Diablo Immortal: BEST Demon Hunter Build

Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Build
Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter Build

Out of all the classes in Diablo Immortal, the Demon Hunter is the most damaging.  It can have the single highest focused damage and crowd control, provided you have the optimal build. If you are looking to find the highest DPS Demon Hunter Build in Diablo Immortal, this guide is for you. The demon hunter class specializes in ranged combat and quick, focused burst damage, with a variety of skill shots and other damaging abilities.

Key Takeaways

  • The Demon Hunter is the most damaging class in Diablo Immortal, specialising in ranged combat and quick burst damage with skill shots and damaging abilities.
  • They are good at clearing waves of minions and creating space for themselves and the team, but require situational and spatial awareness to survive.
  • Demon Hunters are difficult to master but provide high damage output, and are the only class that can use abilities while moving.
  • They provide little utility to teammates but their high DPS makes up for it.
  • Key abilities include Crossbow Shot for basic damage, Multishot for group damage, Vengeance for self-buffing, Rain of Vengeance for AOE damage, and Daring Swing for evasiveness and damage.
  • The recommended gear items this build are Vision of the Lost Helmet, Heart of Vengeance chest armor, Hungerer off hand gear, Coff’s Unrelenting Fury leg gear, Flamespite, and Hailstone Shoulders which can significantly boost the Demon Hunter’s performance.
  • The War Rags of Shal’baas set can also increase attack damage and speed, resulting in exponential increase in DPS and crowd clearing ability.
  • The advantages of this build are that your skills are your primary method for dealing damage, while gear also plays a crucial role in enhancing your build, especially with the unique effects of legendary gear that can transform your skills. However, one disadvantage is that it has an S rank in PVE, but only achieves a B rank in PVP.

Moreover,  due to a very fast evasive panic button ability, the Demon Hunter excels in get-in / get-out situations. Because of their excellent area-of-effect attacks, they are one of the best classes to clear waves of lesser minions and create breathing room both for themselves and the rest of the team.

This class is not for the faint of heart, as it is more difficult to master than the other classes, and the unprepared will meet a swift demise. However, with its extremely high skill cap and learning curve, this class rewards the dedicated player with a deeply satisfying class that is unmatched in its damage output. The right selection of gems can be paramount; lucky for you, we have an excellent guide for them.

Demon Hunter General Strategy

The Demon Hunter is the only class in Diablo Immortal that can use abilities while moving. As a result, its evasiveness and damage output is unmatched; they can bring the pain while constantly kiting enemies, bunching them up to take them down with a barrage of area-of-effect abilities. Simultaneously, their ability to kite comes in handy when dealing with high HP pool monsters, especially bosses.

A low health bar, however, offsets this evasiveness; thus, the most effective game plan is to get in close, do damage, and quickly get out of harms way. Being caught off-guard can spell death on higher difficulty levels. Therefore, situational and spatial awareness is key to ensuring survival.

Also important to consider is that the Demon Hunter is generally a lone-wolf that provides little utility to their teammates. This weakness must be considered when forming team compositions, however, the very high DPS that a good Demon Hunter build brings can more than offset this tradeoff.

Demon Hunter Build Skills

Crossbow Shot

The crossbow shot is the basic damaging ability of the Demon Hunter, and its utility lies in the fact that the player can move while using this ability. This ability’s damage is increased and it fires a volley of arrows instead of only one when the ultimate is used. In addition, the player’s movement speed is increased. This ability is the bread-and-butter of any Demon Hunter, and will do reliable damage at all levels. Moreover, this ability benefits exceptionally from Legendary Gems and Items.


Essentially a shotgun that shoots arrows, the Multishot will carve through large groups of enemies with ease. This ability shoots several arrows in a given direction, dealing damage to all enemies in that area, and holds a maximum of 3 charges. With high area-of-effect damage, this skill is a must-have for any Demon Hunter in Diablo Immortal.


Vengeance allows the player to buff themselves greatly, making it one of the most useful skills in the Demon Hunter’s arsenal,. Through the use of this skill, their primary attack gains 2 extra shots with very high damage, allowing for easy cleanup of most common mobs. The cooldown on this skill can be minimized greatly with the proper gear, allowing for near-constant destruction.

Rain of Vengeance

This ability is the key area-of-effect skill for the Demon Hunter and works wonders for both softening up large targets and wiping out groups of smaller enemies. It is best used in tandem with the Multishot. Therefore, lining up the enemies is paramount to making the most of this ability.

Daring Swing

Channel your inner Indiana Jones with this evasive ability. Its utility lies in the fact that it allows the player to not only quickly create space between them and hordes of monsters, but also to deal a significant amount of damage along the way.

Moreover, the ability has a stack of 2 charges, meaning it can be used twice in quick succession, allowing for hyper-fast getaways. However, care must be taken with this ability; due to the fragile nature of the class, it is important to not accidentally swing into another group of enemies, or a very angry elite monster.

Gear for Demon Hunter Build


Vision of the Lost

For the helmet, the superior option is the Vision of the Lost. A very important piece of gear, it allows the player to increase Vengeance duration for each enemy they kill, up to a maximum of 2.4 seconds. Moreover, it decreases Vengeance cooldown by 10%.

An extremely powerful piece of kit, this gear combined with the others allows the player to stay nearly constantly in Vengeance, allowing for unrelenting DPS and decimation of the enemy.


Heart of Vengeance

The chest armor we recommend is the Heart of Vengeance, as it provides great synergy with both the helmet and the build overall. This gear reduces the cooldown of Vengeance by 15%. As a result, the player can use Vengeance even more often, allowing the player to continually dish out damage.

Off Hand

The Hungerer

The best off hand gear for the Demon Hunter in Diablo Immortal is the Hungerer. Since the best playstyle for the Demon Hunter takes advantage of his mobility and relies on grouping enemies into lines, the Hungerer is an essential weapon to increase the damage output efficiency of the class.

This piece of gear allows Crossbow Shot to pierce through multiple enemies, allowing the player to damage all enemies in the path of the attack. Whereas before, the enemies in the front would tank the damage leaving those in the rear ranks unharmed, now all enemies in a group will take damage, increasing the DPS of the player exponentially.


Coff’s Unrelenting Fury

Coff’s Unrelenting Fury is the current meta pick for leg gear in Diablo Immortal for the best Demon Hunter build. It has the ability to launch a rocket every two primary attacks, making mincemeat of both bosses and crowds of mobs.

Its value lies in its versatility; it is hyper effective against bosses and swarms of smaller enemies alike.

Main Hand 


Flamespite is a great pick for the Main Hand gear. It inflicts a burn on the Multishot skill, increasing the damage of the ability. Moreover, the burn effect allows for a continued passive source of damage, as the burn effect deals damage overtime.

A great pick for crowd control that augments the already great crowd control of the multishot, this skill is essential for the best Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build.


Hailstone Shoulders

Hailstone Shoulders provide a huge amount of benefit to the player. The ability buffs Rain of Vengeance with the ability to slow down enemies caught in the fire. As a result, the Demon Hunter can not only easily kite enemies and take out enemies until nothing is left, but can also slow down bosses to more easily kite around them and dodge their attacks.

This ability can also provide great utility in a team composition, due to the slowing effect making it much easier for teammates to both dodge attacks and land their own.


War Rags of Shal’baas

We recommend the War Rags of Shal’baas for the full set, . This item set buffs both attack damage and attack speed, resulting in exponential increase in DPS and crowd clearing ability. With this set, chewing down bosses also becomes much easier, due to the high damage potential.

With the improvements to the basic attacks along with the buffs to Vengeance resulting from the other gear, the Demon Hunter becomes a well-rounded character for damage dealing, crowd control and evasion.

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