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Diablo Immortal Mirror Puzzle [SOLVED]

Diablo Immortal has finally reached the mobile and PC market as a free-to-play, Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role Playing Game (MMOARPG) game. Meaning you can play with your friends without having to spend a dime.

Diablo Immortal was released on IOS, Android and Windows, not only that the game is Cross-Play which means you and your friends can play together on either Mobile or PC.

Moreover the game also features Cross-Progression, saving your game across platforms in case you want to switch from one platform to another. This guide will help you solve Diablo Immortal Mirror Puzzle

Diablo Immortal, is a game where the players will have to slay demons and solve missions. There are 3 factions in Diablo Immortal the Shadow, Immortals and Adventurer. However, achieving this is not an easy task as you have to overcome various obstacles, some in the form of puzzles. 

What is Diablo Immortal 3rd Rune

After completing the 9 Lamp Puzzle for the first rune and battling it out for the second you make your way towards the third Rune, to finally be completing the “Lost Rune” quest and collect the third Rune.

However, the Mirror Puzzle blocks you from obtaining it. Lucky for you we have set up a guide to overcome that obstacle.

The Mirror Puzzle is found in the mirror world during the “Lost Rune” quest. You will have to form a pattern by shifting the mirrors to deflect the beam of light onto the Third Rune. It may sound tricky which is why I have set up a guide that will show you exactly how it’s done. I have also attached images to better understand the Guide. 

How To Complete Diablo Immortal Mirror Puzzle

Diablo Immortal Mirror Puzzle Enterance

When you enter through the gate you will see 6 Mirrors with 2 of them Deflecting the beam. You will have to rearrange the mirrors in a way that the Beam hits the Third Rune. Below we will show you exactly how it’s done.Diablo immortal Mirror Puzzle Second Mirror Shift

The mirror can only move in two directions. With the help of arrows, we can determine where they must be placed. In the second image, the left-most mirror is pulled to the left allowing it to be used to deflect the beam.

Diablo immortal Mirror Puzzle

In the Third image, the Second mirror to the left is pulled (Down) in the direction the arrow was pointing. Thus forming the Pattern above. 

Diablo immortal Mirror Puzzle Fourth Mirror Shift

In the Fourth Image, the third mirror to the right is pushed down twice (Double Arrows) to allow the beam to hit the mirror in the centre.

Diablo Immortal Mirror Puzzle Finally Solved
Finally, the Beam has deflected off the remaining four mirrors, forming a pattern as shown above and reaching the Third and final Rune. 

We hope this guide was helpful for you and helped in solving the Mirror Puzzle. I would also like to thank Kibbles for the images provided. If you have any more queries regarding Diablo Immortal you can head over to our Guide section where you will find the answers. 

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