Diablo Immortal Blood Rose: Location & Boss Fight

Diablo Immortal Blood Rose

Are you stuck trying to defeat the Diablo Immortal Blood Rose Boss? In this guide, I will talk about the boss’s fight pattern, weaknesses, if any, and the best alternative methods to defeat the Blood Rose.

Key Takeaways

  • Diablo Immortal has two types of bosses: story mode bosses and Helliquary bosses.
  • Blood Rose is a world boss that is part of the zone events and is found in the Dark Wood, near the Sanguine Ruins.
  • Players need to have the right equipment and a coordinated party to defeat the Blood Rose.
  • Blood Rose has the ability to heal itself and use smaller mouths that shoot heavy projectiles.
  • The boss’s core mechanism is to suck all players toward itself using a red circle.
  • Players need to avoid the red circle and have a well-informed party to defeat the Blood Rose.Having someone who doesn’t understand the mechanism will waste your efforts in draining the boss’s HP.
  • Blood Rose has an attack that allows her to recover all of her lost HP within seconds, making it pointless to attack her alone.
  • Position yourself in the special hidden spot right next to the boss to freely attack her without losing any HP.
  • When in this spot, you’ll take damage only from the smaller versions of Blood Rose, and their attacks will be significantly lower than the main head’s.
  • During her respawn phase, Blood Rose becomes even more powerful and uses her core mechanism to suck you in and recover her HP.
  • If you see the red circle, get out of the spot and wait for the attack to finish before going back.
  • Keep hitting her with everything you’ve got until you beat the Diablo Immortal Blood Rose boss.

As Diablo Immortal was released to the public on June 2nd, players were eager to explore the unsanctioned world. They were intrigued by the number of playable characters, each having more than nine unique skills with respect to their capabilities.

In addition, there are six best classes in Diablo Immortal;

  1. Barbarian
  2. Crusader
  3. Monk
  4. Necromancer
  5. Demon Hunter
  6. Wizard

For instance, a Necromancer can not play the role of a Barbarian and vice versa. You can’t expect the Barbarian to use the skills of necromancy.

On another note, the Diablo Immortal world has two types of bosses. To defeat them, players need a solid build and a coordinated team to defeat them.

My Necromancer Build will surely aid you in defeating the major bosses in the game!

If you’re advancing the story mode, you’ll face seven bosses in different Dungeons. For instance, you’ll face Diablo Immortal Blood Rose boss in the Sanguine Ruins and King Leoric in the Mad King’s Breach.

Then we have the Helliquary Bosses; currently, there’s only one of these in the game, having three difficulty levels with an increased combat rating.

Bosses such as the Blood Rose are part of Zone events introduced as mechanics in Diablo Immortal. Honestly, it’s a highly interactive feature that allows thousands of players to join forces and defeat the toughest and meanest World Bosses in Diablo Immortal.

A few concerning factors include the inability to locate the Blood Rose and defeating it during the Dark Wood Zone Event. Rest assured because I’ll be going through each and every focal point regarding the Blood Rose.

Diablo Immortal Blood Rose Location

Location of Blood Rose
You can locate the Blood Rose Boss in the Dark Wood!

The boss can be found near the Sanguine Ruins near the Dark Wood. She is an exceptional case of a boss that players can fight either through a quest or story mode.

Finding the boss is one thing, but defeating it without the necessary equipment and an effective party can be a problem. However, you’ll notice the boss uses the exact fighting mechanism during the quest and as part of a World Boss.

Why do players have a hard time fighting the Blood Rose? As usual, players seem to underestimate bosses, and I feel as if this is a universal thing because I, too, have made this mistake.

Some of the common mistakes found in many players are that they enter a battle without taking the necessary tools. They often find themselves lacking a few attributes and skills that are required to beat the boss.

For instance, attacking them, head-on will always result in failure. Players should not take setbacks like these seriously, though. You will find numerous ways to defeat them after a few unsuccessful raids.

For the Blood Rose, players are taken aback by her ability to heal herself after taking serious damage fully.

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Blood Rose Fight Pattern

Before initiating the fight with Diablo Immortal Blood Rose, you’ll find herself accompanied by three rogues. These rogues can be quite annoying because they heal the boss before she performs its attacks.

The whole idea of this guide is to make players understand the mechanics of this boss, as it can be frustrating at times.

If you do end up going to its location, you’ll find numerous players having difficulty defeating her. I mean, if you look at the situation firsthand, you’ll wonder why it’s difficult.

The cause might probably be that Blood Rose keeps rejuvenating all her lost HP while players lose a lot of health in bringing her down.

Furthermore, she uses two of her smaller mouths, which are situated on the left and right sides. These tiny flowers will pose a few problems as they will rain down heavy projectiles on you that will damage you significantly.

You might not be able to dodge them swiftly, no matter what Diablo Immortal Class you choose, because the speed of those projectiles is fast. Evidently, the Blood Rose has a good mix-up in her attacks, and she mainly engages in mid-range and close-range combat.

Players with Barbarian can deal hefty damage in close-range; however, doing that frequently will not win you the battle!

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How to Defeat Diablo Immortal Blood Rose

Blood Rose Core Mechanism
Whenever you see the red circle during Blood Rose’s Second Phase, Avoid it!

Blood Rose will spawn after every 20 minutes in the Dark Wood, which is her spawn location. Once you arrive at the location and the battle, keep in mind that she’ll use her core mechanic to suck all of you toward itself.

You’ll notice a red circle on the map if she does this. So expecting the very first attack from Blood Rose, you’ll be able to avoid severe damage right at the beginning.

Whenever you feel like you’ve drained all of its HP, be aware of the red circle and stay away from it so that you don’t get caught up in the attack.

The reason for avoiding the attack is because if she manages to catch even one of you, she’ll fully recover her HP, making your efforts pointless. A coordinated and well-informed party is what you need to defeat the Diablo Immortal Blood Rose;

because having someone who does not understand the mechanism will always waste your efforts in draining the HP of Blood Rose.

On the other hand, these players will keep getting sucked in one of her attacks, allowing her to recover all of her lost HP within seconds. You get the point, right?

Stick to this guide, and you’ll avoid the struggle of defeating the boss.

Hidden Tricks to Defeat The Blood Rose

Blood Rose Secret Spot
You can position yourself in this spot to freely attack the boss without losing any HP!

If you explore the area where the boss spawns, you’ll find a special hidden spot right next to her.

By positioning yourself behind her, you’ll be standing right next to the boss. Here’s the exciting part, you’ll essentially take no damage from any of her attacks, allowing you to attack her freely!

The only part where you take damage is when she spawns those smaller flowers or vines alongside her. However, the damage inflicted because of their attacks will be significantly lower as compared to the main head.

You can attack her freely by staying in that position and completely ignoring the attacks from the smaller versions of the Blood Rose. This might be the most straightforward win in Diablo Immortal!

However, when she dies and respawns again, she’ll become even more powerful and make random attacks that will hit you when you’re in that spot.

During this phase, she’ll be using her core mechanism, which will suck you in and allow her to recover her HP. This is the mechanism we were talking about earlier, so if you’re standing in that same spot and you see the red circle, get out of there!

Once she’s done with the attack, just head back to the same spot behind her, and keep hitting her with everything you’ve got! Eventually, you’ll beat the Diablo Immortal Blood Rose Boss!

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With that said, I conclude my guide on the Blood Rose boss, and if you found it helpful, be sure to check out our other guides on games other than Diablo Immortal!

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