Diablo Immortal: Level Cap Guide [2023]

In this guide we will discuss all that comes with levelling up and the level cap in Diablo Immortal.

diablo immortal level cap

In this guide, we’ll talk about the Diablo Immortal Level Cap and almost everything surrounding it so that you can go into this game well informed.

Key Takeaways

  • Diablo Immortal has a level cap on a player’s character, which doesn’t allow them to further acquire raw stats through leveling up.
  • The level cap in Diablo Immortal is Level 60.
  • Players can gain experience points by completing quests and missions, daily bounties, battle pass missions, killing enemies, and completing entries in the Bestiary.
  • After reaching Level 60, any and all experience goes towards Paragon Levels.
diablo immortal cover
Diablo Immortal Cover

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What Is the Diablo Immortal Level Cap

Every RPG game has levels; you must level up to strengthen. This leveling process is usually done by collecting experience points (often abbreviated to exp or XP for brevity). In Diablo Immortal, this works the same way, but some changes have been implemented.

Before the release of Diablo Immortal, the franchise’s latest installment was Diablo III, which radically altered how the level system worked and introduced a new maximum level cap. This new level cap was level 60, and these functions and changes from Diablo III were carried over into Diablo Immortal.

Now you may wonder what happens when you gain experience after you hit level 60, which is explained later in this guide.

How to Level Up

Now when it comes to leveling up, there are multiple ways to gain experience. The most common way to gain experience is to complete quests and missions that grant you experience upon completion.

Daily Bounties

diablo immortal daily missions
Diablo Immortal Daily Missions | Courtesy: Gamerant

Every day you get eight missions you can complete for raw experience points and other rewards. Getting through these days is the key to consistently leveling up your character efficiently without wasting too much time on the other methods.

There is one con to this method, though. You only receive eight missions every 24 hours, and after you complete those, there is no other choice but to start using the other methods to gain experience or wait for another 24 hours and complete the next set of daily bounties.

Battle Pass Missions

diablo immortal battle pass
Diablo Immortal Battle Pass Mission | Courtesy: Gamerant

The Battle Pass is an excellent place to spend extra time after completing your daily missions. It grants you raw experience points like daily missions for completing guide quests alongside ranking up your Battle Pass rank.

Only guide quests give you raw experience points, but not every rank will give you raw experience. Another good tip is to hold off on doing some of the Battle Pass missions until you are at a higher level so that you can gain MORE experience from them since the game does scale the rewards with your current level, so it doesn’t seem like you are getting ripped off.

Killing Enemies

diablo immortal level cap
Diablo Immortal Enemy Chain Kill | Courtesy: Gamerant

A more common way of getting some experience is getting chain enemy kills. This is easily accomplished by attacking multiple enemies in quick succession. It’s most effective when you can kill enemies quickly and move on to the next one to keep the rampage of experience going. Most commonly performed in challenge rifts.

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Bestiary Completions

diablo immortal bestiary
Diablo Immortal Beastiary Entry | Courtesy: Gamerant

The Bestiary is not something most people often flip through. Still, sometimes they get a nice chunk of experience points, and they think they must have completed some sort of event or quest when in actuality, it’s a completion of an entry in the Bestiary.

There isn’t much to this way of getting experience except for simply fighting enemies over and over to get a completed entry and get that nice chunk of experience that comes along with it. However, this method is a way to passively get experience rather than actively get it; hence it is designed the way it is.

What To Do After Reaching The Level Cap

After reaching the Diablo Immortal level cap at Level 60, any and all experience starts going towards Paragon Levels. If you wish to learn more about Paragon Levels and how to understand them, we have an entirely separate guide on this matter, Diablo Immortal Paragon.

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