Diablo immortal Lost Artifact
Diablo Immortal Lost Artifact Guide

Diablo Immortal Lost Artifact: Location & Rewards

While there are tons of activities to participate in Diablo Immortal, some are unique and extremely rewarding. One of such events is Diablo Immortal Lost Artifact.

Just like hidden lairs that pop up from time to time in Diablo Immortal, the Lost Artifact event is also rare and requires diligence from players to keep track of it if you don’t want to miss on good loot.

Diablo Immortal has already won the hearts of millions, and with such possibilities and events, Blizzard is making an excellent effort to make the game more engaging and rewarding. The player base is seeing a healthy growth since launch; this is just the beginning.

What Is Lost Artifacts Event

Diablo Immortal Lost Artifact Event is a timely event that players manually have to trigger once they get notified. It doesn’t matter if you are casually roaming or doing the main quest. If you get informed, then you have to focus on it if you are after rare loot.

In order to know when and where to find this event and what rewards you can expect from it, we have created a detailed guide for you to go through. We will be cover all the level requirements, area and tips you need to get most benefit out of this event.

So let’s get started!

Lost Artifact Event Guide/Walkthrough

Lost Artifact event becomes available in the game once your character reaches level 60 or above experience. You must also ensure that you have completed your primary campaign before starting this event.

It’s a high-difficulty event, so it requires a good build and better understanding of the game so you can take part in it alone or with your squad. The enemy’s difficulty can also vary depending on which zone you land, so you better be prepared for it in advance.


To get the Lost Artifact even started, you must go to the Shassar Sea. Once the event begins, you will be notified on the map regarding the event zone where you can go and trigger it.

Shassar Sea lost artifact location map
Shassar Sea Area Map (Map Courtesy DiabloFans)

As mentioned above, this is a high difficulty area, so you need to meet the level requirements of 60 or higher to participate in this event.

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Lost Artifact Event

Once the event is triggered, you have fight all the enemies and bosses in the zone, they will keep respawning with increased difficulty for certain amount of time.

Lost Artifact Event Zone
Lost Artifact Event Enemy Waves (Images Courtesy: Leviathan)

While killing these enemies, you can’t always be sure when you can expect the Artifact map to drop; it’s completely random and can take a few turns or different events for it to appear. Also, the zone where it drops can vary, so you need to keep looking for it.

Lost Artifact Mysterious Scroll
Lost Artifact Mysterious Scroll

Upon Clearing all the enemies, you will find a mysterious scroll on the ground, Interact with the scroll, and it will prompt you the following message. You will be told to find the artifact and bring it back to Calim, who is the collector of these artifacts, and he is the one who will reward you for it.

Lost Artifact Location Prompt
Lost Artifact Location Prompt

The location of the lost artifact will automatically be marked on your map. You can walk to it or choose to be teleported to this location automatically once you get the prompt if you plan on doing some side quests before going there, that is also possible.

When you reach this location, you must fight a few more waves of enemies and explore the area. The artifact could be hidden anywhere, so it’s good to be a little destructive when such good loot is at stake.

Artifact Location
Artifact Location

Now that you are done with the enemy waves search around the area and collect the ancient urm. Once you find the last one, it will hold the Lost Artifact in it as a reward for you. Furthermore, just like the scroll we saw earlier, you will be prompted as soon as you find the artifact.

The area where you can bring the artifact to collect your rewards will get highlighted. One important thing to remember is that all this is entirely random again, so where I found the artifact might not be the same for you. Maybe you have to search a different zone to get your loot.

This whole experience can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, but it increases the replayability of the game; it also allows you to look for much better rewards every time you come back to these events, and not only that, they help you massively in upgrading your builds which is fantastic.

The missing artifact of Diablo Immortal
The Lost Artifact


After claiming your artifact, head straight to the town, where you will find Calim, the guy who will claim rewards for you; now rewards can vary from time to time. Still, the most common item in these rewards is Enchanted Dust, which is used to upgrade your builds to reach their potential.

If you got legendary items, it’s a must-have material in your stock. After returning artifact to Calim, you get the treasure chest you can open to claim a prize.

The chest will contain the enchanted sand as a significant item and one rare or legendary item you can claim in your inventory.



Here you go, guys, A detailed guide for you all to find and grind your lost artifacts; these events are random, as we highlighted above but provide rewarding opportunities, and once you try a few of them, you get the idea about how they work.

Shassar Sea is the most common zone for these events to begin so always keep a good eye on this area for Lost Artifact quests, completing them might show you a different spot than ours but good loot is guaranteed.

Keep following the latest and greatest guides on Diablo Immortal and many other games; we put our best in making these guides for you, so don’t forget to share them with your squad; and We’ll see you shortly in the next one.

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