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Diablo Immortal Public Alpha

Diablo® Immortal™
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The controversial spin-off to Diablo, Diablo: Immortal is getting a limited technical alpha, as it was posted on the Diablo Immortal Twitter. The game’s story will act as a prequel to Diablo 2, serving to bridge the gap between the 2nd and 3rd games. Also, the entire storyline will be available for free as well as future content updates. The test will be mostly centred on the early levelling experience and a few mid-game systems. You can sign up for the alpha here.

In the alpha, players will get access to 4 out of the 6 classes that will be available in the final game, the barbarian, monk, demon hunter, and wizard, the 2 missing classes being the crusader and necromancer. Blizzard has also said that they might add more classes in the future and that they will be available for free. The alpha will also feature a lower level cap, maxing at level 45. This game will feature similar features to Diablo 3, albeit slightly altered. (Get Diablo III Eternal Collection on consoles here)

Diablo Immortal Gameplay Trailer - YouTube
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Changed Systems

Legendary items will have to be acquired naturally by the player, as there will not be an option to trade them. However, for legendaries to stay relevant, a crafting system that will allow you to dismantle other weapons for crafting material that is used to level up legendaries will be put in place. Legendaries levelled up by this system will get random bonus proprieties.

The paragon system also returns with some minor tweaks. Instead of only one paragon tree, there will be multiple to cater your character to your playstyle.

Another system that will be altered will be the random rift dungeons, this time they will require a key to be accessed.

The information we have at the moment regarding the monetization of this game suggest that the purchases will include a battle pass. A format that has become widespread in almost every game at this point. Plus, an item called crests that will modify the rifts talked about earlier, making them harder or easier. Another form of monetization will come in the form of Reforging stones, an item used to refine pieces of gear in specific ways, thus removing the R.N.G aspect of getting a perfect item.

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