Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum [Explained]

Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum
Iben Fahd's Sanctum in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is the newest entry in the legendary RPG Diablo series. Like the other games, it is filled to the brim with content, boasting numerous weapons, gear, characters and zones. One of those zones is the Iben Fahd Sanctum.

Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum is a fairly late game zone that can be completed every day to farm resources. Not only that, it also has great importance within the lore, as it was the main residence of the Brotherhood of the Horadrim.

Key Points

  • Iben Fahd Sanctum is an important zone in Diablo Immortal, where players can farm resources daily and it has a significant role in the game’s lore.
  • The Legacy of the Horadrim Quest is a Westmarch questline that unlocks at level 49 and involves various tasks, including exploring the Sanctum of Iben Fahd and finding the Legacy Shrine.
  • There are nine different vessels in the Legacy Shrine, each providing the player with a unique buff that can be upgraded by clearing the Aspirants’ Grounds and gathering Culling Stones.
  • Each vessel requires a specific task to obtain. Cathan’s Piety requires defeating Lord Martanos on Hell 1 difficulty. Guilt of the Nameless requires collecting five lost pages and creating a portal tome to defeat the Sandstone Golem. Iben Fahd’s Tenacity requires opening treasure chests in the Legacy of the Horadrim room with a 1% chance of dropping the vessel.
  • Jered Cain’s Vision is obtainable after finishing the main quest and defeating Skarn. Nilfur’s Precision requires defeating the Ancient Nightmare on Hell 1 between 8 AM to 12 PM. Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge requires defeating the Blood Rose on Hell 1 in the Fetid Swamp. Tal Rasha’s Authority requires defeating Lassal the Flame-spun boss on any difficulty. Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity requires defeating the Hydra on Hell 1 difficulty and collecting five lost pages from the Library of Zoltun Kulle to create a Portal Tome.
  • These vessels provide significant buffs to the player’s potency, resistance, damage, health, armor, and armor penetration.

Who Are The Brotherhood of the Horadrim?

Diablo Immortal Brotherhood of the Horadrim Symbol
The symbol of the Brotherhood of the Horadrim

The Sanctum was constructed by the Brotherhood of the Horadrim, also known as “the Order”. The Order were an ancient group of magicians led by archangel Tyrael against the Prime Evils. Their guiding principle was to uphold justice.

Nearly three hundred years ago, it came to be known that the three Prime Evils of the Burning Hells had mysteriously come to our world. The Three Brothers ravaged the lands of the East for decades, while humanity was left trembling in their wake. Our order – The Horadrim – was founded by a group of secretive Magi to hunt down and capture the three Evils once and for all.” – Tale of the Horadrim

During the Hunt for the Three, the strongest of the Horadrim transferred their essence into vessels, preserving their knowledge and magic for the next generation. Essence is a resource in Diablo Immortal. Lore-wise, it is essentially the matter of energy that gives creatures and humans life.

A portal was constructed under what would eventually be Westmarch, and this portal led to the Sanctum. Within this Sanctum was the place where the Horadrim would train.

In the year 1270, which is the year Diablo Immortal is set, the Memory of Iben Fahd leads the protagonist to the Sanctum, believing them worthy of the legacy of Horadrim.

Who Is Iben Fahd?

diablo immortal iben fahd
Iben Fahd

I am but a memory preserved. Once, I helped found the Horadrim at the demands of the Archangel Tyrael. We slew some of the greatest evils on Sanctuary…but we could not conquer death. The Order, too, has gone. You hold a…remedy, of a kind. The vessel you carry is meant to pass our greatest traits to future Horadrim. Only those worthy to take up the fight will discover one. I bring you to hear the teachings of the Order in our own words, that you may use the vessels well. Should you survive, it will be your charge to recover the others…and make our power your own.

Iben Fahd was one of the members of the original Horadrim. He joined the assault on the Archives of Zoltun Kulle after the events of the Hunt for the Three, and hid Zoltun Kulle’s head and blood. Fahd hid them in various places, in the hope that the deceased wizard’s powers may never be utilized for evil.

Iben Fahd’s memory, essentially his ghost, meets the player and is the main quest giver for the Legacy of the Horadrim quest.

What Is the Legacy of the Horadrim Quest?

The Legacy of the Horadrim Quest is a Westmarch questline. It is only unlocked after the player reaches level 49. Once the player clears level 10 of the Challenge rift, the player acquires the Caldesann’s Compassion Vessel, along with the Legacy of the Horadrim Quest.

The objectives of the quest are as follows:

  • Listen to the Mysterious Voice
  • Find the Voice in Westmarch
  • Inspect the Fountain
  • Follow the Memory of Iben Fahd
  • Descend into the Sanctum
  • Talk with the memory of Iben Fahd
  • Enter the gate to Iben Fahd’s Sanctum
  • Explore the Sanctum of Iben Fahd
  • Find the Legacy Shrine
  • Place a vessel at the Legacy Shrine
  • Enter the Sanctum Depths
  • Reach the Aspirants’ Grounds

Once the player loots Caldesann’s Compassion, they must go to the Westmarch. There, the Memory of Iben Fahd will lead them to an interactable statue. Interacting with the statue opens a pathway that leads the player to Iben Fahd’s ghost.

The player must then talk with the specter of Iben Fahd. This will open the portal to Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum. The player is now free to explore the Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum.

The player finds a shrine shortly after entering the portal. This shrine is known as the Legacy Shrine. Therefore, the player can place the Vessels they find to apply buffs to their character.

There are 9 different vessels, with each vessel giving the player a unique buff. As a result, it is extremely beneficial to go through the effort of finding these vessels. The player can also upgrade these vessels by clearing the Aspirants’ Grounds and gathering Culling Stones. These stones are imbued with Horadric essence, and can be used to upgrade the vessels, increasing the bonuses gained from them.

Moreover, each treasure chest the player opens has the same chance of dropping each Culling Stone. Furthermore, each type of Culling Stone has a 33% chance to drop with a 1% chance of obtaining Iben Fahd’s Tenacity. The number of Aspirant’s Keys required to open a treasure chest increases with each chest the player opens. This, however, is offset by the fact that the number of Culling Stones the player receives from each chest also increases. Lastly, there is a 5% chance of obtaining a bonus amount of Culling Stones when opening chests in the later rooms.

What Are the Vessels of the Horadrim?

There are a total of 9 Vessels that the player can find. Their breakdown is as follows:

Caldesan’s Compassion

Diablo Immortal Caldessan's Companion
Caldessan’s Companion

This vessel is the first vessel obtained by the player. The player is rewarded with it for completing Level 10 of the Challenge Rift. This vessel permanently increases the player’s Armor and Armor penetration, and works best with tank-oriented classes.

Cathan’s Piety

Diablo Immortal Cathan's Piety

Cathan’s Piety increases the players Potency and Resistance. Potency is an attribute that affects things such as the duration of stuns, the effectiveness of debuffs and so on. As a result, this vessel has the most synergy with mage-oriented classes like the monk, that rely on spells to whittle down the opponent’s health.

Obtaining Cathan’s Piety requires the player to defeat Lord Martanos on the Hell 1 difficulty setting. He can be found in the northwest of Mount Zivain, inside the Zakaraum Graveyard.

diablo immortal guilt of the nameless


Guilt of the Nameless buffs the player’s resistance significantly, allowing them to tank much more damage than before. This vessel is particularly important for tank-based characters, as it allows them to tank even more health than before and draw fire towards themselves, leaving their teammates free to deal damage.

Moreover, even more fragile characters can make use of this vessel to increase their survivability and keep them in the fight for longer.

To unlock the Guilt of the Nameless Vessel, the player must defeat the Sandstone Golem. The Sandstone Golem can be found in the Library of Zoltun Kulle, in the Hidden Alcove. Summoning the Sandstone Golem requires the collection of Lost Pages.

Once the player collects 5 Lost pages, they can create a Portal Tome. The Portal Tome allows the player to see and go to otherwise inaccessible areas in the Library. The player will use the Portal Tome on an altar at the above area, until the Golem is summoned.

Iben Fahd’s Tenacity

diablo immortal iben fahds tenacity
Iben Fahd’s Tenacity

One of the more powerful vessels, Iben Fahd’s Tenacity increases both the damage and health of the player. This vessel works great with high DPS characters like the Demon Hunter, as the increased survivability and damage output plays very well with their playstyle.

Iben Fahd’s Tenacity can be found in the Legacy of the Horadrim room. The player must first complete a daily dungeon run of Iben Fahd’s Sanctum. Doing so allows the player to reach an area with treasure chests that can be unlocked with Sanctum Keys.

Opening these chests has a 1% chance of dropping Iben Fahd’s Tenacity. Clearly this is a very rare drop, however this is balanced by just how powerful this Vessel can be.

Jered Cain’s Vision

diablo immortal jered cains vision
Jered Cain’s Vision

For the pure survivalist, Jered Cain’s Vision buffs the players armor significantly. This vessel works best for the player wishing to have the strongest defence.

Jered Cain’s Vision is only obtainable after finishing the main quest and defeating Skarn. This vessel unlocks automatically after the player reaches level 60.

Nilfur’s Precision

diablo immortal nilfurs precision
Nilfur’s Precision

Tired of Bosses shrugging off your most damaging attacks? Nilfur’s Precision might just be the vessel for you. This vessel immensely upgrades the player’s armor penetration, making it perfect against bosses such as Skarn that have huge HP pools.

Nilfur’s Precision is unlockable after the player defeats the Ancient Nightmare. The Ancient Nightmare is a boss that spawns on the difficulty setting Hell 1 only. He does not spawn on normal difficulty.

To find the Ancient Nightmare, the player must journey to Mount Zivain between the hours of 8AM and 12PM. Every two hours, the quest will activate. Therefore the player should follow the quest marker to the fight. After defeating the Ancient Nightmare, the player can obtain Nilfur’s Precision.

Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge

diablo immortal nor tirajs knowledge
Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge

Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge grants a huge HP boost to the player. As one would expect, this vessel works excellently with tanks. But it is also important to consider its benefit to more squishy characters like the monk, who can now survive hits they otherwise would have to dodge.

Similar to Nilfur’s Precision, Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge requires the player to defeat a boss on a higher difficulty setting. To obtain this vessel, the player must defeat the Blood Rose on the Hell 1 difficulty.

The player will have to journey to the Dark Forest and use the Blood Rose Waypoint in the Fetid Swamp. This leads the player to a dungeon room in a cave of blood southwest on the map. It is here that the Blood Rose spawns. Defeating the Blood Rose unlocks the Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge vessel for the player to use.

Tal Rasha’s Authority

diablo immortal tal rashas authority
Tal Rasha’s Authority

Somewhat weak compared to the other vessels, Tal Rasha’s Authority provides a small boost to the players damage. However, every little bit helps, and the player will not mind the increased DPS.

To obtain the Tal Rasha’s Authority, the player must defeat Lassal the Flame-spun boss. Unlike the previous two bosses, this boss can be defeated on any difficulty, and doing so will allow the player to get the vessel. Lassal the Flame-spun is a raid boss found in the Helliquary. 

Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity

diablo immortal zoltun kulles ingenuity
Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity

For the pure mage, this vessel provides a massive boost to potency, significantly increasing the power of spells and stuns. This vessel works excellently with support-oriented classes.

The last vessel on the list, Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity requires the player to defeat the Hydra on the Hell 1 difficulty setting. Similar to the Guild of the Nameless, this vessel requires the player to journey to the Library of Zoltun Kulle and collect 5 Lost pages.

Using the pages to create a Portal Tome, the player must use this Tome at the altar to summon the boss. Defeating the boss will unlock Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity to be used by the player.

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