Diablo Immortal: Blessing of the Worthy Guide

Blessing of the Worthy
Blessing of the Worthy

Diablo Immortal is the latest release by Blizzard Entertainment for the Diablo franchise, and being a new addition, it brings a lot of new gameplay along. This also includes new builds, new weapons, new classes, and the one we’re going to talk about today, Gems.

The Gems come in two categories in Diablo immortal. One being Normal gems and the second being Legendary. As the name suggests, the normal gems are very mediocre and socket into secondary pieces of equipment.

In contrast, the Legendary gems corresponding to the title are gems that make a significant difference if equipped and are socketed in Legendary sockets in primary equipment. However, Legendary gems have multiple types ranging from different Ranks and Star types, with 5 being the highest star rating gems and 1 star being the lowest.

Today we will discuss a legendary gem in Diablo Immortal called the “Blessing of the Worthy.” A heads up for legendary gems, they provide all sorts of stats and buffs along with having their personal effects.

Blessing of the Worthy

The Blessing of the Worthy is a Legendary gem with a 5 Star rating. It provides the player with multiple stats, including resonance and combat rating. Not only the regular stats, but it allows the player to use its unique effect.

As we already explained the star rating of the gems, this particular gem is a 5-star gem, which means it’s the best one considering the star rating. 5 star gems also have an unlocked star rating with the chance of it being dropped with a rating between 2-5 stars. The statuses of the base version of this gem provide include:

In-Game description of the Gem.
  • Resonance increased by 30
  • Combat rating increased by 18
  • You can use retribution on enemies around you with the chance of doing it at 20%. This deals 12% of your max life as damage and cannot be used more than once every 20 seconds.
  • At Rank 2, your damage is increased by 14%

This is a very potent gem, and its power of the effect increases once you rank it up to rank 3 and rank 5. At rank 3 the base effect gains additional power, which is, you take decreased 4% damage for 6 seconds after you use the divine retribution. And at rank 5 it helps you with the discovery of items by increasing your chances of locating magic items by 15%.

Even though this gem provides multiple good stats and can be upgraded to provide more stats, it isn’t the best in the 5 Star ranked gem list because it is very situational. It is also more effective in melee classes because it has a short range of the AOE blast that helps when you are closer to the enemy.

How to Craft or Obtain

It is a bit complicated to get the Blessing of the Worthy gem. Complicated in the sense that it’s weird to craft this specific gem. You can craft it with a few materials (Runes) like FA Runes x10 and 1600 Plat Runes. If you don’t have plat runes, you could substitute them with 100 standard runes. The tricky part of crafting this gem is the drop rate, as it is only craftable through the random gem roll from the Westmarch jeweler. When you are crafting this gem, it is possible to drop a random gem rather than the one you require; in this case, the “Blessing of the worthy”.

Suppose crafting isn’t your thing. You could buy the gem from the market for a hefty amount of platinum or by exploring and finishing the elder rifts to use Crests and obtain this shiny stone.

Blessing of the Worthy Builds

As stated before, this gem is situational and primarily useful for classes that fight hand to hand, like the barbarian.

PvE Builds

  • Barbarian – Whirlwind Elder Rift
  • Barbarian – Cleave Challenge Rift
  • Wizard – Firestorm Challenge Rift
  • Crusader – AOE Damage Build

PvP Builds

The PVP builds mentioned are usually the melee classes because this gem benefits them at every stage of the game.

  • Barbarian – Whirlwind PvP
  • Barbarian – Cleave PvP
  • Monk – Imprisoned Fist PvP
  • Monk – Flying Dragon PvP
  • Crusader – Draw and Quarter PvP
  • Wizard – Magic Missile PvP
  • Crusader Support Tank Build


This wraps up the “Blessing of the Worthy” Gem in Diablo Immortal. We talked about its builds, its main information, and how to get your hands on it. If you want to explore more about Diablo Immortal, check out our Best Gems for Wizard Guide or the Best PVP Class for Diablo Immortal Guide. Good luck with finding this Gem.

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