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Diablo Immortal: Killing Officer Hagan [Guide]

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Diablo Immortals hit the charts just recently in June 2022 and is on its way to becoming one of the best action-packed, thrilling and adventurous story games on the play store. The game presents the players with multiple quests as they progress throughout the story. One such quest is to find and kill Officer Hagan. This guide will show you where to find Diablo Immortal Officer Hagan and how to kill him. 

Diablo Immortals is packed with multiple fight scenes, puzzles, and mesmerizing cinematics. It allows the players to experience the RPG world with a hint of nostalgia. It’s a free-to-play game that captivates the player with its enthralling story and action sequences. The story of Diablo Immortals lies between Diablo II and Diablo III. The game follows the same mechanics as the previous parts of this sequel hitting the players with the nostalgic feeling of cutting down monsters. 

This quest is one of the most memorable and exciting fights of Diablo Immortal. So likewise, it can be hard to deal with alone if you are not fully equipped or at a suitable level to challenge Officer Hagan as he is a Super Unique Monster. Killing him grants you the quest rewards, including an immediate chest containing good loot, which helps the players that cross Officer Hagan’s path progress further into the story with better equipment. 

However, some players miss out on this precious loot as they cannot find him. So, to avoid that, we have got you covered in this guide. 

Officer Hagan Location

Firstly, Head to Mad King’s Breach Waypoint in the Ashwold Cemetery, residing towards the north side of the Ashwold Manor. If the side quest Kill Officer Hagan shows on your quest tab, all you need to do is click on it and follow the footsteps on the ground.

Otherwise, just move naturally down the stairs until you meet your foe. The monster resides in the vicinity of the cross. As long as you follow it, you will find him. This is a limited-time event, and the respawn time is rather long.

So if he hasn’t spawned yet, you can eradicate the hounds and guards in the nearby area as you level up, prepare and kill time for Officer Hagan’s arrival. 

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Location Of Officer Hagan

 Killing Officer Hagan

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Player fighting Officer Hagan

As the guards in the area, Officer Hagan is also a shield bearer. His attacks are primarily with his swords, but when he steps back, he is about to charge forward with his shield. A quick indication of Officer Hagan’s casting is when he waves his hand in the air. Whatever he casts is among his most powerful attacks. 

His casts are random like the other epic or higher-level monsters. He can cast electrical orbs to protect himself from attacks or walls of stone or fireballs to gnaw at your health bar. The best way to defeat him is to stay mobile and keep hitting him between his attacks.

Having a party you can rely on would make this monster much easier to kill. But for those out there who want the glory, just follow the mentioned tips, and you will defeat him with style.

In case you are unsure of your builds and class, feel free to check out our build guide so that you are fully prepared for him. 

Let us know below what loot you got from defeating Diablo Immortal Officer Hagan!!

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