Diablo Immortal Monk: Definitive Guide [2023]

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Monk from Diablo Immortal, including the best skills, lore and more.

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Diablo Immortal Monk Guide

Diablo Immortal is the latest game in the Diablo series and is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online action role-playing game. Being a loot-em-up style game, one of the core gameplay elements of Diablo Immortal revolves around finding increasingly powerful weapons, items, and gear, and the most powerful items in the game are the fabled Legendary Items.

Key Takeaways

  • The Monk is a versatile character in Diablo Immortal that provides utility, support, & crowd control, with high actions-per-minute potential & dexterity.
  • Fists of Thunder is the bread-and-butter of the Monk’s offense, providing high mobility, speed, & damage potential, with an ultimate version called Lightning Flux that adds teleportation & defense capabilities.
  • Mystic Strike & Cyclone Strike are also excellent skills for mobility & crowd control, with damage potential & support roles in team fights.
  • Inner Sanctuary is a support-oriented skill that reduces damage taken by the player & teammates, while Mystic Allies spawn clones that target single targets with unmatched damage potential.
  • Gear is an essential aspect of the game, modifying the player’s stats, skills, & abilities. Legendary Gear is the most powerful, but it’s challenging to find.
  • The best gear items for the Monk include Rod of Echoes, Eye of the Storm, The Open Mind, Discipline’s Weight, Disciplined Respite, & Companion’s Melody.
  • The War Rags of Shal’baas is the best Item Set for the Monk, with bonuses that increase primary attack damage, attack speed, & chances to increase the primary attack’s speed.
  • Gems can be added to gear slots to provide bonuses & modifiers to the player’s gear.
  • Normal gems include Aquamarine, Citrine, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, and Tourmaline.
  • Legendary gems include Ca’arsen’s Invigoration, Chained Death, Fervent Fang, Power and Command, Seled’s Weakening, & The Hunger.
  • Paragon Points are gained when the player reaches level 70 & can be assigned to four different categories: Core, Offense, Defense, & Utility.
  • The General Build Strategy for the Monk is to focus on dealing with damage while maintaining mobility & survivability.
  • The Diablo Immortal Monk Lore includes information on the Monk Hierarchy, Monk Abilities, Monk Training Regime, & History.

There are several powerful and fun classes to play with, such as the Demon Hunter, Pyromancer, Crusader, and one of the most interesting ones is the Diablo Immortal Monk Guide Class.

Diablo Immortal Monk Guide

The Monk is a complex, intricate character that rewards deep character knowledge and has very high actions-per-minute potential. The Monk is without a doubt the best utility class in the game, able to both support and provide breathing room for teammates. Moreover, the party buffs that the Monk provides can make many enemies and bosses a breeze. It also has excellent crowd control and general dexterity and movement.

Playing Monk early game can be a bit of a challenge, but once the right skills and gear have been acquired, he becomes an extremely fun class to play.

What Are Attributes?

In Diablo Immortal, Attributes are essentially status bars that the player can put their points into to upgrade certain aspects of their character. Currently, there are 5 attributes in Diablo Immortal: Strength, Willpower, Intelligence, Vitality, and Fortitude. Each point put into an Attribute increases the player’s combat rating by a score of 1.

Best Monk Attributes

For the Monk, the ranking of the attributes from most vital to least vital is as follows:

  1. Strength
  2. Fortitude
  3. Vitality
  4. Willpower
  5. Intelligence

Fortitude is extremely important for its ability to increase both player armor and player armor penetration, which can be vital against some late-game enemies and bosses. Vitality is also very useful as it can significantly increase the survivability of the character, especially during solo runs when a healer nearby is not available.

Willpower functions in two ways; it increases the duration of debuffs the player gives out and decreases the duration of debuffs applied by enemies. Intelligence is kept at the very bottom due to it being more or less useless to the player aside from the fact that it increases their combat rating.

What Are Skills?

Skills are essentially moves or actions that the player can do in Diablo Immortal. A skill can be something as basic as an attack and as complex as a buff that modifies the stats of every person on the team. Skills are divided into one primary skill and four other skills.

The primary skill also counts as an auto attack, and is the most basic attack that the player can do. However, its power must not be underestimated, and with the right gems and gear, can do serious damage.

Best Monk Skills

The best skills for the Monk are as follows:

  • Primary Skill: Fists of Thunder
  • Mystic Strike
  • Cyclone Strike
  • Inner Sanctuary
  • Mystic Allies

Fists of Thunder

diablo immortal monk fists of thunder
Fists of Thunder

The Fists of Thunder is the bread-and-butter of the Monk’s offense and is one of the most stylish moves in the game. This move quickly accelerates the player towards a selected target, attacking them with a series of fast punches.

The player can also move to another target every third attack, making the player extremely quick and dexterous in crowds of enemies. Also, the quick movement allows rapid targeting and proactive offense against enemies that may be across the room.

Fists of Thunder also has an ultimate version, called the Lightning Flux, which allows the player to teleport on every punch and also deal damage in an area when an enemy is killed.

This makes the player even more agile than before, giving them the ability to dart around the map at faster-than-light speeds. Also, Lightning Flux gives the player a shield as well, which improves the players’ defense and allows them to survive extended skirmishes.

Mystic Strike

diablo immortal monk mystic strike
Mystic Strike

Similar to Fists of Thunder, Mystic Strike is another ability with both top-tier mobility and great attack potential. Mystic Strike makes the player dash forward and damage all enemies in the path, allowing for rapid and long-distance movement while also being excellent for crowd-control.

Cyclone Strike

diablo immortal cyclone strike
Cyclone Strike

Cyclone Strike is a dedicated crowd-control and area-of-effect ability that deals damage in the circumference around the player and also pulls enemies towards themselves. This attack is most useful immediately after executing Mystic Strike, allowing for unparalleled crowd-control.

This ability can also be channeled to gain both range and damage potential. In team fights and team compositions, this ability also has a support role along with Mystic Strike. These two abilities can group up and soften large hordes of enemies, allowing your teammates to easily finish them off.

Inner Sanctuary

diablo immortal monk inner sanctuary
Inner Sanctuary

This is a support oriented skill that allows the player to reduce damage taken both for themselves and teammates. A must-have for teams, this skill allows teammates to go toe-to-toe with even the most hard-hitting of bosses, and survive due to the excellent damage reduction that this skill offers.

Mystic Allies

diablo immortal monk mystic allies
Mystic Allies

Mystic Allies in the skill that allows the Monk to be ass good as it is in terms of single target damage, especially against bosses. This ability spawns clones of the player with health equal to the player, which will quickly target all available enemies. Although this skill is rather lacking against crowds, the damage potential against single targets is unmatched, allowing the player to make quick work of them.

What Is Gear?

Gear can be understood as the clothes and weapons the player wields. Each piece of gear can modify the player in different ways, from increasing stats to modifying and significantly upgrading the player’s skills. The most powerful gear is the fabled Legendary Gear, but it is difficult to find, unless the player knows the best way to farm it.

Best Gear Items

The best gear items for the monk are as follows:

Main Hand

Rod of Echoes: Rod of Echoes is an Off Hand gear item for the Monk. It reduces the cool down for Mystic Allies by 15%, allowing for much faster usage of the skill. It is a Legendary item.

Off Hand

Eye of the Storm: Eye of the Storm is an off-hand gear item for the Monk. It modifies Cyclone Strike by increasing its radius by 20%, making the overall area more than 80% bigger. This is an excellent item for the crowd-control oriented Monk, and greatly improves their wave clearing and ability to create space potential.


The Open Mind: The Open Mind is a head slot item for the Monk. It modifies Mystic Allies by buffing it with an increased 10% damage. It is of Legendary rarity, and is an excellent gear item. It greatly increases the player’s damage and buffs, making the player that much more durable. 


Discipline’s Weight: Discipline’s Weight is a Shoulder gear item for the Monk. It lowers the cooldown of the 7 Sided Strike ability. This piece of gear is the odd one out in that none of the other shoulder items modify any of the other skills in this build, but should the player opt for the 7 Sided Strike, this gear piece will be extremely useful. It is of Legendary Status, and increases the damage of 7 Sided Strike by 10%. 


Disciplined Respite: Disciplined Respite is a Chest gear piece for the Monk. It has Legendary status, and modifies the Inner Sanctuary Skill by reducing its cooldown by 15%. This allows the player to use Inner Sanctuary many more times per minute, greatly buffing defence and survivability.


Companion’s Melody: Companion’s Melody is a Leg piece of gear for the Monk. It is Legendary status and modifies Mystic Allies by giving making it last 25% longer. This along with The Open Mind exponentially increases the power and durability of Mystic Allies, greatly improving single target damage potential.

Item Set

For the Item Set, the best set will undoubtedly be the War Rags of Shal’baas. This entire set consists of 

  • Burning Heart of Shal’baas
    • Slight chance of dropping after completing the Pit of Anguish on Hell +2 Difficulty
  • Resting Fangs of Shal’baas
    • Chance of dropping after completing Temple of Namari on Hell +4 Difficulty
  • Braided Serpent of Shal’baas
    • Chance of dropping after completing Cavern of Echoes on Hell +4 Difficulty
  • Storm-Tack of Shal’baas
    • Chance of dropping after completing Forgotten Tower on Hell +1 Difficulty
  • Dozen Strikes of Shal’baas
    • Chance of dropping after completing Mad King’s Breach on Hell +2 Difficulty
  • Wind-Trods of Shal’baas
    • Chance of dropping after completing Tomb of Fahir on Hell +1 Difficulty

The War Rags of Shal’baas have the following set bonuses:

    • 2/6 Set Pieces: Primary Attack Damage increases by 15%
    • 4/6 Set Pieces: Attack Speed increases slowly as Primary Attack is used. Stacks up to 25%
    • 6/6 Set Pieces: Chance to increase Primary Attack’s attack speed for 10 seconds

 What Are Gems?

Every piece of gear has a slot in which a gem can be placed, and these gems provide modifiers and bonuses to the player’s gear. Gems are classified by their rarities; with 5-star gems being the rarest and most difficult to acquire, but also the most powerful. 

Normal Gems

  • Aquamarine Gems 2x – +8 Armor
  • Citrine Gems 2x – +8 Potency
  • Ruby 1x – +80 Life
  • Sapphire 2x – +8 Armor Penetration
  • Topaz 2x- +8 Resistance
  • Tourmaline 5x – +8 Damage

Legendary Gems

  • Ca’arsen’s Invigoration – Increases the speed of Primary Attacks by 6%
  • Chained Death – Increases damage done by attacks by 1.5% per target hit, up to a maximum of 4.5% with 3 targets
  • Fervent Fang – Each time damage is dealt to an enemy, that specific enemy now takes 0.8% increased damage from the player’s attacks, up to a maximum of 8% with 10 stacks
  • Power and Command – Power and Command alternate states every 9 seconds. Power increases Primary Attack damage by 8%, and Command increases all other skill damage by 8%
  • Seled’s Weakening – Gain 6% increased damage for 60 seconds after killing an Elite Monster
  • The Hunger – Heal 40% base damage and 567 health each time an enemy is defeated. This can only happen once every 20 seconds.

What Are Paragon Points?

Paragon points are introduced as an endgame system that is extremely important to making the strongest possible build for any character. Paragon Points are only unlocked after reaching level 60 in-game, which is the highest level possible, and there are 6 different trees into which the points can be placed.

The Paragon priorities in order are

  • Vanquisher
  • Survivor
  • Soldier

General Build Strategy

The ideal strategy for this particular build revolves around grouping enemies together as much as possible to then decimate them with Cyclone Strike and your Primary Attacks. This general combo is the most reliable strategy for almost every encounter when playing the Monk with this particular build. Also, it is important to aggro as many different enemies as possible, to make them follow you. This will cause them to clump up and bunch up, making them an exceptionally easy target to take down. Also, if in a sticky spot and cornered, or simply low on health, Mystic Allies can be a great get-out-of-jail-free card. Simply spawn in the clones, and they will be able to make short work of most enemies, and distract those that they cannot outright kill.

Diablo Immortal Monk Lore

The Monks of Ivgorod, also known as the Verdani, are a group of people that follow the Sahptev religion. Sahptev is a multi-deity faith that consists of worshipping 1001 gods. The deities are essentially theistic forms of almost every single concept or physical thing currently known. Moreover, these gods are classified into two distinct categories; Gods of order and Gods of Chaos.

He told me of his belief in the existence of a thousand and one gods, gods he believed could be found in all things: the fire in the hearth, the water in the river and the air that we breathed. Pretty enough for a story, perhaps. But any reasoned individual must surely, as I did, scoff at such a view of the world as little more than superstition. – Abd al-Hazir

The High Heavens, a realm of angels, or some variation of understanding of it, seems to play a major part in this faith. Each Monk chooses a certain god as a patron deity that they worship more than the others. Also, the specific gods each person chooses has different traits or attributes, and many Diablo Immortal Monk Guide try to adopt and practice those attributes in their daily lives.

The heads of the religion are the Patriarchs, who are essentially high priests. To maintain celestial balance, there are a total of 9 Patriarchs. 4 are dedicated to Order, 4 are dedicated to Chaos, and one Patriarch remains neutral. One of the major tenants of the faith is that when a Patriarch dies, their soul undergoes reincarnation into the next Patriarch who will take their place. Reincarnation as a whole has a huge place in Sahptev, with a common saying being “death is simply a chance to be reborn”. 

I walk among the gods of order and the gods of chaos. I channel both, becoming neither. I am the warrior who straddles the divide. So long as I act to uphold the balance, I am without sin. 

The Monks are some of the Sanctuary’s most feared and skilled fighters. This is because of the intense physical and mental training that Monks undergo in order to become the frontline defenders of Ivgorod. Under the unforgiving tutelage of the Patriarchs, the Monks undergo harsh training, both physical and spiritual.

This is to strengthen both mind and soul, giving them not only physical prowess in battle but also unparalleled focus and mental fortitude. They are the militia of the temple and are tasked with carrying out the orders of the kingdom without question and with unrelenting prejudice.

The monks maintain their spiritual purity by daily ritualistic cleansing, avoiding the corruption and taint that forever threatens to overtake the hearts of man. On the path of physical excellence, they also train their sense of balance and agility to the extreme, making them excellent at both weapon-based and unarmed combat.

All monks receive a tattoo that runs down the back of their necks. This is done because it is believed that when a monk dies, their life’s story will be seen through the eyes of the gods. Similarly, anointed monks also receive the tattoos of a pair of circles on their forehead, which are meant to represent the circles of order and chaos. Monks also shave their heads as an expression of piety.

In line with their harsh training, monks are not allowed to leave the monastery once training begins. If they do so, they are excommunicated and not allowed to return, with the threat of execution over their heads if they do choose to return. However, after several decades of training and preparation, monks can leave the monastery to carry out the orders of the Patriarchs.

Monks in the Floating Sky Monastery spend most of their time in deep meditation and contemplation, in wait for omens from their respective patron deities. Monks are expected to maintain the highest level of spirituality and self-actualization, and this involves removing all impure emotions including pride, shame, fear, and selfishness, with every action representative of pure devotion to the gods.

Monk Hierarchy

Diablo Immortal Monk Guide culture have their divisions and subdivisions according to ranks, given below:

  1. Initiate
  2. Novitiate
  3. Acolyte
  4. Monk
  5. Elder Monk
  6. Master
  7. Patriarch

Each rank is subservient to all ranks above it, and must strictly obey all of their commands. 

Monk Abilities

Monks are taught to channel the might of the gods in every movement and attack. Moreover, monks seek to employ the different attributes and virtues of the various gods they worship. This also extends to fighting styles and physical prowess. Because of their unforgiving training, Monks have heightened senses and perception, along with unparalleled stamina and agility.

Willpower and spirituality are important tenets of Diablo Immortal Monk Guide culture, and as a result, Monks employ frequent and effective use of divine power. Self-healing, protection spells, and magic attacks are frequently used.

Monks have mastered their own bodies and as a result, are capable of delivering lightning-fast attacks with both weapons and their fists. This extends to their agility and dexterity, ability to effectively dodge and weave in and out of fighting distance.

Monks excel at hand-to-hand combat, being able to deal large amounts of single-target damage as well as effective crowd control attacks through area-of-effect magic abilities. These magic abilities are derived from physical movements, such as palm strikes and kicks.

To withstand and conquer the demonic entities they face, Monks channel a resource known as spirit, which is reflective of their training and divine understanding. This allows them to enter a version of a “flow state”, where they are able to stay calm as a rock while still being extremely proactive.

The Monks of Ivgorod are trained to move like water — flowing freely into open spaces and crashing hard against their foes.

Monks are trained to be deadly with their bodies, which means that weapons are more or less optional. Despite this, however, the Order encourages the use of weapons, as they can exponentially increase the lethality and effectiveness of offense. Furthermore, Monks may choose and specialize in a single type of weapon, as an extension of their body.

Even the purest of martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, can be augmented with fist-style weapons such as katar. Monks can use bows and other ranged weaponry, but their usage is somewhat discouraged due to their ineffectiveness in close-quarters combat.

At the start of training, the armor available to monks is simple and plain, reflective of the tenants of purity and simplicity. This also has the advantage of providing the untrained monk with the freedom of movement necessary to avoid damage and be faster than lightning.

As training goes on and the Diablo Immortal Monk Guide increases in rank, however, the quality of the outfit gets better and the clothes themselves more exquisite. Monks consider armor and weapons to be two sides of the same coin; armor can aid in attacks, and weapons can be vital tools of defense.

Monk Training Regime

Many monks start out as children from the mountains near Gorgorra forest. Tradition states that monks must go without food, water, and sleep for months at a time. Those that survive are no longer bothered by smaller things or their instincts and achieve a high level of spirituality.

Diablo Immortal Monk Guide children are taught hard and fast that fighting is the way of life. Introduction and teaching with live weapons at a very young age is the norm. Although initiates are taught the importance that the human body serves as a weapon, they are also told that relying strictly on any one resource is a grave mistake.

As a result, Monk training involves the sharpening and growth of 3 main avenues: the mind, the body, and the spirit. Once their skills and senses are honed, novice monks may wield weapons during combat as they wish.

Monks are trained in 6 different styles of combat, however, not every monk can master every single one. They are also trained in battle strategy and can form complex battle plans. It is important to note that, despite the extremely strenuous training regime and a deep emphasis on obeying all orders, higher ranked monks are not cruel to lower ranked monks, and will often form friendships with them.

In case initiates fail the training, they are ordered to leave the monastery. However, they still have a chance to return and become full monks, if they manage to conquer an almost impossible physical challenge. This is evidence that they have the drive and dedication necessary to become monks, and upon succeeding, they are engaged in academic study that can potentially last for several years.

However, failing this task means that the initiate is forever excommunicated from the monastery. Details of the trials are sparse; however, those that fail never talk about it, often because they have died, and those that succeed are kept so busy in their academic endeavors that they are unable to talk about it with the lower ranks.


The Monks of Ivgorod have existed since the 11th century, at the time when Rakkis entered the western continent of the Sanctuary across the Twin Seas. Rakkis’ army massacred all the Ivgorod forces at Aranoch. However, Ivgorod itself was much stronger, with the terrain being much more suitable for the style of combat of the Monks than that of Kehjistan.

The Monk of Ivgorod launched a vicious counterattack and were victorious. Although Rakkis and his army did irreparable damage, the efforts of the monks ensured at least some of the culture and community would survive.

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