Diablo Immortal Potency [Explained]

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Diablo Immortal is a rising action-packed, thrilling and adventurous game allowing people to chop down numerous monsters in style. Its story lies between Diablo II and Diablo III as the creators try to rekindle with the players. The world of Diablo Immortal presents the player with a plethora of world-building and character attributes. One such attribute is Potency.

Key Takeaways

  • Potency is an attribute in Diablo Immortal that determines how long debuffs will last on enemies.
  • Potency works on both mob bosses and other players and can give players an edge in a fight.
  • Potency is important for CC-dependent players, and it is most important for players opting for the monk class.
  • To increase potency, players can use Willpower, Paragon Abilities, and Items, including gems.
  • Increasing potency can help players prolong the lingering effects of their attacks and deal with opponents efficiently.

In RPGs, players must be familiar with their stats and attribute to showcase their skills in battle. Such is the case with Diablo Immortal and its attribute of Potency. People often ignore Potency, which is an integral part of a character’s kit. You can find Potency under your secondary attributes tab along with Combat Rating, Armor, Armor Penetration, and Resistance. Knowing these attributes allows you to devise better strategies to defeat your opponent. Also, providing you with more insight into Diablo Immortal’s mesmerizing world.

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Potency along with other secondary attributes.

What does Potency Do in Diablo Immortal?

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Player fighting while using burn

Potency is the number in the world of Diablo Immortal that determines how long your debuffs will last on your enemies. It works on both mob bosses and other players and can allow you to get that edge in a fight. If you are a player who relies on CC which is what potency is for, this guide is for you. When you attack an enemy with one of your abilities, you are basically comparing your Potency against their resistance.

Having a good potency level doesn’t mean that the effect will always be applied. So it is more worthwhile to aim for It to be higher than the enemy’s resistance. If your Potency is significantly stronger than their resistance, it can allow you to CC them for ages. An extra 50% duration against players and 99% against mobs to be exact. Such a time difference in their attacks could make all the difference you need to win your fight.

As mentioned before, Potency is crucial for CC-dependent players. If you are of them, it can allow you to make sure that the lingering effects of your attacks, such as Chill/Slow e.t.c are prolonged to the point you can deal with your opponent efficiently. If you are going for a necromancer build, you can check out our guide here to see how Potency would fit into that. Potency is most important for players opting for the monk class as they rely on AOE attacks. This will allow them to deal with any foes swiftly.

However, if you are always a victim of CC, it would be more worthwhile to put points into your resistance. It can help you win fights and defeat numerous monsters as you tolerate whatever they throw at you.

How to Increase Potency in Diablo Immortal

You can increase your Potency by using Willpower, Paragon Abilities, and Items so let’s go through them one by one.


One to increase potency is by raising your primary attribute “Willpower”. Combat rating increases by 1% of all classes so if you increase willpower, it will also increase your potency and resistance.

If you are not a CC-dependent player, you are better off investing your points in resistance rather than potency. This will give you a higher chance of winning fights against foes with high potency.

Paragon Abilities

The paragon levels start to rise once a player hits the maximum level cap of 60. After that, when you can exp, your normal level stays at 60 but your paragon level rises. You can use these paragon levels to increase your persistent attributes which will, in turn, raise your potency.


Items in Diablo Immortals provide players with different stats and attributes. These attributes stay with the player as long as they have equipped the item. Likewise, some items increase potency. Equipping those items would boost your potency just the same.

You can even increase your potency by using gems and if you can’t find the right one, make sure to check our best gems guide.

The numerous gems in Diablo Immortal with their stats

Let us know below If you think investing in Potency is worth it or not!

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