Diablo Immortal Changing Difficulty
Diablo Immortal Changing Difficulty

Diablo Immortal: How To Change Difficulty

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If you are a Diablo Immortal pro you might have already reached level 60, being at max level you can’t go any further however you can still have fun, we are here to guide you through the process of How to change difficulty in Diablo Immortal. 

How to Change Difficulty In Diablo Immortal

Firstly, unlike any other game where you can change the game’s difficulty at the start of the game Diablo Immortal, it is different. There are certain requirements needed to be met before you can change your game’s difficulty. One of which is you have to be level 60. To help you reach this level we have set up some guides to help. Once you have reached level 60 you can no longer increase it as it’s the max level for the game. However a new feature unlocks, the feature to change the game’s difficulty.

Diablo Immortal Difficulty Unlocked
Unlocking difficulty

But once you have unlocked it how do you change it?. This is why we are here!. The next step in changing your difficulty, you have to travel to Westmarch. Once you are there open your map and click on the skull icon on the top-right. There you will find the different difficulties to pick.

Diablo Immortal Westmarch map
Westmarch Map

Hell Levels

There are a total of 4 difficulty levels in Diablo Immortal. Each level has a different monster combat rating which increases as you pick a higher hell level. For that reason, difficulties can be changed according to the paragon levels in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immrotal change Difficulty
Hell Levels 2-4
  • Hell 1:   Paragon levels 1-60         Monster CR (390)
  • Hell 2:  Paragon levels 30-130     Monster CR (1190)
  • Hell 3:  Paragon levels 90-210     Monster CR (2150)
  • Hell 4:  Paragon levels 160-300  Monster CR (3270)

      CR= Combat Rating

What are Paragon Levels

Paragon does not unlock until you have reached level 60. Once a player has reached level 60 they can’t go any further, therefore, paragon levels have been placed as soon as the player completes a full XP bar he gets a paragon point which can be used in gaining different skills and attributes. Each paragon point can only hold one character. 

Paragon Tree

There is a total of 6 Paragon Trees in the game. Only two of them are unlocked upon reaching level 60, the rest are unlocked after reaching a certain Paragon Level. Each tree takes almost 100 paragon points to reach its full skills and attributes

  1. Survivor Paragon Tree: Focuses on Defensive attributes. (Paragon Level 1)
  2. Vanquisher Paragon Tree: Focuses on offensive attribute bonuses and skills. (Paragon Level 1)
  3. Treasure Hunter Tree: Focuses on farming and for searching gold and better loot. (Paragon level 50)
  4. Gladiator Paragon Tree: Skills help in PvP battleground (Paragon Level 100)
  5. Soldier Paragon Tree: Focuses on Healing your allies (Paragon Level 150)
  6. Mastermind Paragon Tree: Focuses on group play with a party of four (Paragon Level 150)
Paragon Level

Why Change the Game Difficulty In Diablo Immortal?

Moreover, the game provides you with a Combat Rating which goes higher with the difficulty you choose. Opting for a higher Combat Rating enables you to fight monsters with a higher combat Rating. Each Hell Level has its own Combat rating which needs to be met to be able to play in that difficulty. This increases your chances of getting legendary drops, furthermore, it helps in increasing your combat rating and gives you the ability to increase the difficulty of the game. This forms a continuous cycle upwards to unlocking Hell level 4.

I hope you found our article helpful and were clearly able to understand the requirements and process for changing the games’ difficulty. I would also like to thank Ivan Haro for the Westmarch picture. If you have any more queries regarding Diablo Immortal you can head over to our Guide section where you can find all the answers to our queries.

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