Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build [PvP & PvE]

Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build

There are six unique characters in Diablo Immortal, and players can use each character differently to progress in the game. My guide on Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build will focus on leveling the Necromancer with adequate skills and attributes to become overpowered from the beginning.

There are twelve characters in Diablo Immortal, and players can choose any one. Each character has unique abilities and skills, which expand the possibilities of a diverse gameplay experience.

On the other hand, some key factors needed to be kept in mind before marching into the battlefield. Certain skills, abilities, and gems allow your character to outperform themselves in challenging situations.

If brought in the right direction from the initial start of the game, players will not face any difficulty in exploring dungeons and defeating demonic creatures with the right equipment.

Until you reach level 60, which is currently the level cap in Diablo Immortal, you will be using the skills and best attributes mentioned below.

Moreover, reports from the game developers strongly indicate a much higher level of addition to the game, along with excellent features and new abilities. It means level 60 will not be the max level.

What Is Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build

The Necromancer is an all-rounder character compatible with almost all the roles. You can either configure the character to a fully supportive role or opt for a DPS approach, completely demolishing enemy armor with AOE attacks.

The DPS approach, as mentioned above, is compelling and befitting for the Necromancer. However, it exposes the character to enemy attacks frequently.

Moreover, this character is much similar to the Mage Build in Elden Ring. Both characters/classes are magic users that attack enemies from long ranges. Therefore, engaging these creatures in close range can be dangerous.

Upon reaching level eight, the Necromancer is awarded exceptional skills that help overcome most of its weaknesses. Before we get into my Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build, you need to understand how the character operates within the game.

You are at a great advantage playing the Necromancer as it has the ability to deal with the enemies from short and medium range. By using their special abilities, they can summon an army of undead minions to aid them in battle.

How fun would it be to haunt your enemies with an undead army of minions?

Best Attributes & Gems For Necromancer

The best advice for leveling in Diablo Immortal is to never leave any items or equipment alone on the floor. Every item is worth the pick-up, even if they appear to be scrap materials.

For my Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build, You will be focusing on yellow and orange items. Each colored item represents overall quality, so white items are worse than orange items or legendary items, which are the best quality. 

To bring a positive change in your attributes, you need to equip gear corresponding to the specific attribute you’re aiming to enhance.

We can all agree that the five attributes in the game provide an offensive and defensive rating. On the contrary, characters such as Barbarian will dish out more damage through Strength.

Similarly, the effective attribute for our Best Necromancer Build should undoubtedly be Intelligence and Vitality. Intelligence is perfect for increased overall damage output, and investing in Vitality allows your Necromancer to gain slightly more HP.

Next up, you want to continue upgrading your basic or advanced equipment. It does not matter if you end up wasting materials on useless equipment.

Why? Because upgrades can be transferred without any cost, visiting the blacksmith for upgrades is always effective! The following are some of the best gems you should be using in my Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build.

Some of you may have questions regarding these gems, so in order to explain the concept to you in simpler terms. These gems act as additional buffs for any of your six characters.

However, the gems I have mentioned below are specifically effective for the Best Necromancer Build. They will mostly affect damage output, movement speed, Critical hits, Offensive & Defensive ratings, and others. 

Bloody Reach

How many players want to deal more damage through their Necromancer but, at the same time, also want to maintain quite the distance from the enemies?

I believe I have the answer to your “complicated” request. We have the perfect gem you can equip to fulfill the above notion. With Bloody Reach, you can maintain a reasonable distance from the enemies and simultaneously deal hefty damage to them.

The Bloody Reach is a decent gem perfect for the Necromancer. The farther you are from your enemy, the more damage you will be able to inflict them. Logically speaking, the Bloody Reach at Rank one will substantially increase all the damage you deal by 1.5%.

Moreover, a constant increase of 1.5% is applied for every two yards between the enemy and you. For a rough estimate, you will be able to deal a maximum of 6% damage at eight yards.

At Rank Three, the chance of you reducing enemy movement speed and their attacks will take an 8% effect for two seconds. This opens a few windows of opportunity for you to weaken the opponents and gain the upper hand.

Lastly, Rank five of the Bloody Reach gem allows you to increase your chances of finding magic items by a considerable amount of 10%.

“But still, I don’t find this gem useful.” If that’s the question you’re thinking of, let’s put it this way. Suppose you have summoned your army of undead during a fight. Your army will be dealing damage to the opponents while you proceed to run in the other direction.

The distance between you and those enemies is obviously going to be significant. While you’re summons, keep them occupied while you keep getting farther away; the Bloody Reach will trigger its effects with a decent amount. So yes, it’s a must-have for your Best Necromancer Build!

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Berserker’s Eye

Those players in Diablo Immortal that prefer maximum damage should definitely opt for the Berserker’s Eye. The gem, including all the other gems in Diablo Immortal, has three ranks.

A higher rank offers more opportunities for Critical rate and damage output. With that said, Rank one will allow your Necromancer to deal 5% additional damage output.

However, an enhancement in the overall damage output has its consequences. Thus, it will increase all the damage you take by 6%, which might not seem favorable at first.

Numerous games that follow the same pattern as Diablo Immortal, such as Dislyte, have Critical Rate or Critical Damage ability. It provides your character a chance to deal more damage if they land a Critical hit.

Therefore, at Rank three, the Berserker’s Eye boosts your Critical Hit Chance by 1%, which is an ideal choice for Necromancer users.

Finally, getting yourselves to Rank five will increase your chances of finding Magic Items by 5%.

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Everlasting Torment

Moving on to our third best gem for my Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build. The Everlasting Torment has a potential that many players have seemed to miss. It poses a significant threat to enemies that are hard to beat.

The Everlasting Torment at Rank one causes your critical hits to inflict agony upon your enemies while dealing a massive 16.7% base damage. In addition to the enhanced base damage, Necromancer will also be able to inflict 202 damage every second for three seconds.

The notable downside to Rank One is it will only deal damage to the enemies once every six seconds. On the other hand, once your enemies are inflicted with agony due to Everlasting Torment’s Rank One buff. Your attack speed will be increased by 1% through the Rank Three buff.

Overall, these buffs allow your character to consistently deal huge chunks of damage.

Chained Death

Another way for you to consistently deal damage to your enemies, Chained Death at Rank One will increase the damage dealt with enemies by 1.5% per target and a maximum of 4.5% with three targets.

I think Rank Three is a reasonable buff for the Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build. It increases the bonus damage to a maximum of four targets allowing you to enhance your damage infliction to more than one target.

As usual, Rank Five will help boost your chances of finding magical items by 5%.

Power and Command

Lastly, the most obvious gems to use is the Power and Command. At Rank One, your states will alternate every nine seconds and increase your Primary Attack or base attack damage by 7.5%.

I believe the second best buff it can offer is the ability to increase the damage of all other skills by 7.5%.

Moving up to Rank Three, if you’re caught up in a negative effect each time Power and Command alternate, you will have an 8% chance to dispel those effects. Because it is a two-star gem, you will find it hard to obtain Rank Three.

Best Skills For Necromancer 

As we have clearly discussed previously; Necromancer deals in summoning the dead. Manipulating life and death, Necromancer can perform countless skills and abilities that pose a severe threat to the opponents.

I believe each character can use more than six incredibly daunting skills to demolish their foes. Similarly, you will need the best of the best skills mentioned in my Best Necromancer Build in Diablo Immortal.

These skills will transform your character into a beast, completely overpowering tough enemies with high-performance effects and capabilities.

“What other benefit would I seek from these skills?”, You ask? The most basic explanations would be something similar to providing your character with the best offensive and defensive buffs.

Command Skeletons [Damage]

Command Skeleton Skill
Summons an army of Elite Champions. It can also be modified with the Crown of the Gilded Leash.

One of the crucial skills in your arsenal is the Command Skeletons skill. You acquire this skill at the very start of the game as it unlocks at level one.

What better way to fight than summoning an army of Elite Champions to fight your battles for you?

Command Skeleton grants your character to call upon the Elite Champions to engage with the enemies under your command. Furthermore, they can be ordered to target specific enemies at different locations.

However, the skill has a cooldown time of 8 seconds before you can activate and use it in battle again.

The skill enhances your attack speed by 80% for 4.5 seconds by a massive amount. This buff is handy for tough situations.

Another benefit of this skill is that it has a legendary item known as the Crown of The Gilded Leash, which you will be using in this Necromancer Build. I will talk about it shortly under the “Legendary Items” section.

The legendary Item has the ability to transform your summoned “Command Skeletons” into one big Captain.

The Captain can use Whirlwind to inflict a consistent amount of damage in an AoE around him. The Command Skeleton and the Legendary Item are both necessary for this build.

You need to have single-target and multiple-target skills for a diverse game style. One cannot simply rely on single-target attacks to win fights. Clearly, there is a striking pattern in the Captain’s ability to annihilate the enemies through area-wide damage.

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Soulfire [Primary Attack]

Soulfire Skill
Throw a ball of Soulfire filled with energy toward enemies to deal damage!

Next up is Soulfire, which will be another one of our already acquired skills similar to the Command Skeleton. You will have it unlocked at level 1. Unlike Command Skeleton, this battle changer has no cooldown time, making it a somewhat spammable skill.

Soulfire can deal damage to the surrounding enemies. Again, there is a Legendary Item that I’ll discuss further down in this guide. The Item will significantly modify Soulfire, allowing it to bounce to more areas.

The Fire Ball cast through the skill is imbued with energy and can be thrown at enemies to wipe them out quickly. It has a great animation when it explodes upon reaching the target, dealing 25% of damage to any enemies nearby.

Corpse Explosion [Damage/Control]

Corpse Explosion Skill
Explode nearby minions to deal AoE damage to multiple enemies!

You start unlocking more effective skills as you level up in Diablo Immortal. Corpse Explosion, in this matter, can be unlocked at level 3 quite easily.

This means you can get your hands on the best skills for the Necromancer Build relatively soon in the game. The skill grants the player the ability to explode corpses in a target area to damage enemies nearby.

Basically, it will trigger off the Golems Corpses, which is one of the Necromancer’s skills that I’ll talk about shortly within this section of Best Skills.

Corpse Explosion is an overpowered skill perfect for PvE. When you kill enemies, they drop minions. Mostly all of them do. After you activate the skill, it causes those minions to expand in size and move towards the enemies.

You will be able to blow up those corpses once they reach the enemies, dealing massive AoE damage to multiple enemies. One thing to note about this skill is if multiple corpses deal explosive damage to the same enemy.

It will reduce the damage they take by 40% each time they get caught up in the AoE blast. Surprisingly, it only has a cooldown time of 1 second for an overpowered skill like this.

Bone Spikes [Control]

Bone Spikes Skill
Summon Spikes made of Bones toward enemies that lunge from the grown, dealing high damage!

Bone Spikes, in particular, unlock at level 8 and has a slightly increased cooldown time, which is 12 seconds. Necromancer can summon Bone Spikes from underneath the ground and cause the enemies to be stunned for 2 seconds.

Players can charge the skill for increased ranged and damage. You can switch the armor plates with Hideous Dawning to stack up bleed damage on Bone Spikes.

Wraith Form [Buff]

Wraith Form Skill
It will greatly increase your movement speed!

Unlocking the latter at level 15, players can use the Wraith Form to transform into a Wraith, as the name suggests. The Necromancer gains a massive 50% increase in movement speed and invulnerability for 2 seconds.

One of the downsides of the Wraith Form is that it will deactivate the form if the players attack. However, the form is helpful for PvP fights. Still, it is best to switch it out with other valuable skills for the Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build.

Bone Armor [Buff]

Bone Armor Skill
A formidable shield that protects you and your teammates. It is entirely made of solid bones!

Another valuable skill for Diablo Immortal players is the Bone Armor. It can pair exceptionally with your dungeon raids and PvP fights.

You can unlock the Bone Armor farther down at level 41 and use it as protection for you and your teammates with a solid shield comprising of bones that absorb damage for 12 seconds.

Regardless to say, Necromancer has good survivability that deems it the perfect support type character for your teammates. In this case, the Bone Armor is a practical skill for players to unlock as soon as they can.

It can block incoming attacks regardless of their damage output for 12 seconds, giving you ample time to plan your next move.

On a broader note, it has a cooldown time of 20 seconds before it can be triggered again.

Command Golem [Control]

Command Golem Skill
Summon a giant Golem made of bones instead of the Elite Champion!

Finally, the Command golem is a skill unlocked at level 50, mid-game. If I’m correct, the skill is the most versatile ability that inflicts tremendous damage and stuns the enemies while also knocking them back a few yards.

Per se, the skill may have the lengthiest cooldown time of 36 seconds than any other Necromancer skill. It allows the player to summon a Golem made entirely of bones for 24 seconds.

The players can command the Golem to deal terrifying damage to anyone that crosses its path. Furthermore, with the ability to stun nearby enemies upon summoning, it can also taunt nearby enemies for 6 seconds.

Legendary Items

Now that we have finished the crucial skills for the Best Necromancer Build in Diablo Immortal. We move on toward the Legendary Items I eagerly mentioned time and time again.

The Legendary Items provide additional buffs to your already equipped skills, such as Bone Armor and Command Skeletons, making them extremely powerful.

Consequently, giving you a solid defense and damage output while engaged in battle.

Crown of the Gilded Leash (Head Piece)

Head-Piece Item
A buff for Command Skeleton Skill!

The headpiece offers a buff to your Command Skeleton Skill, which is why it is a highly recommended armor piece in my Best Necromancer Build in Diablo Immortal.

It makes your skill summon a single Skeletal Captain, both more potent in terms of damage and size. So now you don’t have to summon a bunch of skeletons as the Skeletal Captain will do most of the work for you.

In addition to a single summoning, you can order the Skeletal Captain to whirlwind at a specified location. The giant whirlwind produces a massive AoE effect on nearby enemies, dealing massive damage. 

Parting Gift (Chest Piece)

Chest-Piece Item
Greatly buffs the Bone Armor Skill!

Moving forward, we have three highly useful chest pieces for the Necromancer class. Players can choose any one of them depending on their selected skills. For instance, Parting Gift will significantly affect the Bone Armor skill.


The Bone Armor summons a shield of bones to protect you and your nearby teammates, right? So with this chest piece, Bone Armor will now grant damage immunity to you and your teammates nearby.

What this means is that any damage you receive, either from a single hit or a multiple hit, will be nullified. However, it will slow down your speed in the process but reduce the cooldown time by 10%

The Inviting Tomb (Chest Piece)

Chest-Piece Item
Trap enemies inside a wall of bones!

Remember I said some skills would benefit from these three chest pieces? Well, for The Inviting Tomb, you will need to use the Bone Wall skill instead of Bone Armor. Otherwise, the effects of this chest piece will not work. 

With the Inviting Tomb, the cooldown downtime on Bone Wall decreases by 10%. With a potential upgrade, you can now summon multiple walls made of bones that encircle and trap enemies inside, rendering them useless.

Furthermore, allowing the players to damage the enemies in the heat of the moment without getting the risk of taking damage in return. Long story short, Bone Wall will create small circles of bones to trap enemies inside, thereby allowing you to damage them.

The skill is very useful for AoE damage when players perform a series of AoE summons in the middle of the battlefield. Because Bone Wall will trap the enemies within the walls, allowing you to dish out damage.

Covet Nothing (Chest Piece)

Chest-Piece Item
A buff for Bone Wall Skill!

The third and final chest piece for the Necromancer build is the Covet Nothing. It affects the Bone Wall skill by activating AoE damage around the bones you summoned.

Covet Nothing is another valuable legendary item players can use to deal additional damage to the enemies. It can prove to be fatal in numerous scenarios; one such instance is when you’re trying to nuke through everything for being overpowered and overleveled.

If you apply this chest piece to your character, the effects of Bone Wall obliterate any enemies close to the wall of bones you summoned. Hence, they’ll be inflicted with an increased damage proportion.

Rotspur (Shoulder Piece)

Shoulder-Piece Item
Unleash a poison effect with your Corpse Explosion!

Heading toward the shoulder piece, you have the Rotspur. It significantly adds a new feature to Corpse Explosion. Earlier, you were able to detonate or trigger minions to explode; however, with the Rotspur, you won’t be able to do that.

Instead, you’ll be able to unleash blight from those minions on a specific radius that will poison enemies close by. The poison effect is quite deadly, especially when you’re a necromancer dealing damage from a distance.

Players can count on these skills to unleash consistent AoE damage, which highly pairs with my Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build. For instance, we have the Command Skeleton along with the Captain buff, and both of these will do the consistent AoE damage you’re looking for in a build.

Then we have the Burning Golem, which is not the Command Golem, because this one will, yet again, offer you consistent AoE damage.

I believe now you understand why I’ve recommended these items and skills to pair well with each other. 

The debuff depletes the HP of enemies over time, soon ending their lives and killing them.

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Sacral Chausses (Leg Piece)

Leg-Piece Item
Increase the Duration of the Bone Wall shield!

Now that we have covered the crucial armor pieces for the head, chest, and shoulders. It is time to give our Necromancer a nice pair of Leg Pieces to protect its legs, obviously. 

The Sacral Chausses is another legendary item that will help boost the duration of Bone Wall by 25% and decrease the cooldown time by 10%.

Protection is always number one when engaging in battle. Diablo Immortal players need skills such as Bone Wall to protect themselves against heavy attacks from the enemies.

With the Bone Wall, not only are you shielded from the enemy attacks but so are your teammates, if nearby!

Hence, the Sacral Chausses is the perfect legendary item for players to benefit from the increased duration of the Bone Wall shield.

If, by any chance, players prefer a different leg piece, they can use the Graven Bulwark. It is another legendary item that increases the duration of Bone Wall by 30% and ultimately decreases its cooldown time by 10%.

Guided by Maggots (Leg Piece)

Leg-Piece Item
A buff for Dark Curse Skill!

That’s not all, folks! There is yet again another fearsome item that will benefit those not using the Bone Wall and Bone Armor skill. If you have Dark Curse equipped for Necromancer, you can use the Guided by Maggots leg piece armor.

It will cause your minions to enter into a state of frenzy instead of decreasing the enemy’s vision.

In the frenzy state, your minions will significantly increase their movement speed and attack speed. 

Best Weapons For Necromancer 

To finalize the Necromancer Build in Diablo Immortal, players can use two main weapons throughout the game. Players can equip these weapons to their main hand and off-hand.

If you thought the armor pieces were the end of Legendary items, you’re wrong, my friend!

With weapons such as Desolatoria and Baleful Trinity, you can further enhance the Necromancer Skills to dominate the battlefield.


Instead of the Bone Golem, why not have a Molten golem by your side?

A valuable weapon for your main hand is Desolatoria. You can use the weapon to summon a molten golem whenever you’re in combat.

With your Command Golem skill, your main hand weapon will summon a Molten Golem to burn all nearby enemies continuously, all the while stunning them.

Moreover, the weapon pairs well with the Inviting Tomb, which entraps all enemies within the bones.

How does that link with Desolatoria? Well, that’s a good question. You already know that Inviting Tomb traps enemies together in a circle. So with your main hand weapon, you can summon the Molten Golem in the middle of those enemies along with the whirlwind attack we discussed earlier.

Ultimately, the enemies will be immobile with nothing else to do but eat all the damage thrown at them.

Baleful Trinity

Baleful Trinity
Have fun bouncing Soulfire from one enemy to another!

Coming up next is your off-hand weapon. We’ll be going with the Baleful Trinity, which will give you consistent damage through your basic attacks. For instance, Soulfire will now bounce from one enemy onto another one.

However, don’t get your hopes high on this one. Because, as it bounces off an enemy, it also reduces the attack’s damage by 30%.

On the other hand, this legendary item increases Soulfire damage by 10% before leaping onto another target due to its awakened effect. 

Hence, this concludes our overall Legendary Items for my Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build. Our next focus will be on the Paragon Points that players can unlock after they cap to level 60.

Level 60: Paragon Points

Paragon Points are unlocked after reaching level 60 on your Necromancer. These points are six in number and can be obtained by leveling up your character.

As such, there are six categories you can unlock;

  1. Vanquisher
  2. Treasure Hunter
  3. Soldier
  4. Survivor
  5. Gladiator
  6. Mastermind

Each of these categories will grant you additional defense, Damage, XP bonuses, and such.

The very first skill you can get your hands on is the Vanquisher, which is the main skill you need to focus on investing points.

After that, you can allocate your first five points into the Damage node. As for your sixth point, invest it in the Zeal node.

Investment in these points will increase your attack speed and bonus damage. All in all, you have a very well-rounded build for the Necromancer.

Tips & Tricks

To wrap up my Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build, let me provide a few extra tips and tricks you can use to perform effectively with this build.

First off, keep in mind that the Necromancer class is an all-rounded character that can summon support and unleash consistent AoE damage and single target damage.

To use this build effectively, you need skills that deal damage and provide as much support as possible. Furthermore, Necromancer has the best crowd control skills, perfect for PvE and PvP scenarios.

On the other hand, it is best to use the default auto-pickup settings offered by the game. It will allow you to loot everything that drops on the ground, leaving nothing behind.

You can then return to a safe spot and salvage the loot effectively.

Secondly, you need to upgrade your gear frequently because by doing so, you will be able to clear out dungeons quickly. If you’re interested in other sections of our guides, be sure to visit us at veryaligaming; your very own guide!

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