Diablo Immortal BEST Classes [Top 6]

Here is the list of Diablo Immortal Best Classes and all the details to help you make you the decision easily.

Diablo Immortal Best Classes
Diablo Immortal Best Classes

All new Diablo Immortal brings six classes for players to enjoy. Each class represents unique skills and attributes designed to fit the players’ playthrough requirements. But still, with six classes available at the start, making a choice can become daunting. For that instance, players seek out game communities to find Diablo Immortal best classes that yield the best experience and do not increase the gameplay’s difficulty.

Key Takeaways

  • Necromancer is a must-have class in every RPG because of its balanced stats and combat. It is suitable for solo playthroughs, as it allows players to command skeletal minions and use dark magic to deal damage. 
  • Wizard is a magic-focused class that allows players to engage in close-range and far combat. It has a prominent move set, making it suitable for players starting new to Diablo Immortal.
  • Crusader is a melee class that is ideal for tanking and dealing damage. It has high defense and is equipped with skills like Shield Bash and Punish.
  • Demon Hunter is a range class that excels at dealing damage from a distance. It has skills like Multishot, Cluster Arrow, and Rain of Vengeance that allow players to attack multiple enemies at once.
  • Monk is a melee class that has high mobility and is suitable for players who like to move around the battlefield quickly. It has skills like Seven-Sided Strike, Dashing Strike, and Exploding Palm.
  • Barbarian is a melee class that is ideal for players who like to deal high damage and have high survivability. It has skills like Whirlwind, Seismic Slam, and Ground Stomp that allow players to deal massive damage to enemies.

Here is a summary table for the Best Diablo Immortal Classes. Each column represents their Summoning, Power, and Description:

No.NameIn-Game DescriptionSummoningPower
1NecromancerMaster Of life and death who harvest the power of death.SummoningMagical
(Tormenting their enemies with skeletal minions and dark magic)
2WizardRenegade spellcaster who channels arcane energy into powerful combinations.RangedMagical
(Magic that manipulates and destroy foes)
3MonkScared martial artists who Channel divine energy into powerful melee attacks.MeleePhysical
(Rapid movement on the battlefield, and wards that protect themselves and their allies)
4Demon HunterRelentless vigilance who wreak vengeance on the demonic horde with an arsenal arrow.RangedPhysical
(Explosives,arsenal of arrows and mechanisms ,while moving constantly out of reach of their foes)
5BarbarianSavage warriors who protect their sacred ancestral lands with brutal melee attacks.MeleePhysical
(Unleashing their undying rage on the demonic horde)
6CrusaderUnbending champions of faith who rely on holy magic and heavy armor to withstand attacks.MeleeHybrid
(Vanquishing demonic foes with blazing fire and binding light)

Since the significant portion of the game involves selecting a class and building your perfect character build, you must learn what each class holds and why you should consider it. This guide entails all the details you need to know about classes in Diablo Immortal. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Diablo Immortal Best Classes

Diablo Immortal introduced six classes readily available for players to start playing. In essence, class is the available character with its skills and attributes. These character builds with starting attribute values and can be upgraded as your progress in the game. 

However, what matters is your creativity to pick a class and build your character with unique abilities and move sets in Diablo Immortal. Moreover, the class you select will also change how you play the game. For that instance, every player must consider carefully before picking a class in the game. Each class will allow you to play a completely different game and playstyle, thus giving players the ability to achieve a unique experience. 

It is also why many players struggle to decide between the best classes in Diablo Immortal. However, it does not necessarily have to be much more difficult. Once you can identify the critical points like skills and attributes of each class, you can make a decision quickly. Let’s discuss each class and rank them from worst to best. 


IntelligenceEnhances spell power and damage.
VitalityIncreases survivability and health.
DamageEnhances damage output.
Summoning SkillsBoosts minion effectiveness.
Curses/DebuffsAugments utility in combat.

The first class that many players pursue diving into the Diablo Immortal is Necromancer. In fact, this class is a must-have in every RPG because of the balanced stats and combat. Especially, players that tend to pursue solo playthroughs must consider Necromancer to keep a safe side from potential threats in Diablo Immortal.

Necromancer is not your ordinary spell-casting character. This class will allow players to be significant warriors between life and death with dark magic at their disposal. One of the main power of the Necromancers is the ability to use skeletal minions and command them to rip off the enemies. 

Diablo Immortal Necromancer

With this casting, your character will not be doing much in combat. All you need to do is to command this army of the magical dead and wreak havoc on the opponents. On the contrary, Necromancer lacks in the movements since the character focuses on commanding and casting dark magic. 

The prime reason to consider the class is the character’s magical powers of calling the dead and using them against the enemy. Significantly, for players struggling with the early-game dungeons and grinding, Necromancer can aid in dealing serious damage by unleashing powerful AoEs. 

As for the stats, Necromancer brings a lot of skills and attributes to the table. One of the top aspects of the Necromancer in Diablo Immortal is his capability to manage the resources.

If you have been playing the game since day one, you might already know that resources come in a pretty scarce supply. For that instance, you might want to grind daily and manage the resources in solo and group playthroughs. 

Necromancer character builds also brings some of the best skills for powerful performance. Besides using minions to absorb the maximum damage from opponents, players can enjoy skills like Corpse Explosion. This secondary skill will dish out massive AoE with the explosion of corpses in the area. 

Moreover, skills like Soulfire, Command Skeletons and Bone Spikes are also some of the damage-dealing aspects of the Necromancer class. Players seeking the true potential of the Necromancer builds can also invest grinding or resources in the best gems in Diablo Immortal. Adding these items to your gear will add passive stats that directly reflect your build’s traits. 

In the case of Necromancer, the main attributes will be Intelligence, Vitality, and Fortitude. For that instance, you might want to invest some points in these attributes to achieve the performance buffs and perfect playthrough experience with the Necromancer class. 


IntelligenceEnhances spell power, overall damage, and critical hit
Vitalityimproving survivability
DamageBase Damage
DefenseReduces the amount of damage taken.
Critical Hit Chancelikelihood of landing critical hits
Critical Hit Damageamplifying the impact of critical strikes.
Attack SpeedSpeed of cast spells or attack

The next class that you must try for the first playthrough is Wizard. Spell slinger is not limited to Necromancer, but Wizard also contributes to the significant portion of magic-focused gameplay in Diablo Immortal. However, players might disagree with it being the best class in Diablo Immortal. However, unlike Necromancer, Wizard comes with a prominent move set to target the enemies from a myriad of positions. 

The cherry on top is the ability to engage in close-range and far combat. With these qualities, Wizard is always the first class of attention among players starting new to Diablo Immortal. Unlike Necromancer, Wizard might not be equipped with the best spells to take down enemies instantly. However, what it lacks in the instant killing, Wizard class makes up for Area of Effect damages. 

Wizard class surpasses the performance of AoE with waves of attacks that will drain all HP of enemies. Unfortunately, Wizards are prone to taking in damage from opponents. Unlike Necromancer, where you could use skeleton minions as a shield, and they would absorb all the incoming damage, Wizard has maximum exposure in combat. 

Diablo Immortal Wizard

Meanwhile, it can be avoided with some of the powerful combat abilities and skills to eradicate hordes of enemies quickly. It takes a bit of practice at the start to play as a Wizard class. But once you get hold of the mysterious abilities, you are all set to progress in Diablo Immortal. 

Speaking of abilities, Wizard allows you to stagger enemies with stunning and freezing effects and later deal AoE damage. The continuous damage from the Area of Effect is your best bet to defeat a large pool of enemies and complete the dungeon. 

The skills for the Wizard include Magic Missile, Meteor, Arcane, and Ice Armor. With these skills on your side, players will not have to worry about inflicting heavy damage and putting the defenses higher. Since this build focuses on spell casting, the class will revolve around Intelligence and Vitality attributes. 


DexterityIncreases the Monk's damage
Vitality improving survivability
DamageBase damage.
Defensereducing the amount of damage taken.
Attack SpeedDetermines the speed at which attacks can be done
Resource Spirit
Critical Hit Damage:amplifying the impact of critical strikes.

The magical and hack and slash theme of the Diablo Immortal never ends. This brings us to the Monk class, which is another prime entry for the best classes in Diablo Immortal. Classes will get more complex and powerful from here because of the comprehensive support for both beginner and hardcore players. 

Monks are the ultimate powerhouse with unique defenses, which allow them to reduce the damage intake. This prime quality of the Monk class makes it the top choice among players. Not just that, Monk class also brings ideal move sets that fit best for all kinds of players. 

Players with Monk class character build will enjoy the best skill set that assists in both PvE and PvP combat. Another surprising aspect of the Monk class is the shortest skills cooldowns. Unlike previous classes in the Diablo Immortal, using the skills in Monk is pretty straightforward. 

Diablo Immortal Monk

Short cooldowns will allow you to maximize the use of skills with some of the best mobility in the game. As for the attack, Monk utilizes the best melee weapons to dish out ultimate damage output. 

You can incorporate skills like Cyclone Strike to execute a perfect AoE melee attack that will decimate all opponents in the vicinity. The key is to pull it off at the right place and time. Moreover, Exploding Palm, Fist of Thunder, Sided, and Mystic Strike are exceptional skills added to the Monk class. 

With these skills and the central focus on the Strength, Vitality, and Willpower attributes, players can quickly pursue the Monk to reach the endgame. Make sure to add values to these attributes and upgrade the gear with the gems in Diablo Immortal to defeat the endgame dungeons in the game easily.  

Demon Hunter

DexterityIncreases the Demon Hunter's damage, dodge chance, and overall accuracy
Vitalityimproving survivability
DamageBase Damage
Attack SpeedUsage of certail abilities
Critical Hit Chancedeal with increased damage.
Critical Hit Damage amplifying impact.

Another entry in the best classes for Diablo Immortal is Demon Hunter. This class comes with unique skills and abilities that perfectly fit players pursuing solo playthroughs. Players onto the raids must also consider giving Demon Hunter a shot because of the DPS abilities. 

As said earlier, there are specific characters where you can get close and personal with the enemies during combat. However, Demon Hunter proves to be a ranged character class. But still, the performance output of the class is straight off the charts. Apart from the daily killing and bloodshed, the ranged quality of the Demon Hunter also saves you the hassle of constantly dying as the margin for safety increases. 

Demon Hunter comes with a crossbow ranged weapon and Crossbow Shot as the primary skill in class. This way, players can infiltrate dungeons at a safe location before the enemy is triggered or attacks the character. That is not all; a series of other skills in the Demon Hunter makes it the most tempting class among players. 

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter

For instance, as the secondary skill, Multishot will aid a cluster of arrows that inflicts a whopping 945 damage to all enemies. On the other side, Rain of Vengeance and Knockback Shot are also the top entries in the skill. 

Demon Hunter is fueled with Strength, Fortitude, and Vitality attributes. It is because the class must dish out maximum damage from ranged weapons instead of losing the shot and triggering an enemy storm. While Strength will cover the damage performance, Fortitude is all about defenses like armor and armor penetration. Lastly, the Vitality attribute will cover the HP and health of your character build. 

Getting your hands on the Everlasting Torment legendary gem for your gear is highly recommended. This gem will add substantial damaging attacks for your build by giving you a higher chance of critical hits and agony buffs to your enemies. The enemies will receive this effect for six seconds, which is enough to take them down in the heat of battle. 


Strengthoverall effectiveness, and ability to carry heavy gear
Vitalityimproving survivability
Damage base damage output
Defense ability to mitigate incoming damage
Attack Speed Determines the speed at which attacks can be done
Resource Fury
Critical Hit Damage Multiplies the damage dealt when a critical hit is achieved

Barbarian is exactly what the name says. Diablo Immortal allows players to play as an ancient warrior that stops at nothing and uses melee weapons to defeat all kinds of enemies. Barbarian fits the player’s need for solo and PvP needs but also requires a bit of practice to understand the skills and combat moves. 

Once again, Barbarian will employ the Strength attributes to push the damage output through melee weapons. If this does not sound amusing, you should consider Barbarian for the primary and secondary skills. 

Diablo Immortal Barbarian

The first and the essential skill of the Barbarian is Lacerate. Like the burst fire of Demon Hunter, Lacerate enables a series of melee attacks by Barbarian that will yield 1050 to 1512 damage on each hit. It is a massive output for a melee-focused character, making Barbarian a perfect among the Diablo Immortal best classes. 

Moreover, Barbarians’ skills list includes Sprint, Wrath of Berserker, Whirlwind, and the Hammer of Ancients. Adding these skills will create a perfect Barbarian character to murder the monsters in legions of hell. Besides the Strength attribute, Barbarian also relies on Fortitude and Vitality to enhance the defenses and HP of the character build. 


Strengtheffectiveness, and ability to wear heavy armor.
Vitality improving survivability
Damage Reflects the Crusader's ability to mitigate incoming damage
Defensereducing the amount taken.
Attack Speed-
Resource Fury
Critical Hit DamagCritical hit achieved

Lastly, Crusader ranks top on the list for being the potent and ideal class for all players. Whether you are thinking of diving with the squad or doing your first playthrough solo, Crusader is a highly reliable class in Diablo Immortal. On top of that, Crusader is also easy to use because of the attributes, values, and skills. 

However, the performance of the character build purely lies within your creativity and gameplay choices. Crusader keeps a perfect balance between the offensive and defensive aspects. Unlike other classes, you are constantly sacrificing one thing to achieve another. Meanwhile, Crusader gives leverage to players for keeping both defense and offense higher that fits easily in the game mechanics. 

Diablo Immortal Crusader

For instance, Crusader uses different skills that allow players to block the incoming attacks and inflict massive strikes that can stagger bosses and high-level enemies. Punish skill will give you a higher hand for inflicting massive damage of 945-1134 and increasing the block chance by 30%. 

The secondary skills list includes Draw and Quarter, Conjuration of Light, Holy Banner, and Spinning Shield, which will add more buff to your damages and defenses. Once again, your character will be focusing on Strength, Fortitude, and Vitality for reliable defense and offense stats. 

Final Words

The selection from the six classes in Diablo Immortal is challenging at the start. But once you get to the insights, you can make the decision easier for playing your best class character. Each class is designed uniquely with the balance of the abilities to allow players never to feel lacked on resources. 

It is always recommended to experiment with all the classes and then pursue the playthrough for a smooth experience. That is about it for Diablo Immortal best classes. Do you find this guide helpful in deciding which class is best for your character to build? What is your go-to class for defense and offense in Diablo Immortal? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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