Diablo Immortal Paragon: All You Need To Know

Diablo Immortal Paragon

Similar to any other MMO, Diablo Immortal is also a free-to-play multiplayer game with exciting events and features. In this guide, I’ll talk about Diablo Immortal Paragon levels.

Key Takeaways

  • Paragon Levels are extensions in the Diablo Immortal. These levels unlock after the Maximum level in the game which is currently 60. After reaching the max level, all the earned XP goes into enhancing the paragon levels.
  • There are six different paragon levels called Paragon Trees, two of which are readily available after reaching Level 60, Survivor and Vanquisher. Others are unlocked as you gain Paragon Points.
  • Survivor is the first paragon level in the game. Its persistent attributes are Life, Armor, Damage, and Resistance. In specialization skills, it has Unyielding (reduces damage taken by 1.2% for 10% missing life), Stalwart (increases Block chances by 35% when HP is at 30%), Escape Artist (increases movement speed by 35% when HP is at 30%), Precognition (reduces cooldown time), and Indestructible (provides character immunity).
  • Vanquisher also unlocks early and is focused on offensive bonuses. Potency, Deeper Pockets, Damage, Life, and Armor Penetration are their persistent attributes. Specialization Skills include Exorcism (allows 5% more damage), Zeal (increases attack speed on each kill), Wrath (works similar to Zeal), Heart of Wrath (enhances zeal and wrath), and Judgment (gives critical hit after 5 Kills).
  • Treasure Hunter unlocks at Paragon 50. Its persistent attributes are Armor, Damage, Resistance, Armor Resistance, Potency, and Life. Swift Learner (increases experience), Treasure Find (increases drop rate), Greed (enhances Treasure Find), Gold Find (increases gold drops by 50%), and Lucky (increases globe drops by 50%) are its specialization skills.
  • Gladiator unlocks at Paragon Level 100. It rewards in PvP fights. Its permanent attributes are Armor Penetration, Life, Potency, Resistance, Life, Damage, and Armor. Speaking of Specialization skills, it has Uncontrollable (enhances control and immunity), Quick Witted (reduces the duration of opponent effects), Cheat Death (gives immunity and 60% health on fatal blows), Trapper (allows trap deployment when low on HP), and Rapid Recovery (reduces cooldown time for Trapper and Uncontrollable).
  • The Soldier comes in at Paragon Level 150 with persistent attributes of Life, Potency, Damage, Armor, Resistance, and Armor Penetration. It comes with Hold Formation (reduces taken damage when around fellows), First Aid (allows health recovery when around fellows), Battle Moral (gives damage buffs when fellows kill enemies), Combat Veteran (reduces the cooldown time of First Aid), and Sacrifice (gives damage reduction to fellows when you die) as specialization skills.
  • Mastermind is another Paragon Level 150 tree with Potency, Armor Penetration, Willpower, Damage, Health, and Armor as persistent skills. For specialization skills, it has Coordinated Assault (increases given damage when around fellows), Mutual Defense (enhances damage reduction of fellow), Covert Operations (enhances chances of a critical hit), Find Weakness (gives 5% chances to make bosses vulnerable), and Superior Coordination (increases effective radii for other skills).
  • Vanquisher favors offensive strategy in the early stages of the game and can be used with Monk Class. To thrive in PvP, Gladiator Paragon Tree should be your first priority.’
  • For getting more XP, you should battle at places like Elder Rift, the Shadow’s Assembly, Frozen Tundra, and the Library of Zoltun Kulle. Also, look out for any featured double battle pass points or boosted drop rates in the Codex section.

These unlock when the players hit the max level in the game. Currently, 60 is the max level, and we are hoping to see an addition of levels along with new features and raiding grounds in Diablo Immortal. However, you shouldn’t be worried about the level 60 cap and think this is the end of the game.

That’s not the case; the Paragon Levels in Diablo Immortal unlock after a player reaches level 60. They can find more options to experience the thrill and fun of the game by Rifts, Dungeons, Helliquary Raid, and such!

Reaching level 60 is certainly not the end of the game. Apart from that, to test the players’ flexibility and potential, the game’s developers have created six different characters.

Each character can be best fitted for a player’s playstyle. The specialty of these characters lies in the unique skills that set them apart from the rest.

As such, these characters are Necromancer, Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard, Barbarian, and Crusader.

On this note, players can check out our best classes in Diablo Immortal to find out which character is the best for them!

From Diablo 3 to Diablo Immortal: Paragon Levels

Surprisingly, players can start working on their characters through Paragon Levels once they cap to level 60. These levels allow the players to gain experience points and channel them to various Paragon Trees.

The concept of Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels is quite simple, actually. Players familiar with earlier versions of the Diablo series may know about the Paragon Levels very well.

Except for Diablo Immortal, they took a deeper dive into the Paragon Levels. To familiarize new players with the concept of leveling through Paragons, your XP will not do much as it did before.

I mean that accumulating XP will not help you with experience points to reach higher points in your levels. You won’t go any further than level 60 until Diablo features additional levels and features to its game.

With that said, your XP will go straight towards Paragon Levels, significantly affecting them. Moreover, players will be given access to various skills from the Paragon Trees I mentioned earlier.

Before, the players were grinding XP to reach higher levels. Now, they’ll be utilizing this XP and focus them on leveling their Paragon Levels to gain Paragon Points necessary to unlock various skills.

Diablo Immortal Paragon Trees

Unlocking Paragon Trees for the first two points is easy, but getting your character to the following four points is challenging. Each time a player fills their XP bar, they’ll unlock a Paragon Point.

Repeatedly filling up the bar will get them those new points. Therefore, it is necessary to gather as much experience a player can get.

My Diablo Immortal Paragon guide will also provide the players with different and effective methods for farming Paragon Levels later in the article. So keep on reading to find out all about Paragon Levels!

Keep in mind that each Paragon Point unlocked can be assigned to any one of the six classes in Diablo Immortal. Furthermore, a Paragon Point earned through a character can only be used by that specific character, respectively.

For instance, if a player is leveling up and gaining Paragon Points with a Necromancer, he can only use them for Necromancer and not any other class.

In short, Paragon Points cannot be inherited or given to the other classes of Diablo Immortal.

Alright, glad we got that cleared. Let’s brief you on Paragon Trees. Six different Diablo Immortal Paragon Trees are unlocked after triggering the initial phase of the Paragon Level.

After capping to level 6o, two Paragon Trees will already be available to you; Survivor and Vanquisher.

Consequently, the skills found within these trees help the players gain special buffs related to damage, healing, and Armor! Each Paragon Tree has several Nodes which have different types.

Persistent Attributes allow the players to use those bonuses on their characters permanently. The second type of Node is called “Specialization Skills,” and they can only be activated when the respective Paragon Tree is active.

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Survivor (Paragon 1)

The Survivor is the first Paragon Tree any player can unlock at Paragon 1. It offers defensive powers and bonuses to the players. On a different note, players need to have one Paragon Tree activated, and they cannot trigger or apply the effects of more than one Paragon Tree.

There are several Nodes in the Survivor Tree that provide certain buffs to the players. I recommend players grind points in this Tree if they are using characters for melee range, such as Barbarian.

It also has uses for long-range characters such as Necromancer, allowing them to survive longer in battle. 

Why? Because the Necromancer stays back and uses necromancy to damage the targets, so it is best to focus on defensive points.

Persistent Attributes

Life Node
Invest in this Node to gain Life!

It is one of the permanent attributes given to your character, and its effects do not wear off. The more points you grind into this Node, the more HP your character will gain. An additional 160 life is added to each point spent.

Only 5 points can be invested in this Node, providing +800 Life to players.

Armor Node
Your total Armor, if you max this node, will now be +120!

As the name suggests, the Armor Node will provide additional defense to your character. More specifically, it will add 4 points to your Armor each time you spend a point in the Armor Node.

Players can add 10 points in the Armor Node and receive +40 additional armor.

Armor Node
Every point you invest in this Node will increase your Armor!

It also grants the same points to your Armor. Only this time allows your character to gain additional defense prowess. Similar to the rest of the above Nodes, the Armor is also permanently applied to your character.

Players can invest 20 points in the next Armor Node and gain additional +80 armor. The total Armor a player, would have if he maxes out these Nodes is +120 Armor.

Life Node
After reaching the maximum level on this Node, you will have a total of 3200 Life!

As previously stated, Survivor Tree provides the same Nodes twice in the same instance, allowing the players to increase their health and Armor by a considerable amount.

For instance, one Life Node provides players with 800 Life. Two would give them 1600, and so on. Players can invest 15 points in this second Life Node and gain additional +2400 Life.

Resistance Node
You can only invest 20 points in this Node and increase your total resistance by +80!

You are resistant to most enemy attacks due to this Node. Spending points in the Resistance Node will grant you 4 Resistance each time. Similar to the rest of the Nodes, players can utilize 20 points and gain +8o additional Resistance on their character.

Damage Node
Every point you invest in this node will increase your Damage!

This Node directly affects your damage output. Spending points in this Node will grant you 15 Damage on each point. It is a useful Node for melee range characters such as the Barbarian.

Specialization Skills

Unyielding Node
You will take less damage when this Node is activated!

The different skills in the Survivor Tree provide Defense bonuses to your character. Unyielding Node is one of them. It reduces the damage you take by 1.2% for every 10% missing Life.

So far, I don’t know how this Node works, but it would be cool to see the amount of damage it reduces!

Stalwart Node
The chances of you blocking attacks will increase!

Stalwart is a useful Node for our battle-hungry players who just want to kill enemies by rushing toward them. The Stalwart Node is very useful when it comes to critical moments.

If your Life or HP is at 30%, you must think this is your character’s end. However, that is not the case; Stalwart Node will provide a 35% increase your chance to Block enemy attacks for six seconds.

Please note that the above buff will trigger once every 6o seconds. Don’t count on this Node wholly!

Escape Artist
Escape Artist Node
It increases your movement speed!

In addition to the chance to Block enemy attacks once your Life reaches 30%, you can also notice your movement speed starts growing at a considerable rate.

That, my friend, is because of the Escape Artist Node. When you’re in a tight spot, this Node will trigger once your Life reaches 30%. Consequently, increasing your movement speed by 35% and allowing you to move in between a horde of monsters for the next six seconds.

All Specialization skills are time-specific and can only be triggered once every sixty seconds.

Precognition Node
Reduces the cooldown for other Nodes!

You should have the Precognition Node activated if you’re using either the Escape Artist or the Stalwart Node. Because it reduces the cooldown time for those Nodes by 15 seconds.

Indestructible Node
Once triggered, you will be immune to all damage!

The cooldown time is 120 seconds, and its effects wear off in 3 seconds. However, do not be disappointed by this amount. You’ll know that this Node will provide your character immunity to all the damage from monsters for three seconds. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Vanquisher (Paragon 1)

Coming up next is Vanquisher, one of the two Paragon Trees unlocked earlier in Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels.

The Vanquisher provides your character with offensive bonuses, unlike the Survivor, which mainly focuses on defensive bonuses allowing your character to survive longer in battles.

The Vanquisher will grant your character more speed and offense-based bonuses for effective damage. Demon Hunter is the character best fitted for investing points in the Vanquisher Tree.

By investing points in the Zeal and Damage Nodes, you’ll be able to max out your character’s total damage and speed.

Persistent Attributes

  • Potency
  • Deeper Pockets
  • Damage
  • Life
  • Damage
  • Armor Penetration

Specialization Skills

Exorcism Node
It increases the damage you deal with enemies!

Being a melee-ranged fighter who is built to inflict significant damage to the targets, exorcism is the perfect Node.

You make your character deal more damage to the target in several ways. With Exorcism Node, you can inflict 5% more damage to these enemies.

Only 1 point can be invested in the Exorcism Node, giving you 5% increased damage.

Zeal Node
It increases your Attack Speed!

Heading on toward the next Node, you might already be familiar with the Zeal Node and might have heard players talk about this Node. But what does it do, exactly?

Let me simplify it for you. With the Zeal Node, you can stack up against your attack speed each time you defeat an enemy.

It is also a time-specific buff granted to you by the Diablo Immortal Paragon Tree Vanquisher. Therefore, each enemy you kill will give you an increased attack speed by 0.5% for six seconds.

Players can stack this buff up to 10 times, considerably increasing the amount of attack speed gained. However, you can only invest 1 point in this Node.

Wrath Node
It also increases the damage you deal to enemies!

Wrath Node works precisely like the Zeal Node, allowing you to gain more attack speed and the ability to stack up to 10 times. You can now keep stacking up to 20 times because you have both the Wrath and Zeal Node.

Heart of Wrath
Heart of Wrath Node
Increases the Stacking limits of Zeal and Wrath!

This Node is one brilliant buff. It will allow you to stack Zeal and Wrath Node up to 15 times more than average. Consequently, allowing your character to increase their attack speed significantly. 

Before, you could only stack up to 10 times with each Node, but with the Heart of Wrath Node, You’ll be able to stack them each up to 15 times. 

Judgment Node
Increases the chances of a Critical Hit!

Getting a critical hit in Diablo Immortal seems more demanding than usual. If you’re lucky, you might land a critical hit in, let’s say, 10-20 hits?

To narrow that down, the Judgment Node guarantees a successful critical hit after defeating five monsters. Similar to the rest of the specialization skills mentioned above, you can invest 1 point in the Judgment Node.

On another note, in each Paragon Tree, the Persistent Attributes provide almost the same buffs and debuffs, which is why I did not bother to explain them repeatedly.

Treasure Hunter (Paragon 50)

You will find that almost all of the skills found in the Treasure Hunter Paragon Tree will relate to experience points. Technically, this Tree will help your characters gain a boost in their earned XP by a significant amount. 

Moreover, this Paragon tree unlocks at Paragon 50 and is almost all about the boosted experience through raiding dungeons and killing monsters.

For instance, let’s say you earned 1,000 XP by killing a few monsters without any buffs. Suppose you have any of the Treasure Hunter Tree specialization skills mentioned below. In that case, you’ll be able to get 50% more XP than you earned before.

Crazy, right? I mean, who doesn’t need more XP, mainly if they’re farming?

Persistent Attributes

  • Armor
  • Damage
  • Resistance
  • Armor Penetration
  • Potency
  • Life

Specialization Skills

Swift Learner
Swift Learner Node
You will gain more experience points!

You will know what I was talking about earlier. Raiding any dungeons and defeating enemies will give you 50% more experience if you unlock the Swift Learner Node.

Of course, killing enemies by raiding dungeons also counts. As usual, you can only invest 1 point in the Swift Learner Node, but the 50% more experience is a pretty neat value.

Treasure Find
Treasure Find Node
It increases the equipment drop rate!

Like Swift Learner, the Treasure Find Node will increase the equipment drop rate by 50%, which means that whenever you defeat enemies, they’ll drop 50% more equipment for you to salvage!

You can invest 1 point in the Treasure Find Node. You’ll get a buff for this Node if you keep reading about Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels!

Greed Node
Increases the bonuses of the mentioned Nodes!

You didn’t have to scroll further down for this, guys. The Greed Node is what I was talking about up above. Before, you could only salvage about 50% more equipment using the Treasure Find.

However, that is not the case with the Greed Node, as it increases the bonus of Treasure Find and even Lucky Node from 50% to 75%! I’ll talk about the Lucky Node down below, don’t worry.

Gold Find
Gold Find Node
You can get more gold by defeating monsters!

Gold is an essential source in Diablo Immortal. How amazing would it be to get more gold from enemies in outdoor areas?

I mean, is obtaining 500 gold better than 1,000? Obviously, no, but the question is, how will you get more gold by defeating enemies? The answer to that question should be straightforward, considering the fact that we are talking about doubling almost everything, right?

Gold Find will get you 50% additional gold from monsters in outdoor areas! Yes, you can farm gold, experience, and even equipment drops from the Treasure Hunter Tree!

Lucky Node
Increases drop rate!

We did mention the Lucky Node somewhere earlier, right? Yes, from the Greed Node, you will get an increased bonus to your Treasure Find and Lucky.

So what does Lucky do? Well, the Lucky Node is going to increase the chances of globe drop rate by 50%. Globes are dropped by monsters when they are defeated!

Gladiator (Paragon 100)

Heading over to our next Diablo Immortal Paragon Tree, the Gladiator Tree is unlocked when players reach Paragon 100.

Ever heard of PvP battles?

It’s where different players match or face off against each other instead of the internal AI system of the game. Through the Gladiator Tree, players get bonuses and benefits in PvP fights.

The benefits we talk about here are going to help players get a fair or sneaky advantage against their opponents. For instance, getting caught in traps and losing their control, they’ll be able to gain immunity for that matter and such.

You’ll get a clearer idea of what I’m talking about once we dig through the Specialization Skills under Gladiator! I told you each Paragon Tree would be fun to explore. However, seeing that it is not easy to farm Paragon points; you might not be able to experience all of them!

But, don’t worry, guys, be patient. Who knows, you might be able to experience the full potential of all six Paragon Trees!

Permanent Attributes

  • Armor Penetration
  • Life
  • Potency
  • Resistance
  • Life
  • Damage
  • Armor

Specialization Skills

Uncontrollable Node
Provides you with immunity!

Players often get stuck with weird effects when facing off against players in PvP mode. Some of these effects cause the players to lose control of their character. Worry not, because if that happens when the Uncontrollable Node is equipped, you will gain immunity!

However, when that is over, you’ll have to deal with its cooldown time of 30 seconds!

Quick Witted
Quick Witted Node
Reduces the time you lose control of your character!

Are you worried that you’re losing control of your character more than the time allotted? The Quick-Witted Node will reduce the duration of those effects by 10% Buffs like these give you a slight upper hand in most cases, so it’s best to use them whenever possible!

Cheat Death
Cheat Death Node
Allows you to recover!

A very tricky Node; Cheat Death works in such a way that if a player strikes you with a fatal blow, you’ll only reduce to 1 Life. In return, you’ll get immunity against stuns for 3 seconds.

There’s more! After the three seconds are over, you’ll have 60% of your Life restored to you! An ability this cool also has a heavy cooldown effect of 120 seconds, so be wise!

Trapper Node
Sets traps on the ground!

This Node is another useful buff for when you’re in danger. Suppose you’re fighting another player, and he turns out to be stronger than you.

When you realize that, it’ll already be too late. Let’s say the player depletes your Life to 30% or below. You’ll definitely be on the run trying to escape Death, right?

Here’s how Trapper will help you if you’re ever in a situation where your Life is below 30%. With a lower Life, you will now be able to deploy traps beneath your feet after every 5 yards you travel for six seconds. 

This means that if the enemy chasing you falls victim to the traps laid by your character, he will be inflicted with damage! The cooldown time of the Trapper Noe is 240 seconds, so be sure to be completely out of range of potentially dangerous players!

Rapid recovery
Rapid Recovery Node
Reduces the cooldown time for the mentioned Nodes!

Another useful Node in my Diablo Immortal Paragon guide is Rapid Recovery. It will subsequently lower the cooldown time for both Trapper and Uncontrollable by 10 seconds. 

Soldier (Paragon 150)

You might recall how Gladiator helps players with PvP benefits, right? Soldier Paragon Tree does the same thing, but it adds bonuses when your teammates are around. Soldier Tree will provide PvP bonuses such as health aid, Battle Moral, and damage reduction to your party members and such.

Where Gladiator affects only you, Soldier offers benefits to you and your party members! Let’s discuss its Specialization Skills, so you get a better idea.

Persistent Attributes

  • Life
  • Armor
  • Resistance
  • Potency
  • Damage
  • Armor Penetration

Specialization Skills

Hold Formation
Hold Formation Node
Your damage will be reduced in PvP mode!

When you and your party members are raiding dungeons defeating tough opponents, and working together, Hold Formation will help reduce the damage you take by 2.5% if your party members are within 15 yards from your position.

It is very useful to reduce as much damage as you can because by doing so, you eliminate the risk of taking huge damage!

First Aid
First Aid Node
Your Life will recover!

Another useful Node in the Soldier Tree, the First Aid Node, helps you recover your Life when you’re drained to 15% of your Life. It is triggered only when your Life is dropped below 15%, and your teammates are within 5 yards from your position.

Therefore, the effects of the Node help you recover 15% of your maximum Life per second for 3 seconds, which means that you’ll be recovering maximum health for three seconds. 

You can only invest one point in this Node, and its effects cannot occur more often than once. The cooldown time for this Node is 300 seconds.

Battle Moral
Battle Moral Node
Will provide additional damage in PvP mode!

As the name suggests, you only need a few pointers to identify the effects of this Node. With Battle Moral active, players can receive huge damage buffs when their party members kill enemies within 15 yards.

Players can stack up the damage increase to four times, and each time your party members kill the opponents, you will receive an increase in your damage by 3% for 10 seconds.

We will talk about another Node in the Diablo Immortal Paragon Tree of the Soldier, which will increase the number of times you can stack this effect!

Combat Veteran
Combat Veteran Node
Reduces the cooldown time and increases the times you can stack!

This Node will help reduce the cooldown time of First Aid from 300 seconds to 180 seconds, which is a considerable drop.

I mentioned earlier that Combat Veteran would increase the number of times you can stack the effects of Battle Moral Node from four times to eight times. How cool is that? 

Sacrifice Node
You’ll be able to help your party members in PvP mode with bonuses!

One of the things we hate while facing off against other players is dying. Therefore, with the Sacrifice Node, your Death will benefit your party members. How? For instance, if you die within 15 yards of your party members, this Node will activate and grant them a 15% additional damage reduction for six seconds!

You can help your teammates even after losing your character’s Life, and the cooldown time for this Node is 60 seconds!

Mastermind (Paragon 150)

Last but not least, Mastermind is another useful Diablo Immortal Paragon Tree that players lucky enough can activate! I’m calling them lucky because as hard it is to obtain Paragon points, this Tree is unlocked at Paragon 150.

It may seem harder than you think. However, there is an excellent method of farming Paragon points, and I will mention those methods shortly!

The Mastermind Paragon Tree will provide powerful buffs necessary to win fights when playing with other players in PvP mode! It is best to keep in mind that a few of these Nodes will work when your party members own at least four different characters!

Let’s hope that’s not the case.

Persistent Attributes

  • Potency
  • Armor Penetration
  • Willpower
  • Damage
  • Health
  • Armor

Specialization Skills

Coordinated Assault
Coordinated Assault Node
Provides additional damage to you!

When the Coordinated Assualt Node is active, it will grant you an additional 3% increased damage while your party members are within 5 yards from your position.

Remember we read a while ago that these effects trigger while your team has members from four different classes? It might be possible to have members with four different classes in Diablo Immortal.

Mutual Defense
Mutual Defense Node
It will reduce the damage reduction to you!

Earlier we read that Coordinated Assualt increases your damage. Well, Mutual Defense works differently. Instead of increasing your damage, it will provide your team members with a 3% additional damage reduction while they are within 5 yards from your position.

Again, the rule of team members having four different characters applies.

Covert Operations
Covert Operations Node
Increases your chances of Critical Hit!

This Node will increase your chance of getting a Critical Hit by 2.5%, and the effects will apply to each different class within your party.

Find Weakness
Find Weakness Node
The possibility of making the Boss vulnerable is increased!

Do you ever find it challenging to beat tough bosses in any game, well Diablo Immortal, if we’re being specific?

The Find Weakness Node, when active, allows your attacks to have a 5% chance of making Bosses vulnerable for three seconds. The time gap is enough for you and your party members to seriously damage the Boss for three seconds. Be sure to hit it with everything you’ve got!

Additionally, any boss or enemy which has been exposed as vulnerable will take damage by an extra 20%!

Superior Coordination
Superior Coordination Node
It will increase the effective radius for the mentioned Nodes!

This Node will increase the effective radius of Coordinated Assualt and Mutual Defense to 10 yards. Before, the respective Nodes would trigger when your party members were within 5 yards from you. Now it will also work when they are 10 yards away from you!

Best Paragon Tree For PvP/PvE

As mentioned before, Paragons unlock when a player hits 60 level cap. They can achieve higher levels of Paragon without any limit.

If you’re playing as an aggressive and offensive class, Vanquisher should be your first target during your early levels.
Vanquisher Paragon Tree will allow your character to deal considerable damage in both PvP and AOE.

When you’re clearing out dungeons and facing off against mobs of enemies, the Vanquisher Paragon can help you clear them out through its versatile range of effects.

The best Paragon Tree you could activate for the Monk class is the one that has more survivability effects, such as the Life, Resistance, and Armor.

Unlike our hard-hitting classes, such as the Barbarian and Crusader, the Monk is considered fragile and bound to take heavy damage.

Therefore, you should get your hands on the Vanquisher’s survivability points. Other than that, a PvP playstyle would pull you towards the Gladiator Paragon Tree.

The Gladiator Paragon will help you survive more in battle with its effects, such as the Uncontrollable, which grants a player immunity for 30 seconds.

Moreover, Cheat Death is an exceptional skill in the Gladiator Paragon Tree which will highly benefit you in PvP fights when you’re low on health. Because we’ve already covered the skills and their effects earlier in the guide, you’ll already be familiar with them.

It is improbable for the Monk to die early in any battle when you have activated the Gladiator or the Vanquisher Paragon Tree.

If, however, you are not satisfied with your experiences gained in any Paragon Trees mentioned, Diablo Immortal allows the players to reset their Paragon Levels weekly.

Thus, they have the option to try out different builds to satisfy their playstyle!

Easiest Farming Method For Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels

We have finally covered all of the Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels, Trees, Points, and their respective Nodes. Now we head over to the methods of obtaining the Paragon points!

In Diablo Immortal, certain areas, dungeons, and bounties provide you with extra Experience Points for leveling your Paragon. The easiest and simplest way of farming is through the Elder Rift. 

It is, and probably might be, a common method of gaining XP. However, most players are unaware of the fact that they can stay idle or AFK ( A term used for a player who’s away from the keyboard) and still receive XP.

What? How is that possible? Well, it’s quite simple, guys. When you’re in Elder Rift with your party members, each time they get a kill, you get a kill as well. So, the more enemies they defeat, you will also receive the same bonuses!

However, there is a catch. You cannot remain idle for more than a few minutes. If you do, the game will automatically remove you from staying inactive.

Going toward our following method, you should always be on the lookout for any featured double battle pass points or boosted drop rates in the Codex section.

Who knows, you might find some pretty solid ways to grab a massive amount of XP in a few minutes of completing them!

You can farm and grind in the locations mentioned below in order to maximize the number of experience points to upgrade your Paragon Levels. 

Similarly, when you’re in PvP mode, your sole focus should be grabbing as many bounties as possible. It will help you gain additional XP without any effort. Other than that, locations other than Elder Rift may include the Shadow’s Assembly, Frozen Tundra, and the Library of Zoltun Kulle.

Hopefully, you can grind XP from the methods mentioned above and unlock all Diablo Immortal Paragon Levels and Trees!

That was the end of our Diablo Immortal Paragon Tree guide and I hope it removed any doubt or confusion everyone had regarding the playstyle, Paragon attributes, and the best Paragon for the ultimate class.

You can share your experience here in the comment section regarding any queries falling in any category of the Paragons in Diablo Immortal.

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