Diablo Immortal Charms: The Definitive Guide

Diablo Immortal Charms
Diablo Immortal Charms

The latest entry in the Diablo series, Diablo Immortal brings a myriad of new features to offer a unique and enjoyable experience to players. Among these new features, Diablo Immortal offers players over six classes and plenty of resources to pave the way in the storyline as well as PvP combat. These in-game resource items also include Diablo Immortal charms to upgrade the skills of their character build and enhance their performance.

Unlike gems in Diablo Immortal, which add passive effects to the gears, Charms are rare and require much grinding to obtain early in the game. These items contribute to the skills of the specific class of your character to offer unique capabilities in combat.

Moreover, despite the rarity and your luck for drops, Charms are usable in any class. Whether you are playing as a pure mage character build or magic-melee hybrid, every player can benefit from the addition of charms to their character. This is the top reason why many players never consider pursuing charms to achieve maximum performance in their playthrough. 

If you are also one of those players that are hearing charms in Diablo Immortal for the first time, then you are in the right place. This guide entails all the details you need to know about Diablo Immortal charms. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Charms are a new addition to the Diablo series. They make specific classes better by granting special capabilities. They are not that easy to gain.
  • Charms are added to a 13th slot in the character customization and are only available after Level 56. They are ranked and a higher rank means more powers.
  • There are four ways to gain charms; Hunting them in Bounties, Purchasing them from Hilts, Using Battle Pass, and Playing Daily Events and Games.
  • Every Charm starts off with Rank 1 and can be upgraded up to 5 skill bonuses. You should look for a Charm suitable for your character.
  • Charm Upgrades provide extra bonus skills. To upgrade charms, go to Charm Craftsman and get some Alchemical Powder. You can use the unimportant charms to get Alchemical Powder.
  • One approach to upgrading charms is extraction through skill stones. Extract those skill stones that have your desired skills. After extracting, imbuing is done. Here the matter is in Luck’s hands. The imbuing process selects one of the five available bonus skills.
  • Charms can be sold to earn some Platinum currency. Go to the Charm Craftsman and separate all the unwanted charms. Make skill stones out of these after upgrading your gear charm to Rank 5. These skill stones can be sold for 2000 Platinum.

Diablo Immortal Charms

As said earlier, most players never knew that there is the 13th slot in their character customization available for charms. On top of that acquiring these charms for your character is a significant aid in the endgame progression. In essence, charms are unlockable at level 56 and modify the class skill to upgrade or replace previous skills with desired powers for your character. 

This addition pushes the boundaries of character customization and pursuing your ideal playthrough in massively detailed Diablo Immortal. On the other side, players will also be able to rank up these charms by following the salvaging approach as crafting material. 

Diablo Immortal Charm
Diablo Immortal Charm

Considering the fact, that these charms are added to the 13th gear slot of primary gear, it makes the charms a lot more powerful than gems. Every charm brings skills bonuses to your character in respective their rank. The higher the rank of the charm, the more skills bonuses players can gain from the 13th gear slot charm. 

As soon as your character touches level 56, you might want to obtain a charm as it involves a lot of time for grinding. With that said, let’s discuss how you can acquire the charms to use them for your character in Diablo Immortal. 

How to Get Charms

Getting your hands on the Diablo Immortal is no easy feat. So prepare to invest a lot of patience and grinding into your character to increase your chance of getting a charm in the game. 

There are a total of four approaches that you can pursue to get yourself a charm in Diablo Immortal. These include hunting Bounty for rewards and investing in-game currency to purchase from Hiltz Trader. Or you can get charms for free from Battle Pass or Daily Activities. Let’s have a look at them one-by-one to understand what you are up against in each of these approaches. 

Bounty Hunting for Charms

The first and least guaranteed way to get your charms is through Bounties. Although Bounty Hunting is really fun to play on a regular basis, getting a charm out of nowhere is gonna put a cherry on top of your gaming experience. 

Unfortunately, the chance of Bounty missions dropping charms is extremely low. You can rely on your luck to start farming on the Bounty Hunting missions and obtain any of the charms in Diablo Immortal. 

Another sad aspect of Bounty Hunting is that there are only eight bounties that you can hunt in 24 hours of real life. It means you only get 56 bounties weekly with a slight chance to get the charms. 

Despite the drop rate, you still might want to farm for Bounties to increase the chance of the drop for charms. All you need to do is to head to the Bounty Board. Find the Elder Rifts location to select over four bounties. Once you have completed them, you will be able to receive numerous rewards. If your character is lucky, you may even be able to see a charm in the character’s inventory. 

Purchase from Hilts

One of the easiest approaches to charms is by purchasing them. Hilts Trader is a prominent NPC seller in the game that allows players to find and purchase tons of different items. Meanwhile, among other items, you will be surprised to see charms in his seller inventory. 

In order to purchase these charms, you will need to invest 100 Hilts for each charm. Sadly, there is not any better price for which you can get these charms. However, Hilts trading is the guaranteed approach to get your hands on at least one charm.

All you need to do is to head to the “Limited Time” section of the Hilts Trader and find the charms that are available for sale. If you could not find any charms listed in the section, do not worry. The inventory of the trader is completely random. Head back to your last location and come back again and you will see a refreshed list with charms for sale. 

Battle Pass

Another best approach to get Diablo Immortal charms is through Battle Passes. For those who do not know, Battle Pass is another game content package that players can purchase with real money. With this Battle Pass, players can enjoy exclusive content ranging from new dungeons, matches, and some pretty hefty rewards. 

One of these rewards also includes charms that are mostly sought by players after leveling up to 56. Meanwhile, if you get the Diablo Immortal Season 1 Battle Pass, you will be able to get four charms at level 16. Additionally, the Battle Pass rewards tier will hand out another four charms as soon as your character hits level 36. 

Grinding Daily Activity

Last and the most effective approach is Daily Activity. Apart from investing in real or in-game currency, grinding daily activities are your last bet for getting yourself some charms. Diablo Immortal offers multiple kinds of playable missions and activities on daily basis.

All you need to do is to complete these daily activities and collect all the rewards it has to offer. You may even find some charms lying around as unlockable from these activities. 

Head to the Codex menu and select the Activities. Now you will be able to see numerous activities that you can complete to earn Battle Points. Along with that, each activity will also show rewards like charms that you can achieve after completion of the respective activity. 

How to Use Charms?

Now that you may have obtained some charms from available approaches in the game, you might also want to know what to do with them. As said earlier, charms fit into the 13th slot of your primary gear. This course comes with the hefty requirement of having a level 56 character. It means whether you have charm earlier or not, you will not be able to use it until your character level hits 56. 

Additionally, every character must equip a charm that fits best their character’s requirement. Otherwise, the charm would be a waste of slots and will never dish out ideal performance. So make sure you use the charm that fits your character’s skill.

For instance, if you are pursuing a Monk character playthrough and using Seven-Sided Strike as the skill. You will have to look out for a charm that adds skill bonuses for Seven-Sided Strike. 

Every charm that you can obtain in Diablo Immortal begins with a Rank 1. Players can upgrade the charm further to add up to five more skill bonuses. This process involves imbuing a skill stone into the charm to add the five skill bonuses of the skilled stone.

Once you are ready with your charm for your character, all you need to do is to fit it into the 13th gear slot and your character will receive all of the skill bonuses. 

How to Upgrade Charms?

Apart from obtaining and using the charm for your character’s battle needs, you can also upgrade the charm to achieve additional bonuses of skills. Unlike most upgrades in video games, players receive the addition of a higher percentage for a specific skill. Meanwhile, things are a little different and tricky in Diablo Immortal, as the charm upgrade will only going to get you additional random bonus skills rather than an improvement on the existing ones. 

Diablo Immortal Charm Craftsman
Charm Craftsman

Unfortunately, the charm mechanics is extremely unpredictable, it is highly unlikely that you will receive the skill bonus that you want. But still, it is highly important to constantly upgrade the charms to the highest Rank to increase the chance of getting your skill bonuses. You can get lucky to upgrade the charm and receive some hefty bonus skills that can take your character performance to the next level. 

In order to upgrade the charms, firstly you will need to go to Charm Craftsman NPC. The merchant aids players to salvage, upgrade, extract, and imbue the charms and skills stone. Since you are here for upgrading the charm, firstly you will need Alchemical Powder. The powder is an essential item required to upgrade the charm and can be crafted by salvaging the Rank 1 charm. 

You can find the merchant in the southern portion of Westmarch. Considering the fact, that you may have multiple charms, there is a high chance one of them may also be unwanted. This is because, when none of the skills fits your character’s class, it is of no use. For that instance, you can salvage the charm to get 10 Alchemical Powder. Remember, one charm of Rank 1 will only yield 10 Alchemical Powder. 

Meanwhile, upgrading the charm will require 20 Alchemical Powder. That is one way you can pursue to upgrade your charms all the way to Rank 5. There is another prominent approach to upgrading your charms that does not require Alchemical Powder.

This approach is more of testing your luck to upgrade your charm and get the skills of your demand. Unlike the latter approach that would replace the unwanted bonuses with completely random new bonus skills, this approach will give you a chance to get your own additional skill bonuses on the charm. 

This brings us to the first step which involves extracting the charm from the skills stone. It is not going to be cheap as the extraction process involves 500 hard-earned Platinum. It is worth remembering that in order to get a specific skill bonus, you must extract the skill stone that already contains that respective skill. 

Once the extraction completes, you can now visit the imbue tab to upgrade the existing charm with the extracted one. This is the moment of truth, where you can do nothing, but only your own luck will come into play.

While imbuing the charms, you will be asked to select the bonus skill that you want to upgrade to the charm in your equipment. When you hit the imbue button, you will be able to see a randomized effect of the game mechanics selecting random skills from the skill stone charm. It is going to select a random skill that will replace the previous ones on the equipped stone. 

Almost every skill stone has five bonus skills. In this case, the imbuing process will pick only one from those random. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to get your selected bonus skill. 

As you can see, players do not have any control over what skills they can get during the upgrade. However, the key is to select the skill stone that has the particular skill and only then imbue it with your charm. 

Imbue the Charms
Imbue the Charms

Apart from the extraction, you can no longer use the skill stone again to upgrade the charm. Meanwhile, if you plan to imbue multiple skill stones, you will have to purchase them from in-game merchants for Platinum. 

How to Sell Charms In Diablo Immortal?

With tons of grinding and investment of in-game currency, you can easily get your hands on tons of charms items for your character. But as said earlier, there is only one charm limit that you can use for your character. It means you can not use unwanted charms that serve little to no skill bonus benefit for your character. 

This lights up a question in players’ minds about what they can do to get rid of these worthless charms. First and the most effective advice for that is to salvage these charms to obtain some Alchemical Powder. Since Alchemical Powder is used to upgrade charms in your gameplay, you might resource it well to use it later. 

Diablo Immortal Alchemical Powder
Alchemical Powder

On the other side, players can also sell charms in the in-game market to earn good Platinum currency. Players that have been playing Diablo Immortal since day one might be aware of how hard it is to earn good Platinums. Well, not that you have plenty of unwanted charms, you can easily turn them into skill stones and then sell them for a good price in Platinum

The first thing that you need to do is to visit the Charm Craftsman. This NPC can be found easily in Scribe’s Caravan in Westmarch. Next, you might want to separate the charm that you are using in your gear from the rest of the unwanted charms. 

After that, you will have to salvage these charms to upgrade to the one on the 13th slot of your gear. Once you have upgraded your gear charm all the way to Rank 5, you can now convert it into skill stone in the Extract section. The overall process of conversion will cost you 500 Platinum. 

Since you can purchase the charms for over 2000 Platinum, a small investment of 500 Platinum will be worthwhile. Once the charm is converted to skill stone, you are all set to sell it to the in-game Market and earn good Platinum. Make sure to set the price high to get the most out of your skill stone sale. 

Final Words

With the underlying unpredictability of charms, they are not worth the grind for early-level players. Although, these items offer a lot of benefits with bonus skills to enhance your character. But in most cases, the luck-based mechanics of the charms do not favor most players. 

It is recommended to pursue charms after hitting level 56. This way you will not have to worry about losing the progress since you will already be playing on a higher level. 

That is about it for Diablo Immortal charms. Did you find this guide helpful in obtaining and upgrading charms for your character? What is your approach to farm charms and selling to earn Platinum? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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