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Diablo Immortal: All Hidden Caps & Rewards

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Diablo Immortal is an uprising RPG that has managed to garner a huge fanbase behind it. Like any other game, leveling up is essential, so you need to use every shortcut. However, you also need to be aware of the limitations. This Diablo Immortal Hidden Caps guide will help you realize those limits.

Diablo Immortal hit the stores in 2022 and is on its way to cementing itself as an exhilarating game on the block. Its story lies between Diablo II and Diablo III, and just like its predecessors, it follows the same mechanics. This game allows the Diablo fanbase to once again head into action and feel nostalgic as they cut through the monsters.

Diablo Immortal has a great character-building system that allows players to select their class and faction. However, due to Diablo Immortal Hidden Caps, leveling up isn’t as straightforward as it seems. If you want to level up fast, you will need this guide to ensure you know your limits.

What Are Hidden Caps In Diablo Immortal?

Being a free-to-play game, it isn’t unordinary to expect in-game transactions. However, most games like Diablo Immortal tend to make money from the in-game cosmetic transactions and sales, which don’t affect the game too much and are there for the sake of fashion. Even if these bought items interfere with the game, they don’t hinder the progress of other players. Unlike this, Diablo Immortal has made it so that casual gamers can’t really level up too fast due to their restrictions.

The game has recently received criticism for its pay-to-win system by having a hefty price, $110k to be exact, to upgrade characters. The game has set limits on how much players can farm without spending money in the game. No matter how much you grind the game, there is a limited number of drops and items for you to gather.

Early on, players took these Caps as a part of the standard progress rules; however, it soon became apparent that this was intentional. These caps are not mentioned explicitly but are present in the game, making them hidden from the players. What’s more bizarre is the fact that players that have invested money in this game don’t face any limiters of this kind. This has caused a severe backlash from the community and players leaving the game.

These Caps make Diablo Immortal pay-to-win while causal players are stuck wondering why they can’t level up any further. Therefore, this Diablo Immortal Hidden Caps guide ensures that you know these limiters during your gameplay. The details of these hidden caps are mentioned below.

Diablo Immortal Hidden Caps

Paragon Level and Limitations

The Paragon server has an XP limiting mechanism that allows the progression of players to even out. The server receives two levels daily and then grants you an XP Buff or Nerf, depending on your level. If your level is below the server level, you will receive a buff so you can catch up to players and vice versa.

Via: EchoHack

Such a mechanic seems like a good decision from the developers to ensure that nobody is too fed. However, as we move on, we realize that this mechanic is also tied to various other progression methods making it very hard to level up.

Blacksmith System Hidden Cap

The blacksmith system allows casual players to level up their gear. This motivates players to grind for the best equipment they can possibly wield. But such grind has shown to be wasted due to the limiters on gear upgrades from level 6 onwards.

Image showing Diablo Immortal Upgrade equipment paragon level cap
Via: EchoHack

To make your gear Level 7, you need to fulfill the requirement of having paragon level 20; for level 8, it is paragon level 30. So, tying it with our previous Paragon XP mechanic, it will take ages to level up your gear if the server level is lower than the paragon level you desire. The endless nerfs you will receive daily would render your grind useless.

Equipping gear Restriction

Like the previous cap for the blacksmith, this cap is also tied to the Paragon Level. The paragon-level progression is already minimal, and on top, it is even used as a restriction for equipping gear. For players that have grinded the game for hours and have managed to even get lucky on drops and still not being able to wear the best gear is highly concerning.

This paragon level restriction is an addition to an already character level requirement. This can make players de-motivated and even unwilling to continue further.

Library of Zoltun Kulle Hidden Attempt Cap

image showing Diablo Immortal Library of Zoltan Kulle

The Library of Zoltan event can be attempted as soon as you reach level 60. The aim of this event is for you to find five lost pages. Finding them is no easy task, so be on the lookout for our upcoming guide on it. The five pages, once found, form a Tome that teleports you to hidden chambers.

Moreover, these hidden chambers contain monsters for you to defeat. The reward for clearing these is yellow materials. Now, these hidden chambers have a specific spawn cap. They can only spawn five times during the day. This means no matter how often you attempt his event; you can only get up to 15 Tomes daily.

Dungeons Drop Limitations

In Diablo Immortal’s world, numerous dungeons are hidden and scattered throughout the map. These dungeons reward you with a gem for every activity completed inside the dungeon. These dungeons that are already hard to find also limit the number of gems awarded.

The highest number of gems you can get is 6. After two hidden layers, the dungeons are rendered useless no matter how much you grind; you won’t be able to gain anything. 

Shadow Progression Hidden Cap

One of the game’s most memorable events is the Shadow vs. Immortal Battle during the Rite of Exile. However, joining the Shadow Faction is a tedious process, for which you can check our guide.

Image showing Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile
Diablo Immortal Rite of Exile

Now to progress forward in the shadow faction, you need marks. These marks play a crucial role in you being able to overthrow the immortals later on. However, there is a very hefty limiter on the marks you can earn in a day, being only a mere 10 thousand.

Furthermore, this cap limit isn’t the only bad part. There is an even worse mechanic for calculating your progression, given the number of marks you collected. The progression is increased by 1 for every ten marks you get. Meaning 10 thousand marks will only help you progress forward by 1000 points.

To ensure you don’t get behind everyone else, make sure to get your marks daily as you have no other way of catching up. Even if you get more than 10 thousand marks, the marks above the limit will be abstained and not acknowledged.

Legendary Items & Gems Hidden Cap

Legendary items are potent in Diablo Immortal and are necessary for you to beat the end-level monsters. However, if you try to farm these items, you will meet with the wall known as the cap limit.

The legendary items’ drop rate continues to fall after the first six items. This is why knowing which items you want and where to find them is essential. Check out our Diablo Immortal All Set Drop Locations guide.

Farming a legendary item after your sixth item is a fool’s errand unless you feel very lucky. Therefore, make sure you realize that the drop rate of the item you are looking for isn’t already limited.

Likewise, Gem drops are also bound by the same restriction. If you are playing in a party of 4, the chance of you getting gems will be increased. However, that is only true for the first six gems, as their drop rate continues to decline afterward. These caps are an integral part of your raids, so ensure that you keep these in mind.

Hidden Caps on Quests

Among the hordes of hidden caps, Quests are likely to be one of them. Even the designed progression system of the game limits the players making the players lose hope. Here are some of them!

Daily Beastiary

Slaying Monsters in Diablo Immortal gives you monster essence. You can trade this monster essence for a new bestiary page. however, there is a limitation on both. You can only have 10 monster essence on you at one time. Once you have 10 monster essence, it stops dropping. Likewise, you can only trade up to three bestiary pages daily. If you have gotten all three pages for the day, you have two choices.

You can trade the essence and win a random prize or you can hoard it and save it for the next day. If you wish to trade it, there is a 30% chance that you might get a duplicate of the bestiary page you currently have. Furthermore, after 60 pages there is a highly likely chance of you getting three duplicate pages in succession. If you turn in the essence, there is a chance of you getting three legendary items. However, the chance of that is very slim so only do it if you are feeling dangerous.

Side Quests

Side Quests are essential for collecting enchanted dust. Enchanted dust is necessary if you wish to upgrade your gear at the blacksmith. This restriction is on top of the Blacksmith upgrade restriction we discussed previously. You can only attempt the side quests five times each day.

Even if you complete the quests countless times afterward, it won’t give you any rewards. The only way to reset this limit is to wait for the next day.

Pop-up Quests

Like the Side quests, these pop-up quests are separated from the main story and pop up randomly. Once you complete these, they reward you with yellow material. Sadly, we can’t have good things for free, so the reward for these pop-up quests is also limited to 5 daily. After that, don’t even bother doing these quests as they are a complete waste of time.

Quests with Purple Boss

Diablo Immortal has an intriguing world for you to explore and monsters for you to fight. Among them is the Purple Boss, which you can run into while exploring. Slaying these monsters grants you three yellow materials, but there is a catch. You won’t get any reward after your third quest. You can kill the monsters afterward for XP but forget about any drops.

Community Response

These caps have left the entire Diablo Immortal Community disheartened and disappointed in the dame. Moreover, the developers of the fame have yet to answer back to the community, and it seems they had no intention to as these caps were left hidden. Many RPG YouTubers who have spoken about this issue, such as Echohack, are still yet to hear a response. This is why it is necessary to raise awareness about this and is the motivation for this Diablo Immortal Hidden Caps guide so that players are more informed.

This concludes our Diablo Immortal Hidden Caps guide. If you are playing through the game, let us know below which cap you think is the most annoying and what needs to be done.

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