Diablo Immortal: BEST Gems For Wizard [Guide]

Best Gems For Wizards
Diablo Immortal Wizards Gems Guide

Diablo has always been a favorite fan franchise. This time, Blizzard took it to a new level with the release of Diablo Immortal. Diablo Immortal wizard class players can now experience an immersive Roleplaying campaign with the unforgiving dungeons and other horrors of hell.

The game is now available across all platforms, and for the first time, players can access it directly from their mobile devices, which indicates Blizzard is not planning to leave anyone out this time.

It has already been a successful launch with over 5 million downloads on android only and even higher across other platforms. It’s a very user-friendly and well-optimized game while keeping all platforms in mind, and all the interfaces are well polished for you to get started immediately.

Today we will be focusing on Best Gems for Wizards in Diablo Immortal, what best skills you can acquire and what is the strongest possible build you can have as a wizard to dominate your enemies and rule hell.

Key Takeaways

  • Wizard is one of the 6 classes available in Diablo Immortal. Its abilities include primary attacks and a lot of skills.
  • To create the best wizard build, the best skills to include are Magic Missile (primary damaging skill), Meteor (a damage combo skill), Arcane Wind (blows enemies with wind blast), Black Hole (sucks enemies and deals damage), and Teleport (used to teleport).
  • Best gear includes Unrepentant Gale (allows an extra charge for arcane wind), Wind Shaper ( makes a wind tornado), Galebringers Leggings (increases arcane wind damage by 10%), Shoulders of Cataclysm (increases meteor damage by 10%), Starcaller’s Drapery (defensive armor), Cowl of the Abyss (increases black hole radius by 20%), the Subjugator (increases damage and duration of abilities), and the Prisoner (increases duration of abilities).
  • Out of the 5 attributes in Diablo Immortal, Fortitude and Intelligence are recommended for Wizard build. Fortitude enhances armor stats, damage protection, and survival, and intelligence gives extra damage.
  • The best gems for the wizard class are Everlasting Torment, Fervent Fang, Berserker’s Eye, Lightening Core, Power and Command, Seled’s Weakening, and Cutthroat’s Grain.

Diablo Immortal Wizards

Diablo Immortal Wizard Class
Diablo Immortal Wizard Class (Images Courtesy: KaidGames2)

Wizards are one of the 6 classes in Diablo Immortal. It is the glass cannon class. Wizard is blatant and dynamic and has absolute control over the elements used. She can burn or freeze the enemies and instantly get out of their sight through teleportation.

Speaking about wizards’ abilities, it includes primary attacks and a wide range of commanding skills such as arcane torrent, black hole, a ray of frost, and many more.

Diablo Immortal Best Wizard Build

We are here to present the best wizard build in Diablo immortal so that you can beat down your enemies flawlessly. Here you will get to know the best primary and main skills, attributes, gear, and gems required to develop the finest and most powerful build.

Diablo Immortal Best Wizard Skills

Diablo Immortal Wizard Skills
Diablo Immortal Wizard Skills

The selection of the right skills will increase your damage. Here is the list of best skills that are included in this build.


  • Primary skill: magic missile (unlocks at level 1)
  • Meteor (unlocks at level 41)
  • Arcane wind (unlocks at level 2)
  • Black hole (unlocks at level 61)
  • Teleport (unlocks at level 15)

Magic Missile

Diablo Immortal Wizard Primary Attack
Diablo Immortal Wizard Primary Attack

It is the highest damaging primary skill. And for the tremendous single-target damage, a magic missile is most preferable. With it, you can make basic attacks and get the ultimate form, i.e., ice missile. The ice missile allows you to have an icy effect with a time limit of 12 seconds.

It slows down the movement of enemies and increases the damage. During the cooldown of other skills, you must use it.


Diablo Immortal Wizard Secondary Attack
Diablo Immortal Wizard Secondary Attack

It offers an excellent damage combo, including the dealing damage of 3 seconds and burning damage that will almost burn the enemies for 6 seconds. Meteor is an absolute source of damage.

Arcane Wind

Diablo Immortal Wizard passive  abilities
Diablo Immortal Wizard Passive Abilities

In order to blow your enemies away with the wind blast, you must go for arcane wind. It provides damage and also knockdowns the enemies. Being a charged ability, its range can be extended through charging.

Along with this, it deals the increased damage by 50% only when your enemies are getting burnt. The best is to use it after the meteor.

Black Hole

Diablo Immortal Wizard Second Passive  Abilities
Diablo Immortal Wizard Second Passive Abilities

The black hole is constructed by using this skill. It offers the sucking ability and deals damage. All the enemies nearby this black hole will get sucked in. it lasts for 3 seconds. In the enemy crowd, black hole skill can be beneficial.


Diablo Immortal Wizard Teleport Skill
Diablo Immortal Wizard Teleport Skill

As the name says, you can teleport to your target location in a blink of an eye. This skill can be used three times. Teleport skill is most appropriate for increasing travelling speed and for super good mobility. During the big boss fights, it will be helpful to escape specific attacks.

Best Gear

For the ultimate utilization of skills, you may need the proper gear set that goes perfectly with the combination of your skills. The best gear includes the following

  • Offhand: Unrepentant Gale
  • Main hand: Wind Shaper
  • Leg armour: Gale bringer’s Leggings
  • Shoulders: Shoulders of the cataclysm
  • Chest armour: Starcaller’s Drapery
  • Helmet: Cowl of the Abyss
  • Neck: The Subjugator
  • Finger: The Prisoner

Unrepentant Gale

Diablo Immortal Wizard Unrepentant Gale
Diablo Immortal Wizard Unrepentant Gale

Opting for this item will allow you to have an extra 1 charge for arcane wind. In this way, you can do more damage to the enemies. The gem which may fit right for it is a lightning core.

Wind Shaper

Diablo Immortal Wizard Windshaper
Diablo Immortal Wizard WindShaper

It will alternate the arcane wind ability, and you will be able to make the wind tornado that will repeatedly do damage to the enemies.

To get greater possible damage out of it use it with the meteor skill and melt away your opponent along with continuous damage.

GaleBringer’s Leggings

Diablo Immortal Wizard Galebringers Leggings
Diablo Immortal Wizard Galebringers Leggings

With this gear, the arcane wind damage is increased by 10,% and you can go for a chained death gem with it. It can be effective if you combine it with other skills depending on your situation.

Shoulders Of The Cataclysm

Diablo Immortal Wizard Shoulders Of Cataclysm
Diablo Immortal Wizard Shoulders Of Cataclysm

Its perk includes the 10% increase in meteor damage. You can use berserker’s eye gem in this one. They enhance your capacity to carry more items and also increase the overall output of the damage towards your enemies, making them a must-have in your gear set.

Starcaller’s Drapery

Diablo Immortal Wizard Starcaller Drapery
Diablo Immortal Wizard Starcaller Drapery

It is listed among one the best armour pieces. It helps deal with hits and survive blows that may damage you. Socket in the fervent fang gem. In combination with meteor skills, it increases its radius range by 10%.fervent. Fang gem seems more favourable with this one.

Cowl Of The Abyss

Diablo Immortal Cowl Of Abyss
Diablo Immortal Wizard Cowl Of Abyss

With its use, the radius of a black hole is increased by 20%. Here you can opt for the everlasting torment gem. It also increases your resistance against the incoming attacks from the enemies, makings your survival during the boss fights even better.

The Subjugator

Diablo Immortal Wizard Subjugator
Diablo Immortal Wizard Subjugator

With it, the abilities duration increases and also increases the damage by any source. The gems, including aquamarine, ruby, and citrine, go well with this one.

The Prisoner

Diablo Immortal Wizard Prisoner
Diablo Immortal Wizard Prisoner

Take the tourmaline gem in a socket in this item. It Increases damage and duration of abilities. Tourmaline gem is a good combination with this gear item.


Best Attributes

Diablo Immortal Best  Attributes
Diablo Immortal Best Attributes

There is a total of 5 attributes in Diablo Immortal: willpower, fortitude, vitality, intelligence, and strength. They may not be equal in their worth but are helpful in their way.

The best and most significant attributes to be included in wizard build are

  • Fortitude
  • Intelligence

Choose the equipment that may include fortitude or intelligence. Fortitude increases the armour stats and also increases the damage protection and survival. With the intelligence attribute per point, you will get the extra damage.

Best Gems For Wizard Build

There is a socket in your primary gear items for the gems. You can get bonuses from these gems, but obtaining them takes some time. Gems rarity varies from 1,2 and 5 stars. Here are some best gems to be selected for this wizard build in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Best  Gems For Wizard
Diablo Immortal Best Gems For Wizard
  • Everlasting Torment
  • Fervent Fang
  • Berserker’s Eye
  • Lightening Core
  • Power and Command
  • Seled’s Weakening
  • Cutthroat’s Grain


If you are planning to dominate the fights with the Wizard class, we have got you covered in this article. With the proper use of these gems, you can output a tremendous amount of damage to your enemies and stay on the top. If you like what we do, then please share it with your friends and loved ones, and stay tuned for more upcoming exciting news and guides.

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