Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos: Location & Tips

Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos

This Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos guide will again offer players an insight into the World Boss Lord Martanos, his fight pattern, location, and ways to defeat him. Furthermore, we’ll address on the Ancient Nightmare Event as well!

Key Takeaways

  • Lord Martanos is a world boss in Diablo Immortal that can only be activated once every 30 minutes and rewards players with Greaves of Vitality, a Girdle, and a special item called Zakarum Sigil, as well as Cathan’s Piety.
  • The Ancient Nightmare Event is a Zone Event held in Mount Zavain, which begins after 8 AM and ends at midnight server time. It rewards players with Enchanted Dust and a treasure chest containing a high number of legendary loot.
  • To defeat the Ancient Nightmare, players need to defeat Lord Martanos first to obtain the Zakarum Sigil, a special item required to activate the shrines used to weaken or stun the boss.
  • The shrines offer shields to players to protect them from the boss’s attacks and weaken the boss’s defenses, allowing players to defeat the Ancient Nightmare.
  • Lord Martanos can be found at the Frozen Descent location in Mount Zavain.
  • Timing is crucial to complete the Ancient Nightmare Event after defeating Lord Martanos.
  • Lord Martanos has AoE attacks, a shield, and throws red objects that cause heavy damage.
  • Avoid getting caught up in the blue circle and rotating attacks to avoid health depletion.
  • Keep the difficulty level low in the settings to defeat Lord Martanos efficiently.
  • Use an AoE attack to eliminate risks and defeat Lord Martanos faster.
  • Defeating Lord Martanos completes the Ancient Nightmare Event.

Ancient Nightmare Event in Diablo Immortal

Ancient Nightmare Event Location
You can access the event from Mount Zayain!

The Ancient Nightmare is a Zone Event held in Mount Zavain, and it begins after the clock strikes 8 AM and ends at Midnight server time. What it means is that the Event only activates at a certain time frame. If you’re late or too early, the Event will not start!

Why do you need to finish this quest? Players often find themselves stumbling upon the wrong type of questions. Questions that don’t require great minds to answer.

However, the point leads us to the same conclusion. Obviously, we are dedicated gamers, guys! 

What does any quest offer after its been completed? Amazing rewards, loot, and even items to farm! Therefore, by completing the Ancient Nightmare Event, not only will you struggle with the boss, but you’ll be rewarded for it as well! Here are the things you should expect from this Event.

Enchanted Dust Item
A legendary Item to upgrade certain materials in Diablo Immortal!

After defeating the Ancient Nightmare in Diablo Immortal, the game will reward you and the rest of the players with a treasure chest. In it, it will hold a high number of legendary loot!

It does not matter if you join the fight in the middle or at the end; you will still be rewarded with high-tier loot. In addition, the chest will contain a few remnants of Enchanted Dust to be procured.

Finishing The Ancient Nightmare Event

Zakarum Sigil Item
After defeating Lord Martanos, you can use a good amount of these items to defeat the Ancient Nightmare!

It is not easy as it sounds, guys! To defeat the Ancient Nightmare, you first need to go through Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos. He’ll be lurking around the waypoint called Frozen Descent.

Why must we defeat Lord Martanos first? For starters, this may seem like a tricky question. However, the answer is quite simple. In order to complete the Ancient Nightmare Event, you need access to a special item called the Zakarum Sigil, which Lord Martanos himself can only drop. 

You need more than one of these, so you must beat the boss repeatedly. Note that he can be activated once after every 30 minutes. Once you land your hands on this item, you’ll then be able to activate the shrines used to weaken or stun the Ancient Nightmare.

However, players can still activate these shrines without the Zakarum Sigil. Here’s the catch, the shrines take a minute to start, but if you use the items, you’ll speed up the process! That means you’re one step closer to ending the Event.

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Activating The Shrines

I feel like my viewers are lost. Let’s go back a few steps, shall we?

Like any other boss in Diablo Immortal, this one is also tough to beat. You’ll need extra help to defeat her. Luckily, the game will provide you with the help you need, sufficient to beat Ancient Nightmare. There are Shrines in the area that offer shields to players.

Players can use these shields to protect their characters from the hefty damage dealt by the boss. Also, causing the boss to be stunned and weakened.

How do the Shrines work precisely? I presume they work by emitting an aura of light that weakens the boss’s shield, completely taking down her defenses.

Therefore, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to strike the Ancient Nightmare, ultimately defeating her.

Our Diablo Immortal Necromancer build will surely help you defeat the boss! Evidently, Necromancers work effectively at long ranges, especially with their summoning skills.

You can position yourself away from the boss and let your party members deal melee damage while you cast your Golems, Undead Minions, and such!

Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos Location

Lord Martanos Location
You can locate the boss from in this vicinity!

As we discussed earlier, defeating Lord Martanos is the key to completing the Ancient Nightmare Event in Mount Zavain. As for its location, you will find the boss at the Frozen Descent, which I have marked in the above image that pinpoints the exact location.

Remember that the game will activate the Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos boss once every 30 minutes, which means that the quest will not be over any time soon. You need to be aware of the Ancient Nightmare Event time, which is after 8 AM of your chosen server time.

That is why you need to time your plans accordingly. It would be a disaster if you beat the boss and end up missing the Event, having to wait several hours for it to activate again.

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Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos Fight Pattern

Lord Martanos
The boss will appear after the Matanas Altar completes its thirty-minute time-lapse!

Lord Martanos awakens from the Matanas Altar and has a few AoE attacks up his sleeve, and he will use them repeatedly in the battle.

The World Boss also uses a shield to protect himself and attack the players with it; he can throw the shield at mid-range, which comes flying back to him like a boomerang!

Hurling Red Objects
This is one of Lord Martanos’s attacks! They do heavy damage so avoid them!

With a health bar of 15.8 million, it will take several minutes to defeat him, which will be an easy task if you have enough global friends to aid you!

We discussed before that these Zone Events offer a fun interaction amongst players. Therefore, you will definitely have the higher numbers when facing this beast!

Blue Circle
Avoid getting caught up in this circle as it will deplete your HP!

It is best to keep the difficulty level low in the settings to beat him efficiently and eliminate any risks.

You will also notice that he throws similar attacks that rotate in a circle and are engulfed in a red aura. These blade-like objects are hurled around the battlefield and cause massive damage!

Tips For Defeating Lord Martanos

You need to be light on your feet to avoid them. Other than that, an AoE attack is also cast on the ground and signified with a bright blue color. If you happen to see it, do not walk towards it.

Instead, stay away from it because it will deplete your health bar. Once you and your party defeat the Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos, you’ll be able to finish the Ancient Nightmare Event!

That was all for today’s guide; let us know if it was helpful to you in any way, and be sure to check out our other guides at VeryAliGaming!

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