Diablo Immortal Best Gems: Normal & Legendary Gems

Diablo Immortal Best Gems
Diablo Immortal Best Gems

Diablo Immortal Best Gems

Among the wealth of items available in the game, Gems are one of the most powerful items that every player seeks early in the game. The latest entry keeps the tradition of upgrading the gear alive by adding and combining new items with the existing equipment. Gems follow a similar pattern with a little rarity and exclusiveness for specific items. 

Key Takeaways

  • Gems in Diablo Immortal are important for enhancing the strength of character build and gear.They offer passive effects to character stats, such as damage, life, and numerous other traits.
  • There are two types of gems in the game: normal and legendary.
  • Normal gems improve secondary stats of characters, such as life, damage output, potency, armor penetration, and resistance.

  • Six normal gems are available in the game and are characterised by their colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue.
  • Yellow gems are entry-level items with low rarity, while blue gems are mid-level items with higher importance.
  • Topaz is the first and most important yellow gem (+8 Resistance), and Citrine is the second yellow gem (+8 Potency).
  • Sapphire is the first and most prominent blue gem (+8 Armor Penetration), and Aquamarine is a blue gem (+8 Armor) that can increase Block Chance.
  • Red gems target prominent secondary attributes like Life and Damage, and Tourmaline is a red gem (+8 Damage), while Ruby is a red gem (+80 Life).
  • Normal gems can be obtained through Hidden Lairs, Honor Merchants, or purchasing with Platinum.
  • Upgrading normal gems requires three normal gems of the same level and an NPC known as The Apprentice Jeweler. 
  • Normal gems can be upgraded to Rank 6 using Echo Crystal and three same Rank normal gems.

  • Legendary gems enhance primary attributes and add powerful passive values and they can only be equipped on one socket at a time and on six primary gear slots.
  • There are three types of legendary gems: 1-Star, 2-Star, and 5-Star, with Berserker’s Eye and Everlasting Torment being the best 1-Star legendary gems, Lightning Core, Power, and Command being the best 2-Star legendary gems, and Blood-Soaked Jade and Seeping Bile being the best 5-Star legendary gems.
  • Legendary gems are rare drops that require grinding dungeons to obtain, and players should carefully consider which ones to pursue for their character.
  • Legendary gems can be obtained and upgraded like normal gems, with Elden Rifts rewarding Legendary Crest which is an approach to obtain legendary gems.
  • Players can also craft legendary gems with Runes and Platinum currency or trade with other players online with Platinum.
  • The Battle Pass occasionally offers legendary gems, and legendary gems of the same rank can be upgraded to Rank 6, but it is important to understand character stats and needs for the specific upgrade.

In essence, gems in Diablo Immortal are available for use in the equipment to enhance the strength of your character build and gear. Although, it does not physically affect armaments like you receive from the Blacksmith NPC. But it does add passive effects for character stats such as damage, life, and numerous other traits of your character. 

Diablo Immortal Best Gems
Diablo Immortal Best Gems

On the other side, gems also require socketing on specific equipment or gear to receive these buffs. It means you will need to choose only a particular gem if you are after certain attributes. It brings us to two types of gems that are available to players. One is normal gems, while the other is known as legendary gems. Let’s discuss them to understand what best gems in Diablo Immortal suits your character requirements. 

What are the Best Normal Gems in Diablo Immortal?

As the name implies, normal gems are the standard gems that every player can obtain for their character build. Although, gems are still rare drop items and require tons of grinding to level up until your character can receive the item. On the other side, normal gems will offer passive effects or improvements to the secondary stats of your character. 

These stats include life, damage output, potency, armor penetration, and resistance of your character build. But what is essential for normal gems is the requirement for sockets. There are six normal gems available to acquire in Diablo Immortal. Colors characterize as Red, Yellow, and Blue. 

This color scheme represents the socket of the secondary slot of the gear they fit into. Moreover, the color scheme will also detail the type of passive attributes they bring to your character. For that instance, you will have to consider a specific color gem for the available secondary slot of the gear. Let’s discuss the best gems for the respective color classes in Diablo Immortal. 

Yellow Gems

Yellow gems are the entry-level items with low rarity. It means players will be able to obtain these stones quickly to boost their character’s attributes. Meanwhile, yellow gems are the least powerful compared to others on the contrary side. There are two Yellow gems that you can obtain in Diablo Immortal. 

If these stones meet the attributes required for your build, you should consider pursuing them in the game. Especially, those players looking to add more resistance and potency to their build can go after yellow gems. Another critical thing to note is that yellow gems sockets are available for secondary gear of Gloves with 1-3 sockets. 

The first and most important yellow gem to consider is Topaz which comes with Rank 1. Topaz gem will grant +8 Resistance, which is the secondary attribute for your character. The resistance represents the duration of the debuffs inflicted on your character by an opponent. This compares with the opponents’ Potency, which allows them to inflict debuffs on your character. If your character is weak on that side, you should definitely obtain Topaz to reduce the impact of debuffs during battle. 

Diablo Immortal Topaz

The next entry in the best gems in Diablo Immortal is Citrine. The gem is Rank 1, but it is upgradeable to enhance the passive attributes further. Unlike Topaz, Citrine deals +8 Potency for secondary attributes. As said earlier, Potency governs the duration of debuffs inflicted by your character on the opponents. It directly compares to their resistance, so you receive a tactical advantage to make a brutal killing move.

Diablo Immortal Citrine


Blue Gems

Apart from yellow gems, blue gems are mid-level items with higher importance than their predecessor. The main reason behind it is the passive attributes it brings to the table by adding it to the respective sockets. 

Like yellow gems, blue gems also come with two colored gems available for players in Diablo Immortal. The first and most prominent one is Sapphire. It comes with Rank 1 and grants +8 Armor Penetration. 

Diablo Immortal Sapphire

For those unaware, Armor Penetration is an extremely important secondary attribute of your character. It focuses on how much of the enemy’s armor your character negates during combat. The more you negate the opponent’s armor, the more damage your character will be dealing. By adding a Sapphire blue gem to the Boots socket, you can enhance the potential of Armor Penetration even further. 

Next, players can get their hands on Aquamarine with Rank 1. Adding this blue gem to your boots socket will reward players with a +8 Armor. Armor attribute is self-explanatory as it governs your character’s damage absorption. Adding more points to the armor will reduce the amount of damage your character can absorb. 

Diablo Immortal Aquamarine

Not just that but it can also increase the Block Chance to dodge the incoming attacks of the opponents. With these stats, Armor Penetration and Armor are crucial attributes to raise the standards of your character build and pave a smooth gameplay experience. For that instance, you must pursue blue gems to receive these rewards of values in the secondary attributes. 

Red Gems

Lastly, players can acquire two types of red gems under the normal gems class. Reg gems are the most powerful ones when it comes to pushing the boundaries of character abilities and performance. The cherry on top is that these gems target the prominent secondary attributes like Life and Damage. 

Tourmaline is the first red gem that every player must consider for gaining the best attributes reward in Diablo Immortal. The red gems with Rank 1 have a respective socket from 1-3 in Belts. Tourmaline will add +8 Damage for your character’s secondary attributes. 

Diablo Immortal Tourmaline

You can also get your hands on the second red gem, Ruby, with Rank 1. Ruby adds a whopping +80 Life to your secondary attributes. With these gems on your side, players will no longer have to worry about grinding to raise their attribute value and achieve performance rewards. 

Diablo Immortal Ruby

How to Acquire and Upgrade Normal Gems

Now that you know gems and their purpose in the game, you might also want to know how to obtain them and upgrade to the maximum rank. All of the normal gems are upgradeable to Rank 6. But first, you will need to get them in-game to upgrade and enhance the performance easily. 

There are multiple ways you can obtain normal gems. Since gems are the rare drop, there is no guarantee of what gem you will receive in these approaches. The first and most effective approach to obtaining normal gems is through Hidden Lairs. Those who do not know these are the hidden small dungeons with a massive payoff of normal gems. 

Unlike traditional slaughtering monster dungeons, the Hidden Lairs are much more tricky to find and occasionally spawn around shrines and treasure chests. If you happen to roam around these areas, you may have encountered one during the playthrough. All you need to do is grind these dungeons until you receive the specific normal gem for your character. 

Or, if you are seeking a shortcut approach, you can also purchase the normal gems from Honor Merchants. It involves a trade-off of 100 Honor Currency. Considering you are an early-level player, it is a considerable investment of the hard-earned currency. But in the end, the reward for receiving the passive attribute from the normal gems is worth it. If you are short on Honor Currency, you can always rely on farming Challenge Rift to earn more currency and purchase your normal gem. 

Lastly, online players can purchase normal gems for Platinum, another high-level in-game currency. However, that is your last approach for getting a specific gem that is proving hard to drop in your Diablo Immortal. Otherwise, players can easily obtain normal gems by grinding the Hidden Lairs. 

Upgrading the normal gems is also not much of a problem. It requires the player to seek an NPC known as “The Apprentice Jeweler” to upgrade the Ranks of the gems. All you need to do is bring three normal gems of the same level to upgrade the gem and power up your gear even further. 

The Apprentice Jeweler
The Apprentice Jeweler

You can easily combine the normal gems until Rank 5. After that, you will have to use Echo Crystal and three same Rank normal gems to upgrade to Rank 6. Players can find Apprentice Jeweler near Westmarch in Rakkis Plaza. She can also be found around zone camps. 

What are the best Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal?

Apart from the normal gems, players can also acquire legendary gems. As the name implies, these are endgame items with high value and high rarity. Moreover, the legendary gems focus on enhancing the primary attributes of your character, thus adding immensely powerful passive values. 

Many players never seem to understand the true potential of the legendary gems in the game. It is also the reason why these players struggle in combat and never achieve the maximum performance of the character under a specific class. However, legendary gems cover a vast portion of the gearing strategy and demand special attention from players.

Despite the painful drop rate of the item, players can still obtain the legendary gems by following some of the proven tactics in the game. Unlike normal gems, which can be equipped on 1-3 sockets, legendary gems are limited to one socket at a time because of a myriad of the primary attributes it brings to the table. 

Moreover, legendary gems can be equipped on six primary gear slots. It means you can only use six legendary gems on your character at the same time. As said earlier, every gem in the Diablo Immortal is different. So you might want to take careful consideration for pursuing a specific legendary gem for your character. 

Additionally, there are three types of legendary gems in Diablo Immortal. These include 1-Star, 2-Star, and 5-Star legendary gems. With that said, let’s discuss some of the best legendary gems under each type. 

Best 1-Star Legendary Gems

Considering the number of benefits you gain from the legendary gems, every player might want to get one for squeezing the most performance out of their gear. You will have to pursue the low rarity legendary gems for that instance. This brings us to the 1-Star legendary gems with scarce rarity, best base attributes values and unique effects. 

One of the best 1-Star legendary gems in Diablo Immortal is Berserker’s Eye. It is not your ordinary gem in the game as dramatic as it might sound. Berserker’s Eye will increase your damage output by 5.50% at the brutal cost of increasing your damage absorption. Not just that, but it will also contribute 15 Resonance and +8 Combat Rating as part of the attributes enhancements. 

Diablo Immortal Berserker's Eye
Berserker’s Eye

If Berserker’s Eye does not suit best for your character, then Everlasting Torment is the perfect choice. This gem on the primary gear will add a 10%  base damage with every critical hit. This overtime damage lasts for 20 seconds, leaving brutal agony to the opponents. Everlasting Torment will also increase Resonance by 15 and add a +8 Combat Rating. 

Diablo Immortal Everlasting Tormant
Everlasting Torment

Best 2-Star Legendary Gems

As we move further into the list of legendary gems, each gem’s rarity and added value also increase. Remember, legendary gems are a rare drop. So you will have to grind dungeons like normal gems to receive the rare drop for specific legendary gems. 

As for the 2-Star legendary gems, Lightning Core ranks higher for offering the best unique abilities and passive attribute values. Along with the 30 Resonance and +12 Combat Rating, it grants an area damage effect to your character. After the primary attacks, players will be able to release a chain of lighting effects to obliterate enemies in the vicinity.

Diablo Immortal Lightning Core
Lightning Core

Next, Power and Command top the 2-Star Legendary gems for being incredibly powerful for your character build. However, it offers the same attribute values as Lightning Core. But Power and Command specialize in providing a combination of unique effects that comes in handy during the heat of battle. 

Diablo Immortal Power and Command
Power and Command

As the name implies, Power will increase your primary attack damage, while Command focuses on enhancing your skill damage. On the other side, it also alternates states after a few seconds that will add a 10% dispel rate for a negative effect on your character. 

Best 5-Star Legendary Gems

Lastly, with the highest rarity comes to the 5-Star legendary gems. These gems are sought after by every hardcore player in Diablo Immortal. Unfortunately, only a few of them have these overpowered 5-Star legendary gems. 

Blood-Soaked Jade is the top entry in the 5-Star legendary gems with stats straight off the charts. It adds an increase of Resonance by 30 and +18 in Combat Rating. But what is more worthy of attention is the increase in damage output by 8% and movement speed by 10% whenever your character’s health drop to a minimum of 4%. 

Diablo Immortal Blood-Soaked Jade
Blood-Soaked Jade

Last but not least, Seeping Bile can be the best drop you receive in Diablo Immortal. Apart from the same base attribute values, Seeping Bile will dish out a 5% chance of dealing poison damage to your foes. It is overtime damage of 3 seconds that can be spread to nearby enemies. 

Diablo Immortal Seeping Bile
Seeping Bile

How to Obtain and Upgrade Legendary Gems?

Just like normal gems, you can also acquire and upgrade legendary gems. But since these are rare drops, upgrading these gems will not be an easy feat. Players will have to consider multiple approaches to get their hands on the legendary gems. 

One of the most famous approaches is through Elden Rifts, which rewards Legendary Crest. Now, this, of course, demands grinding because of the intensity of the Elden Rifts. But each 1-3 Legendary Crest at the end of the grind guarantees a drop of the legendary gem. 

On the other side, if players are rich enough with resources, they can always craft their legendary gems with Runes and Platinum currency at the Apprentice Jeweler. You can consider the same trade with other players online with Platinum. 

Lastly, players can consider purchasing Battle Pass, which occasionally offers legendary gems to fit in the socket of your primary gear. Like normal gems, legendary gems of the same rank can also be upgraded to Rank 6. But it is imperative to understand your character stats and needs for the specific upgrade of the gem. 

Final Words

Understanding the mechanics of gems and their contribution to your gear performance is tricky at the start. But once you get a hold of it through normal gems, you will be all set to craft and upgrade your own. On the other side, the choice of the gems depends on your character’s attributes, skills, and gear. Incorporate all the elements before starting grinding or investing in the particular gem. 

That is about it for Diablo Immortal best gems. Do you find this guide helpful in obtaining your gems in the latest Diablo Immortal? What is your go-to normal or legendary gem for your ideal character build in the game? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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