Diablo Immortal Legendary Items List & Farming

Diablo Immortal is the latest game in the Diablo series and is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online action role-playing game. Being a loot-em-up style game, one of the core gameplay elements of Diablo Immortal revolves around finding increasingly powerful weapons, items and gear, and the most powerful items in the game are the fabled Legendary Items.

Main Points

  • Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal can significantly boost a character’s combat rating & enhance a character’s skills with unique buffs. Every single legendary item contains some sort of magic effect along with a few attributes & is guaranteed to have a Legendary effect.
  • Almost every interaction with the game world has a chance of dropping a Legendary Item, with killing monsters being the most effective way to get them due to the sheer number of monsters killed in quests.
  • Two effective ways to farm Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal include using the Codex to complete certain dungeons marked with a higher chance of dropping Legendary Items & completing the main quests and grinding to Level 60 then selecting the difficulty “Hell 2”.
  • Although there exists no way to directly obtain Legendary Items, it is possible to increase the chances of obtaining them by purchasing Legendary Crests & subscribing to the Battle Pass. Purchasing Legendary Crests can increase the chances of obtaining Legendary items in Elder Rift events.
  • Finding Legendary Set items are comparatively much easier than finding Legendary items, & are somewhat guaranteed if enough time & effort are spent acquiring them from specific locations.
  • Feasting Baron’s Pack, Issatar, Shepherd’s Call to Wolves, Untouchable Mounteback, Vithu’s Urges, War Rags of Shal’baas, & Windloft Perfection Set are some Legendary Sets available in Diablo Immortal.
  • Diablo Immortal has a full list of legendary items for six different classes: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Monk, & Wizard.
  • Legendary Items are sorted according to each of the 6 classes (Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Monk, & Wizard). Each class has unique legendary items for the main hand, off-hand, head, chest, shoulders, & legs.
  • The Barbarian’s legendary main-hand items include Ragecaller, Rending Bite, Sellena’s Iron, Stonefall, Svot’s Reach, The Maddening, & The Tempest. The Barbarian’s legendary off-hand items include Broken Soul, Fearhammer, Flesh SPlitter, Obin’s many Fingers, Razorgrip, The Remembered, & Virulent Fist.
  • The Monk’s legendary main-hand items include Dragon’s Indignation, Fires of Peace, Ice upon the Blossum, Intervening Law, Rod of Echos, Spirit’s Reach, & Unshakable Weight. The Monk’s legendary off-hand items include Eye of the Storm, Power of Undulation, Reaching Rebuke, Respite’s Sigh, Roar of the Eea, Scolding Storm, & Spoke of the Wheel.
  • The Wizard’s legendary main-hand items include Devastation, Electrospike, Entropic Edge, Force of Harakas, Maelstrom Orb, Negation Blade, & Windshaper. The Wizard’s legendary off-hand items include Azkalor’s Fire, Devouring Void, Heart of the Storm, Icon of Synchronicity, The Siphon, Unrepentant Gale, & Winter’s Eye.
  • The Crusader’s legendary main-hand items include Air Splitter, Closing-Jaws, Karawan’s Catch, Little Lance, Longpalm, Proof From on High, & Tumult. The Crusader’s legendary off-hand items include Bonebearer, Bowyer’s Remorse, Constant Scrutiny, Pavise of Ten Wings, Pouncing Shield, & Zaynula’s Last Hymn.
  • The Demon Hunter has several legendary items for each equipment slot, including main-hand weapons, off-hand weapons, headgear, chest armor, shoulder armor, & leg armor. The most powerful Demon Hunter legendary items include Watcher’s Salvation, Boundless Ingenuity, & Coff’s Unrelenting Fury.
  • The Necromancer also has several legendary items for each equipment slot, including main-hand weapons, off-hand weapons, headgear, chest armor, shoulder armor, & leg armor. Some of the most powerful Necromancer legendary items include Accounting for Weakness, Hideous Dawning, & Graven Bulwark.

How To Get Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal

Almost every interaction with the game world has a chance of dropping a Legendary Item, albeit with some activities having a greater chance than others. Here are all activities confirmed to have a chance of dropping Legendary Items:

  • Killing Monsters and Rare Monsters
  • Killing Raid bosses
  • Killing Dungeon bosses
  • Achieving Rank 10 on the Battle Pass
  • Reward for completing Kion’s Ordeal
  • Opening Treasure Chests
  • PvP Faction Rewards
  • Rite of Exile Rewards
  • The Vault Rewards
  • Kill of the Day reward
  • Challenge Rift Level rewards
  • Hilts Trader
  • Seasonal events
  • Elder Rift completion

Despite the fact that most of these activities have a very low chance of dropping Legendary Items, players will find that killing Monsters seems to be the most effective way to get them due to the sheer number of Monsters they will kill in their quests in Diablo Immortal.

Farming Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal

Thus far, there are two effective ways to farm Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal. The first method involves using the Codex. In the Codex, there will be certain dungeons marked that have a higher chance of dropping Legendary Items,  and completing these specific dungeons will make it more likely to find Legendary Items. The second strategy is more difficult but also more rewarding. First, you must complete the main quests and grind your way to Level 60.

Then, head to Westmarch open the world map, clicking on the skull icon. Once that is done, select the difficulty “Hell 2”. What this does is make the game more difficult; enemies hit harder and have more health, and more dangerous varieties of monsters spawn frequently.

The benefit, however, is that more experience points can be gained from these enemies, and there is a higher chance for Legendary Items to drop from monsters and bosses killed. Moreover, this can be used in tandem with the dungeon-clearing strategy; clearing dungeons on a higher difficulty will result in much higher chances of obtaining a Legendary Item.

Purchasing Legendary Items in-game

Although currently there exists no way to directly obtain Legendary Items, it is possible to increase the chances of obtaining them. In Diablo Immortal, purchasing Legendary Crests allows for a greater chance of acquiring Legendary Items in Elder Rift events. Each Elder Rift is essentially a randomly generated dungeon with infinitely spawning monsters.

Upon defeating a certain number, a Rift Guardian boss spawns, and defeating it completes the Rift Guardian. By default completing Elder Rifts do not reward Legendary Items, however, by purchasing Legendary Crests, there is a chance of dropping these Legendary Items.

Moreover, subscribing to the Battle Pass allows the player to earn more in-game currency and to obtain more of both Legendary Crests and Legendary Items.

Finding Legendary Sets

Although finding Legendary items is exceptionally rare, finding Legendary Set items are comparatively much easier, and also somewhat guaranteed; with enough time and effort, these items are likely to be acquired from these locations. The Set items and their locations are as follows:

Feasting Baron’s Pack 

  • The Turnkey (ring) – Tomb of Fahir, Hell +4
  • The Mailed Fist (gloves) – Kikuras Rapids, Hell +2
  • The Tyrant (boots) – Cavern of Echoes, Hell +1
  • The Subjugator (amulet) – Destruction’s End, Hell +2
  • The Prisoner (ring) – Forgotten Tower, Hell +4
  • The Goaler (belt) – Temple of Namari, Hell +1


  • Issatar the Brute (boots) – Destruction’s End, Hell +1
  • Issatar’s Open Hand (gloves) – Forgotten Tower, Hell +2
  • Issatar’s Undone (ring) – Cavern of Echoes, Hell +4
  • Issatar at Rest (amulet) – Mad King’s Breach, Hell +2
  • Issatar Contained (belt) – Tomb of Fahir, Hell +1
  • Issatar Enraged (ring) – Pit of Anguish, Hell +4

Shepherd’s Call To Wolves 

  • Shepherd and Architech (amulet) – Tomb of Fahir, Hell +2
  • Shepherd and Mother (ring) – Mad King’s Breach, Hell +4
  • Shepherd and Father (ring) – Forgotten Tower, Hell +4
  • Shepherd and Beastmaster (gloves) – Destruction’s End, Hell +2
  • Shepherd and Begetter (belt) – Kikuras Rapids, Hell +1
  • Shepherd and Leader (boots) – Temple of Namari, Hell +1

Untouchable Mounteback

  • Mountebank’s Flurish (amulet) – Cavern of Echoes, Hell +2
  • Mountebank’s Misdirection (ring) – Temple of Namari, Hell +4
  • Mountebank’s Marvel (ring) – Kikuras Rapids, Hell +4
  • Mountebank’s Shirking (gloves) – Pit of Anguish, Hell +2
  • Mountebank’s Bravado (belt) – Mad King’s Breach, Hell +1
  • Mountebank’s Slyness (boots) – Forgotten Tower, Hell +11

Vithu’s Urges

  • Awakener’s Urge (amulet) – Kikuras Rapids, Hell +2
  • Shameless Urge (ring) – Tomb of Fahir, Hell +4
  • Modest Urge (ring) – Destruction’s End, Hell +4
  • Luminary’s Urge (gloves) – Temple of Namari, Hell +2
  • Exemplar’s Urge (belt) – Cavern of Echoes, Hell +1
  • Beacon’s Urge (boots) – Pit of Anguish, Hell +1

War Rags of Shal’baas

  • Burning Heart of Shal’baas (amulet) – Pit of Anguish, Hell +2
  • Resting Fangs of Shal’baas (ring) – Temple of Namari, Hell +4
  • Braided Serpent of Shal’baas (ring) – Cavern of Echoes, Hell +4
  • Dozen Strikes of Shal’baas (gloves) – Mad King’s Breach, Hell +2
  • Strom-Tack of Shal’baas (belt) – Forgotten Tower, Hell +1
  • Wind-trods of Shal’baas (boots) – Tomb of Fahir, Hell +1

Windloft Perfection Set

  • Windsom’s Edge (amulet) – Forgotten Tower, Hell +2
  • Fairfleet (ring) – Mad King’s Breach, Hell +4
  • Foulfleet (ring) – Pit of Anguish, Hell +4
  • Hurtling Steel (gloves) – Tomb of Fahir, Hell +2
  • Whipcrack (belt) – Destruction’s End, Hell +1
  • Stump-Stir (boots) – Kikuras Rapids, Hell +1

List of Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, Legendary Items are sorted according to each of the 6 classes (Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Monk and Wizard). The full list of Legendary Items In Diablo Immortal is as follows:




  • Ragecaller
  • Rending Bite
  • Sellena’s Iron
  • Stonefall
  • Svot’s Reach
  • The Maddening
  • The Tempest


  • Broken Soul
  • Fearhammer
  • Flesh SPlitter
  • Obin’s many Fingers
  • Razorgrip
  • The Remembered
  • Virulent Fist


  • Battlemaster’s Helm
  • Beserker’s Sanity
  • Bestial Threat
  • Lasting Hate
  • Second Breath
  • Spiritbreaker
  • Weighted Brow


  • Charred Iron
  • Cracklefell
  • Crusher Rig
  • Davin’s Legacy
  • Ferocious Glae
  • Impaler’s Breath
  • The Gathering


  • Animal Instinct
  • Broken Grasp
  • Hatred’s Reach
  • Hell’s Legacy
  • Shocking Chaos
  • The Coming Storm
  • Ydama’s Cyclone


  • Determination
  • Howler’s Lift
  • Juggernaut’s Plan
  • Kar’s Defiance
  • Rockspike
  • Screaming Fury
  • Swiftwing


diablo-immortal Monk


  • Dragon’s Indignation
  • Fires of Peace
  • Ice upon the Blossum
  • Intervening Law
  • Rod of Echos
  • Spirit’s Reach
  • Unshakable Weight


  • Eye of the Storm
  • Power of Undulation
  • Reaching Rebuke
  • Respite’s Sigh
  • Roar of the Eea
  • Scolding Storm
  • Spoke of the Wheel


  • Crippling Insight
  • Empathy’s Blessing
  • Judgement’s Watch
  • Purity’s Though
  • Solace of the Peaks
  • The Open Mind
  • Tranquility’s Gaze


  • Breath of the Incense
  • Disciplined Respite
  • Enlightenment’s Blessing
  • Harmony’s Song
  • Resounding Soul
  • Storm Spirit
  • Tempest’s Heart


  • Discipline’s Weight
  • Freedom’s Gale
  • Heaven’s Bond
  • Mantle of the Crane
  • Radiant Sun
  • Rising Tide
  • The First Wind


  • Chasting Radiance
  • Companion’s Melody
  • Grace’s Bounty
  • Isolation’s Path
  • Momentum’s Flow
  • Path of the Storm
  • Tigers Flight


diablo-immortal Wizard


  • Devastation
  • Electrospike
  • Entropic Edge
  • Force of Harakas
  • Maelstrom Orb
  • Negation Blade
  • Windshaper


  • Azkalor’s Fire
  • Devouring Void
  • Heart of the Storm
  • Icon of Synchronicity
  • The Siphon
  • Unrepentant Gale
  • Winter’s Eye


  • Cowl of Arcane Truths
  • Cowl of the Abyss
  • Lyan’s Resonant Wisdom
  • Mask of Illusions
  • Memory of Xiaoyu
  • Vaetia’s Resourceful Countenance
  • Vision of the Frozen Path


  • Ellora’s Fevor
  • Frostreaver’s Garments
  • Kyn’s Cyromantle
  • Regalia of the Archmage
  • Robes of the Avalanche
  • Starcaller’s Drapery
  • Zann Esu Elemental Weave


  • Angmar’s Repulsive Burden
  • Arcane Intensefiers
  • Pads of Protection
  • Phoenix Mantle
  • Rime Mantle
  • Searing Judgement
  • Shoulders of the Cataclysm


  • Chaos Nexus
  • Frostwalkers
  • Galebringer’s Leggings
  • Kavil’s Grand Revelation
  • Riftdancer’s Stride
  • Starcaller’s Breeches
  • Time-Warped Cloth




  • Air Splitter
  • Closing-Jaws
  • Karawan’s Catch
  • Little Lance
  • Longpalm
  • Proof From on High
  • Tumult


  • Bonebearer
  • Bowyer’s Remorse
  • Constant Scrutiny
  • Pavise of Ten Wings
  • Pouncing Shield
  • Zaynula’s Last Hymn


  • Arrowkeeper
  • Glower of the Recluse
  • Many-Eyed Aegis
  • Questor’s Mien
  • Redeemer’s Mettle
  • Retribution Ornament
  • Sudden Vallation


  • Besieger
  • Feathermail Coat
  • Fortress Hermetic
  • Hungerfire Chiton
  • Iron Suzerain
  • Justice Without Favor
  • Springback Chain


  • Barbed Council
  • Cradle of Pebbles
  • Faith Ascendant
  • Public Penance
  • Sivket’s Advantage
  • Spine of the Adversary
  • Wind-Bkessed Pauldrons


  • Bladed Jambeau
  • Cavalier’s Courtwear
  • Permanent Reproach
  • Pillager’s Greaves
  • Shieldswathe
  • Squire’s Trews
  • Tactics and Secrets

Demon Hunter

diablo-immortal-Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter


  • Breath of Winter
  • Dreadlands Requital
  • Flamespite
  • Turnoil
  • Unrelenting Furor
  • Vigilance
  • Watcher’s Salvation


  • Blacktalon
  • Chainbolter
  • Disarray
  • Hellbinder
  • Nightwarden’s Eye
  • Shredder Vane
  • The Hungerer


  • Boundless Ingenunity
  • Cowl of Absolute Punishment
  • Cowl of Focused Hatred
  • Daye’s Frightful Persona
  • Frozen Guardian’s Sight
  • Vision of the Lost
  • Ysil’s Contained Destruction


  • Cuirass of the Death WAtch
  • Darkness’s Embrace
  • Heart of Vengeance
  • Heltrapper Cage
  • Petahm’s Secret Arsenal
  • Plate of Lethal Intent
  • Untempered Hatred


  • Bladewings
  • Bombardment’s Toll
  • Chillwrath Mantle
  • Hailfire
  • Hailstone Shoulders
  • Shadowstalker’s Spaulders
  • Skystriker’s Pauldrons


  • Assassin’s Heritage
  • Coff’s Unrelenting Fury
  • Inescapable Predator
  • Jayn’s Silent Retribution
  • Legguards of the Inevitable Inferno
  • Master Alchemist’s Faulds
  • Slayer’s Breaches




  • Accounting For Weakness
  • Blight Maw
  • Clotburst
  • Desolatoria
  • Eel Tongue
  • Piercehammer
  • Priest’s Grubknife


  • Baleful Trinity
  • Beacon of the Led
  • Dominance From Dust
  • Life in Balance
  • Pyre’s Allure
  • The Prong
  • Welcome End


  • Coals For Eyes
  • Crown of the Gilded Leash
  • Hideous Dawning
  • Mirrorictus
  • No-Mouth Face
  • Skullveil
  • Visitant’s Sign


  • Covet Nothing
  • Ever-Grasphing Vestments
  • Exhumant’s Backbone
  • Flickering Warmth
  • Gallowsborn
  • Parting Gift
  • The Inviting Tomb


  • Chasm Crosser
  • Gravedirt’s Weight
  • Linger-Mantle
  • Lone Preserver
  • Rotspur
  • Surge and Stillness
  • Ziroco


  • Graven Bulwark
  • Guided by Maggots
  • Mournful Destroyer
  • Proximal Fear
  • Rozhin’s Keening
  • Sacral Chausses
  • Soulchime

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