Diablo Immortal Gems Tier List [2023]

We cover the best Normal and Legendary Gems in this Diablo Immortal Gem Tier List along with how to acquire them and their Star Rank System.

Gem tier List in Diablo Immortal

Who doesn’t want to drip out their attire with the finest gems and get buffs to help your playthrough? That is why it is indispensable to socket your gear with normal and legendary gems. Gems are essential if you want your class and champions to output their true potential. Not only do the gems provide a very crucial function to survive in the game, but they also look very dashing. Find out more in this Diablo Immortal Gem Tier list.

Even though everyone wants the best Loot possible and would wait on normal gems to acquire the legendary gems, we recommend not ignoring the poor normal gems and using them on your secondary equipment as they make a difference. Moreover, Legendary gems are very hard to come by and take a very long time to farm, meaning the only fast way to get these legendary shiny stones is to open your already tired wallet.

Key Takeaways

  • Gems are items in Diablo Immortal that buff weapons with certain qualities and effects and allow using them at their full potential. They are two types of them; Normal and Legendary.
  • Normal Gems in the game are Ruby, Tourmaline, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Citrine, and Topaz. You get normal gems through Daily Rewards, buy from the Hilt Traders, Hidden Lairs, and Battle Pass.
  • Legendary Gems have a star rating in addition to the normal rank gems have. These include 1-Star, 2-Star, and 5-Star Legendary gems. This rating measures power.
  • 1-Star Legendary Gems include Berserker’s Eye, Ca’arsen’s Invigoration, Chained Death, Defiant Soul, Everlasting Torment, Freedom and Devotion, Mocking Laughter, Nightmare Wreath, Pain of Subjugation, Respite Stone, Seled’s Weakening, The Black Rose, Trickshot Gem, and Zod Stone.
  • 2-Star Legendary Gems include Battleguard, Bloody Reach, Cutthroat’s Grin, Fervent Fang, Follower Burden, Lightning Core, Power and Command, The Hunger, and Unity Crystal.
  • 5-Star Legendary Gems include Blessing of the Worthy, Blood-soaked Jade, Bottled Hope, Chip of Stoned Flesh, Echoing Shade, Howler’s Call, Phoenix Ashes, Seeping Bile, and Zwenson’s Haunting.
  • There are multiple ways of acquiring these gems. You can either use Legendary Crests or Rare Crests. You can also get them from a Battle pass or buy them from the market. They can also be crafted at the Apprentice Jeweler.

Here is a summary table for the Tier List of Diablo Immortal Gems:

No.TierGem NameRank
1SBerserker's Eye
2ACa'arsen's Invigoration
3SChained Death
4CDefiant Soul
5SEverlasting Torment
6BFreedom and Devotion
7CMocking Laughter
8CNightmare Wreath
9BPain of Subjugation
10CRespite Stone
11BSeled's Weakening
12CThe Black Rose
13BTrickshot Gem
14BZod Stone
16BBloody Reach★★
17ACutthroat's Grin★★
18SFervent Fang★★
19CFollower's Burden★★
20ALightning Core★★
21SPower and Command★★
22BThe Hunger★★
23CUnity Crystal★★
24ABlessing of the Worthy★★★★★
25SBlood-Soaked Jade★★★★★
26BBottled Hope★★★★★
27AChip of Stoned Flesh★★★★★
28CEchoing Shade★★★★★
29BHowler's Call★★★★★
30BPhoenix Ashes★★★★★
31ASeeping Bile★★★★★
32CZwenson's Haunting★★★★★

Normal And Legendary Gems

In this, we will cover all the Normal and legendary gems along with their respective Star rating and Rank concepts. We will also cover how to find and use them because the further you progress in the game, the more holes will be available to be filled. The more sockets filled, the more you improve your build.

The gems in Diablo immortal boost your stats overall, but in the case of legendary gems, you can customize your skill set to some extent. Let’s talk about the Diablo Immortal gem tier list, starting with the Normal gems. Normal gems should go in the sockets of secondary equipment such as the ring, neck, or boots. These normal gems have a total of 6 types and are mentioned in the order of a tier list.

Normal Gem Tier List in Diablo Immortal

NoGem NameEffectCompatible Equipment Slot
1Aquamarine+ 8 ArmorFeet, Neck, Ring
2Citrine+ 8 PotencyHands, Neck, Ring
3Ruby+ 80 LifeWaist, Neck, Ring
4Sapphire+ 8 Armor PenetrationFeet, Neck, Ring
5Topaz+ 8 ResistanceHands, Neck, Ring
6Tourmaline+ 8 DamageWaist, Neck, Ring

  • Ruby: Increases Life, Very good for survivability in both PVP and PVE
  • Tourmaline: Increase your damage, ultimately resulting in higher Damage-Per-Second
  • Sapphire: Increases your armor Penetration, ignoring all the enemy’s available armor stats and boosting your critical hit chance.
  • Aquamarine: Increases your armor stats, Making you even Tankier and an undying champ.
  • Citrine: Increases your Potency stats, which prolongs the duration of harmful effects on enemies and monsters like stuns and burns
  • Topaz: Increases your resistance, which decreases the duration of debuffs on you.

The Stats of each gem increase with the scaling of rank; the higher the rank, the higher the gem stats and effects. Enough about the gem stats and effects; let’s talk about how you can get these normal gems. There is a total of 4 ways to acquire these gems, and they are as follows.

How To Acquire Normal Gems

Daily Rewards

  • Firstly through your Daily rewards. You get rewards every day in the game by defeating at least one monster, and on days 4 and 6 of daily rewards, the gaming gives you six normal gems by getting the First Kill of the Day.

Buy From the Hilts Trader

  • Secondly, you can also buy them from the Hilts Trader. The Hilts Trader sells gems for 200 hilts, and you can purchase any gems you desire. However, there is a weekly cap on how many gems you can buy every week, which is 10 in this case.

Hidden Lairs

  • You can also get Normal gems by exploring Hidden Lairs, so get exploring!

Battle Pass 

  • And lastly, the one that requires the most effort (sarcasm). You can get Normal gems by increasing your battle pass level or using the empowered battle pass.

Now with the Normal Gems they have a straightforward upgrade path, by combining same type and rank of normal gems we get a higher rank gem. With these upgrades the gems effects increases.

Those are all the normal Gems available in the game for now.

Legendary Gems

Now let’s talk about legendary gems, the ones that make a significant difference, not only on your stats but also in your wallet. They socket into your primary equipment such as chest plate and leggings. Although only one gem of the same type can be equipped at a given time. Legendary gems also differ from normal gems because they don’t focus on stat only and aren’t upgraded the way normal gems are by combining.

Legendary Gems also provide passive stats, for example they give the Resonance stat which boosts attributes of the item the gem in socketed in to. They also give a combat Rating which assists the player in both offensive and defensive upgrades. These gems also offer separate bonuses for socketing alone, such as healing on attacking enemies or reducing damage taken.

Legendary Gem’s Star Rating

Legendary gems are very confusing, and we won’t blame you for losing your head trying to figure it out; not only do the legendary gems have ranks, but they also have a star rating. They range from 1, 2, and 5, which is even odder. But basically, it serves as a means to measure the power of the gems. However, with the star count ratings, you can upgrade them. For example, if a particular gem has a specific star rating, it cannot be altered or upgraded. Lets take a star 2 gem; you can’t upgrade its star rating although you could upgrade its rank, it will always be a 2-star rating.

Star Tier and Star Rating in Legendary Gems

To further add to the confusion, the 5-star gem can be dropped as lower star variants of the same gem, for example, a legendary gem with a 5-star rating; now that gem can appear as a 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star rating. But waiting for a 5-star version of a gem is futile, considering the drop rate of those is close to none.

Legendary Gem Tier List in Diablo Immortal

Let’s talk about the Legendary Gem tier list in Diablo Immortal now. The Legendary gems are listed in their respected Star rating values starting for 1-Star rating gems:

1-Star Legendary Gems

  • Berserker’s Eye

All the damage you deal is increased by 5%, but the damage you take from enemies is also increased by 6%

  • Ca’arsen’s Invigoration

The attack speed of your Primary attack is increased by 6%

  • Chained Death

This is a scaling gem. Your damage is increased by 1.5% on one target hit with your attacks and it scales up to 4.5% from 3 enemy targets

  • Defiant Soul

You do Increased 50% base and 801 extra damage to all the enemies near you. This only happens when you block an attack and is only usable once ever 3 seconds.

  • Everlasting Torment

With this, all your critical hits apply the agony effect, doing 16.7% base damage and 202 damage every second for 3 seconds. This is only applicable once every 6 seconds on a singular enemy.

  • Freedom and Devotion

The duration of your summons is increased by 8%

  • Mocking Laughter

Your primary attacks taunt the Non-Elite monsters to attack you for 2 seconds

  • Nightmare Wreath

There is a 10% chance of you fearing enemies nearby for 1 second by killing their allies. This cannot occur more than once in 20 seconds

  • Pain of Subjugation

Enemies take 5.5% more damage if they are affected from Loss of Control.

  • Respite Stone

This is a scaling gem. You get decreased damage by 0.55% every time your life is below 10% your maximum health. This scales up to 5.5% through scaling.

  • Seled’s Weakening

You gain increased damage by 6% for 60 seconds only after you kill an Elite Monster

  • The Black Rose

You can stun and disable the enemies for 1.5 second with summoning vines which have a 10% chance to summon. It summons only if you get hit. This ability only happens one time during 12 seconds.

  • Trickshot Gem

The energy consumed through your Channeled Skills are reduced by 8%

  • Zod Stone

The Zod Stone increases the duration of your ultimate skills by 16%

All 1-star rated Gems are covered. Now moving on to the 2-Star Legendary Gems Tier List.

2-Star Legendary Gems

  • Battleguard

You take reduced damage from enemies in the nearby vicinity of 8 yards by 8%. This is only applicable on melee damage

  • Bloody Reach

This is a scaling gem. You do more damage the farther the enemy is from you, in technical terms you deal 2% more damage for every 2 yards between you and the enemy. This can stack up to 8 yards resulting in a max of 8% increase

  • Cutthroat’s Grin

If you attack the enemy from behind you do damage with an increased critical hit chance by 8%.

This is a stacking gem, if you attack an enemy he takes more damage by 0.8% and this can stack up to 10 stacks resulting in a total of 8% increased damage.

  • Follower’s Burden

Increases your damage by 1% for each summon under your control, and it caps at 6%.

  • Lightning Core

You get charged with electricity from your attacks and movement. On getting charged fully, you perform lightning chain doing 90% base damage along with 1,134 bonus damage to all enemies near you. This only works one time during 20 seconds

  • Power and Command

Power and Command is to gems in one, it rotates between the different states every 9 second. The states are as mentioned, Power and Command. Power increases attack damage by 8% while command increases all other damage by skill by 8%.

  • The Hunger

You Heal 40% of base damage along with 567 Life every time you defeat someone. This ability cannot occur more than one time every 20 seconds

  • Unity Crystal

Your entire squad along with you take reduced damage by 0.5% and it scales per party member who is within 6 yards of you

This wraps up all the 2-star legendary gems. Now moving on to the best gems in the game, 5 Star Legendary gems.

5 Star Legendary Gem List

  • Blessing of the Worthy

After taking damage, you get a 20% chance to release retribution on all enemies near you. The damage dealt is 12% of you life and this ability is only usable once every 20 seconds.

  • Blood-Soaked Jade

All you damage and movement speed increases by 8 and 10% respectively.

  • Bottled Hope

Increases the damage and movement speed by 8% for 6 seconds every time you buff yourself by using a skill. It is not possible to use this more than once every 20 second

  • Chip of Stoned Flesh

Every time you hit an enemy with Loss of control you also apply the explosive cure on them. With the duration of the curse the enemy takes 45% damage that stacks up and in the end the enemy explodes with the damage done up to 150% base damage. It is not possible to use this more than once every 20 second

You can summon a shadow clone for 8 seconds with a spawn chance of 15% through your attacks.

  • Howler’s Call

You can summon a charging spirit wolf which does 150% base and 1458 damage to all enemies in its path with a spawn chance of 10% through your primary attack. This is only usable once every 20 seconds

  • Phoenix Ashes

A defensive gem that give the player a shield for 6 seconds and also ignores damage taken up to 450% of you base damage. This ability only occurs one time during 180 second

  • Seeping Bile

You can poison enemies and do 25% damage along with 263 lingering damage every second for 6 seconds with the chance of applying the poison low at 4% through your attacks. Also if the person inflicted with poison dies it spread around the nearby enemies. This only occurs once every 20 seconds on one enemy per time.

  • Zwenson’s Haunting

You summon a dark beast which attacks all the enemies near ou doing 50% base and 486 damage. This only spawn if you defeat an enemy. You can only use this once every 6 seconds.

This Wraps up all of the Gems in the game, now we move forward to other topics.

How to get these Gems

You can acquire these gems in multiple ways, including the grind or the wallet opening technique.

Use Legendary Crests or Rare Crests on Elder Rifts

  • You can acquire them by using Crests. Both the Legendary and Rare crests usage can drop Legendary gems, but if you use a Rare crest, it increases the chances, while using a Legendary Crest guarantees a Legendary Gem drop.

Battle Pass

  • You can also get these gems from the Battle pass. Both the battle passes give gems as rewards, but the Empowered Battle Pass gives more gems.

Buy From the Market

  • You can also directly buy these gems by buying Platinum, an in-game currency. You can also buy the Legendary Crests from the shop by using Eternal orbs and then obtain the Gems.

Craft at the Apprentice Jeweler

  • And lastly, you can craft these gems at the Apprentice jeweler by using Runes. This is the Grinding part of acquiring these gems, as getting Rare Runes is very hard.

On the Topic of Farming we would recommend checking out our List of Farming Legendary Items.

Equipping these Gems

These Legendary gems are only equipable on the Primary slots.

  1. Go to your equipment screen in-game.
  2. Choose the desired piece of equipment you want to equip the gem on. The slot on that piece should be vacant, obviously to apply the gem
  3. And lastly, equip the gem you want without any hassle, as there are no consequences of removing and replacing gems from equipment.


This covers the Gem Tier List in Diablo Immortal and guides on how to acquire them. With the help of this article, you can now find the gem you want in your desired build and make a build that dominates all. If you want to check out more of the Diablo Immortal Content from us, we would recommend checking out The Best PVP Class in Diablo Immortal or The Level Cap in Diablo Immortal.

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