Damage Increase by 3%. Meanwhile, at Resonance 20, players will be able to enjoy Skill Damage Increase by 2%.

The gems that you will be inserting gems into your resonated Legendary gem. In short, resonance will add several new bonus effects and visual improvements to your gear that you can flex in your Diablo Immortal playthrough. You can add as many gems as you want into your awakened gem to increase its resonance.

Unfortunately, the overall process is costly, as it requires real money and tons of time to upgrade each gear item with the respective Legendary gem. But still, if you are a Diablo fan and know in and out of the game, it is a worthwhile investment for the long run. 

Final Words

Awakening gear in Diablo Immortal indeed seems expensive as it may require players to pay real money to complete the process. On the other side, fighting the intense demons and becoming the ultimate immortal demands gear performance buffs and enhancements to make the most out of your character. 

Whatever your case, awakening gear is worth the grind and investment if you are planning to pursue the game further for your character build. In the end, players can hope for the best for developers to update the awakening system to allow every player to utilize and upgrade the gear. 

That is about it for Diablo Immortal awakening gear. Do you find this guide helpful for upgrading the equipment for your character build? What is your approach to avoiding the microtransactions and awakening your Legendary gems? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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