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What is Diablo Immortal Legacy of Horadrim

In Diablo Immortal, you will always find enemies bosses that are very powerful. Therefore, it would be recommended to upgrade your character constantly. These enemies will always be ready to kill you, and likely no one wants to die.

There are many ways of upgrading the character that requires you to purchase through real money. If you are more prone towards leveling up slow manner, you can opt to level Legacy of Horadrim.

In Diablo, Immortal Legacy of Horadrim is a secondary attribute system that can be used to upgrade your character in order to make it robust. As a result, you can level up fast in Diablo Immortal.

Key Takeaways

  • Legacy of Horadrim is a secondary attribute system that helps in upgrading the character and leveling up fast in Diablo Immortal.
  • Legacy of Horadrim can be unlocked after reaching level 49 and completing Challenger Rift 10 levels.
  • After completing Challenger Rift, players will receive Caldensann’s Compassion which is the first vessel of Legacy of Horadrim.
  • Players need to visit the fountain in Westmarch and talk to NPC Fellig to inspect the memory and begin their journey to explore the Sanctum of Iben Fahd.
  • In the Sanctum, players need to find the Legacy Shrine to use Horadrim vessels and open the Legacy of Horadrim User Interface, which has 9 slots for different vessels.
  • Vessels provide permanent stat upgrades that can be further upgraded using three currencies called Culling Stones (Sapphire, Garnet, and Beryl). To use Caldensann’s Compassion vessel, place it in one of the slots and Click “Place Vessel.”
  • Aspirant Keys are essential for opening the treasure chests located in the Shrine that reward players with Culling Stones. Each chest requires a different amount of keys to open it up.
  • There are 9 different vessels in Legacy of Horadrim, each with its own attribute bonuses and a specific location to find them.
  • Enhancing character stats through Legacy of Horadrim gives extra XP and makes the character more powerful, allowing players to defeat bosses that were previously unbeatable.

How to Unlock Legacy of Horadrim

There are various steps to unlock the Legacy of Horadrim in Diablo Immortal. First, you will need to reach level 49 in order to be able to unlock Legacy of Horadrim. During the initial phase of the game, you will be able to level up fast, facing the enemies and bosses that possess lower threats compared to enemies and bosses of higher levels.

Subsequently, once you reach level 49, character grooming and upgrade are essential as it is pretty hard to level from that point. The developers of Diablo Immortal knew the significance of limiting Legacy of Horadrim to only level 49 and onwards levels, as it would be significantly less effective for players at initial levels.

 Subsequently, once you reach level 49, you will need to complete Challenger Rift 10 levels. Challengers’ rift enemies can be defeated solely, or you can invite a team to your party. It is preferred by most of the players to complete Challenger Rift challenges while playing in a party since these challenges are time-consuming.

But with much effort and determination, you can efficiently complete these challenges. You will be rewarded with Caldensann’s Compassion by completing Challenger Rift challenges. This reward will be your first vessel of Legacy of Horadrim.

After the completion of the challenge, you will return to Westmarch and visit the fountain to have a conversation with NPC fellig. After the conversation, you will be given the objective of inspecting the fountain. Upon inspecting the memory, you will have another conversation with the Memory of Iben Fahd.

Transcript of Conversation between Character and Memory of Iben Fahd
You have performed well to carry our legacy this far. Do not be alarmed. Only you can hear my voice. Follow its sounds. I was called Iben Fahd. I give you a gift that will advantage you in your war with the Fiends.

I am but a memory preserved. Once, I helped found the Horadrim at the demands of the Archangel Tyrael. We slew some of the greatest evils on Sanctuary… but we could not conquer death. The Order, too, has gone. You hold a… remedy, of a kind. The vessel you carry is meant to pass our greatest traits to future Horadrim. Only those worthy to take up the fight will discover one. I bring you to hear the teachings of the Order in our own words, that you may use the vessels well. Should you survive, it will be your charge to recover the others… and make our power your own.

After the talk, you will give an objective to follow the memory of Iben Fahd. It will be a yellow orb leading away to the north of the fountain. This task is not as challenging as completing the Challenger Rift challenges you just have to follow the memory to Iben Fahd Sanctum.

When you reach the Iben Fahd Sanctum, click on the statue to descend into the Sanctum. Once you descend into Iben Fahd Sanctum, you will have another talk in which some important things will be said to you by Iben Fahd. Moreover, you will be given another objective, “to Explore the Sanctum of Iben Fahd and Find the Legacy Shrine”.

This Shrine will let you use Horadrim vessels. Consequently, the Caldensann’s Compassion vessel that was rewarded earlier after completing Challenger Rift challenges will be used here just to give you a tutorial on how the vessels will work. Click on the Shrine, which will open Legacy of Horadrim User Interface. You will see there are 9 slots for different vessels.

How the Vessels Work

Once you have unlocked the Legacy of Horadrim, you will be able to farm 9 vessels. To acquire these vessels, you will have to defeat different bosses in the upcoming levels and quests. Subsequently, vessels will give you permanent stat that can be upgraded.

To upgrade any stat, you will have to collect three currencies used in the Sanctum Sapphire, Garnet, and Beryl. They are also called Culling Stones as a whole. To use Caldensann’s Compassion vessel, place it in one of the slots and Click “Place Vessel”.

The shrine of Legacy of Horadrim where you can place vessels.

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests are located at the end of the Shrine. There are 4 rooms currently in which treasure chests are located. Each room has 4 different treasure chests. These treasure chests can be opened with Aspirant Keys.

Subsequently, each chest requires a different amount of keys to open it up. Therefore, aspirant keys are essential, and you can get Aspirant Keys by killing enraged phantoms and nephalem warriors in Aspirants’ Grounds.

Treasure chests contain Sapphire, Garnet, and Beryl in a random amount. Why are these chests important? Because they reward you with the currency that is required for upgrading your Legacy of Horadrim vessels. Consequently, if you do not have Aspirant keys, you can open the treasure chests at the cost of 400 platinum each.

Following are the details of Treasure of Room 1-4 with the required amount of Aspirant Keys.

Room 1

Chest Number Keys Required to Open Chest
1 Free
2 1
3 2
4 3
5 4

Room 2

1 10
2 12
3 14
4 16
5 18

Room 3

1 20
2 22
3 24
4 26
5 28

Room 4

1 30
2 32
3 34
4 36
5 38

Vessels of Legacy of Horadrim

There are 9 different vessels and 9 different slots for each vessel. These vessels work because your farm bosses will reward you with vessels. Once you place the vessel in Iben Fahd Sanctum and upgrade, it will be activated.

Once activated, it will boost your character giving you bonus gains and increased combat ratings. Following are different vessels with their attribute bonuses and a brief description of where you can find them.

Vessels of Legacy of Horadrim Attribute Bonuses Location
Caldesann’s Compassion +9 Armor
+9 Armor Penetration
Complete Challenger Rift 10 challenges
Cathan’s Piety +9 Potency
+9 Resistance
Defeat Lord Martanos in Mount Zavian (Hell 1)
Guilt of the Nameless +18 Resistance Defeat Sandstorm Golem in Library of Zultun Kulle (Hell 1)
Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge +40 Life Defeat Blood Rose in Dark Wood (Hell 1)
Iben Fahd’s Tenacity +2 Damage
+20 Life
It will be found in one of the treasure chests.
Jared Cain’s Vision +18 Armor Defeat Skarn in Deckard
Tal Rasha’s Authority +4 Damage Defeat Lassal the Flame Spun
Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity +18 Potency Defeat Fleshcraft Hydra in Library of Zoltun Kulle
Nilfur’s Precision +18 Armor Penetration Defeat Ancient Nightmare in Mount Zavain Zone Event


Diablo Immortal Legacy of Horadrim is a type of quest or program in Diablo Immortal that enhances the user’s character. At higher levels, players face a difficult time leveling up. XP earned is significant; however not enough for the player to level up.

Enhancing character stats will also give extra XP when you open treasure chests and kill enemies while farming Aspirant keys. Moreover, Legacy of Horadrim also helps in a way your character is now more powerful than before. You can defeat bosses that you previously could not.

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