Diablo Immortal: All Set Drop Locations

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What are Set Items?

Set Items are ranked the highest in the Diablo Immortal world and provide players with various buffs to help them in their battles. The set items do not interfere with your primary equipment, which you choose according to your taste and class. They are basically considered “secondary equipment” as they grant you abilities and buffs to enhance your combat capabilities further.  

Key Takeaways

  • Set Items are highly ranked items in Diablo Immortal that provide players with various buffs to aid them in their battles.
  • Set Items are considered as secondary equipment and do not interfere with primary ones.These items come in sets of 2, 4, or 6, with each piece having a different buff that aids the player.
  • Set Items can be found in dungeons that players can only enter twice a week, and their drop rate is based entirely on RNG.
  • Hell I, II, and IV difficulties provide different equipment pieces, and players can only equip Set Items in the late game. Players can mix and match Set Items to see what works best for them.
  • There are 8 sets in Diablo Immortal, each with its own bonuses.
  • The Grace of Flagellant Set offers bonuses to damage and lightning strikes on enemies. The Mountebank Set offers a shield that absorbs damage and can explode, dealing damage to enemies.
  • The Feasting Baron Pack Set increases the duration of abilities that make enemies lose control and offers increased damage to those enemies. The War Rags of Shal’baas Set increases primary attack damage and speed.
  • Vithu’s Urges Set provides buffs to you and your party members depending on the number of pieces equipped, with the 6-piece set creating an area that gives a 15% life drain for 10 seconds.
  • Shepherd’s Call to Wolves Set enhances summons with increased attack damage, critical hit chance, and a killing state effect triggered by a critical hit. 
  • Issatar Imbued Set grants increased attack speed, damage dealt, and a chance to call forth a “Soul orb” that deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Windloft Perfection Set provides a movement speed increase and damage boost when using the “Thousand Winds” ability, with the 6-piece set also providing a shield against enemy attacks.
  • Each set has its own specific items, locations, slots and perks that should be matched according to the player’s class and build.

Subsequently, Set Items come forth in sets of 2, 4, or 6, with each piece having a different buff that will aid the player in their ventures. If you think these set items are incompatible with your class, then worry not. These set items have been designed to fit in almost all classes for the most part. If you are unsure about your class and want to see what will be most amplified by these items, check out our best class guide.

Furthermore, the game transpires creativity by allowing the player to mix and match the Set Items. You are free to join them together to see what works best for you. Therefore, you will need to understand the importance of these buffs as you progress further into the game and encounter stronger monsters.

How to Find Set Items

As mentioned, Set Items are highly ranked, which means they won’t be available to players during the early or mid-game. These items are only available in the late game, meaning players will need to grind a lot. Moreover, luck and RNG will have to be on your side as well so that your sub-stats are up to par.

Remember that the Set Items can be found in dungeons which the players can only choose to enter twice a week. The upward arrow on the dungeons will show the drop rate for the items. If you can’t seem unable to enter the dungeon in a given week, fret not as they get rest every Monday, server time. After they reset, you can once again take part in the dungeon.

Alongside this, you will also need to make yourself aware of the different Hell difficulties. Hell I provide you with Waist, Feet, and Hands piece, which allows players to amplify their damage and subdue their enemies. Hell II provides you with the Ring slots and the neckpiece. If you have the item you want in mind, choose the Hell difficulty following that.

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Hell difficulty window screen

However, the equipment you will gather has some prerequisites before you can put them on. Firstly, These items can only be equipped when you have reached the end stage of the game, as it can disrupt the power dynamic in the early game.

Secondly, The Set Items drop rate is based entirely on RNG, so if you can’t find the item, you just got to try again until you find it. Lastly, every set has two pieces in Hell IV which can be unlocked through a lot of grinding. So, start playing if you hope to have all six parts of a set.

Diablo Immortal Set Drop Locations

There are a total of 8 sets that the players can acquire. Hence, each set has its own bonuses, so paying attention to them is worth it. Below, I will clearly list the items, their stats, where to find them, and which slot they go in. So let’s start with Diablo Immortal Set Drop Locations!

Grace of Flagellant Set

2 pieces equipped – 15% increase in every damage type.

4 pieces equipped – You will deal an additional 287 damage upon attacking an enemy five-time,

6 pieces equipped – When you attack an enemy, you have a 4% chance to rain a lighting strike on your enemies, which deals significant damage of 1724. This ability has a 40 seconds cooldown.

Item Name Equipment Slot Location
Severed Thumb Ring 1 Severed Thumb (Hell IV+)
Broken Palm Ring 2 Kikuras Rapids (Hell IV+)
Bloody Hand Hands Cavern of Echoes (Hell II+)
Cut Throat Neck Temple of Namari (Hell II+)
Open Gut Waist Pit of Anguish (Hell I+)
Torn Sole Feet Mad King’s Breach (Hell I+)
Location of Grace of Flagellant Set

Untouchable Mountebank

2 pieces equipped – a 20% chance to gain a shield that can absorb damage equal to 13% of your health. Having a large health bar with this item would be very beneficial. This ability has a 9 seconds cooldown.

4 pieces equipped – The damage the shield can absorb increases to 33%. It also allows you to run past your enemies with the shield active.

6 pieces equipped – 25% chance that your shield explodes and deals damage up to 40% of your health bar, once the shield breaks.

Item Name Equipment Slot Location
Mountebank’s Misdirection Ring 1 Temple of Namari (Hell IV+)
Mountebank’s Marvel Ring 2 Kikuras Rapids (Hell IV+)
Mountebank’s Shirking Hands Pit of Anguish (Hell II+)
Mountebank’s Flourish Neck Cavern of Echoes (Hell II+)
Mountebank’s Bravado Waist Mad King’s Breach (Hell I+)
Mountebank’s Slyness Feet Forgotten Tower (Hell I+)
Location of Mountebank Set Items
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Via: Dot Esports

Feasting Baron Pack Set

2 pieces equipped – Abilities that cause the enemies to lose control have their duration increased by 30%.

4 pieces equipped – 15% increased damage to enemy targeted by abilities that make them lose control.

6 pieces equipped – If you attack an enemy with a power that makes them lose control, a shard of ice will damage enemies for an additional 766 damage and will freeze them for up to 4 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Item Name Equipment Slot Location
The Turnkey Ring 1 Tomb of Fahir (Hell IV+)
The Prisoner Ring 2  Forgotten Tower (Hell IV+)
The Mailed Fist Hands Kikuras Rapids (Hell II+)
The Subjugator Neck Destruction’s End (Hell II+)
The Gaoler Waist Temple of Namari (Hell I+)
The Tyrant Feet Cavern of Echoes (Hell I+)
Location of Feasting Baron Pack Set

War Rags of Shal’baas Set

2 pieces equipped – Primary attack damage increases by 15%.

4 pieces equipped – As you continuously deal damage with your primary attack, your attack speed keeps rising to 25%.

6 pieces equipped – Chance to increase your attack speed by 10 seconds when you deal damage with your primary attack. There is a 30 seconds cooldown on this ability.

Item Name Equipment Slot Location
Resting Fangs of Shal’baas Ring 1 Temple of Namari (Hell IV+)
Braided Serpent of Shal’baas Ring 2  Cavern of Echoes (Hell IV+)
Dozen Strikes of Shal’baas Hands Mad King’s Breach (Hell II+)
Burning Heart of Shal’baas Neck  Pit of Anguish (Hell II+)
Storm-Tack of Shal’baas Waist Forgotten Tower (Hell I+)
Wind-trods of Shal’baas Feet Tomb of Fahir (Hell I+)
Location of War Rags of Shal’baas Set

Vithu’s Urges Set

2 pieces equipped – 30% increase in the duration of buffs to you and your party.

4 pieces equipped – 30% increase in your or your party member’s attack speed for 3 seconds.

6 pieces equipped – If you buff someone or yourself, create an area that gives a 15% life drain for 10 seconds. This ability has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Item Name Equipment Slot Location
Shameless Urge Ring 1 Tomb of Fahir (Hell IV+)
Modest Urge Ring 2  Destruction’s End (Hell IV+)
Luminary’s Urge Hands Temple of Namari (Hell II+)
Awakener’s Urge Neck Kikuras Rapids (Hell II+)
Exemplar’s Urge Waist Cavern of Echoes (Hell I+)
Beacon’s Urge Feet Pit of Anguish (Hell I+)
Location of Vithu’s Urges Set
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Shepard’s Call to Wolves Set

2 pieces equipped – 15% increase in attack damage of any summons.

4 pieces equipped – Your summons have an increased chance of a critical hit by 3%, which can increase to a max of 18%.

6 pieces equipped – If your summons land a critical hit, it can send the other summons into a killing state, granting them a 100% increase in both attack speed and damage. This ability has a 40 seconds cooldown.

In addition, this set is especially highly viable for necromancer build. If you need help building that, you can check out our guide here.

Item Name Equipment Slot Location
Shepherd and Mother Ring 1 Mad King’s Breach (Hell IV+)
Shepherd and Father Ring 2 Forgotten Tower (Hell IV+)
Shepherd and Beastmaster Hands Destruction’s End (Hell II+)
Shepherd and Architect Neck Tomb of Fahir (Hell II+)
Shepherd and Begetter Waist Kikuras Rapids (Hell I+)
Shepherd and Leader Feet Temple of Namari (Hell I+)
Location of Shepard’s Call to Wolves Set

Issatar Imbued Set

2 pieces equipped – Killing an enemy grants you 30% increased attack speed for 2 seconds.

4 pieces equipped – Damage dealt is increased by 2.5% similarly whenever your attack speed is buffed by 5%.

6 pieces equipped – Chance of calling forth a “Soul orb” for a duration of 10 seconds. It deals 263 damage to all nearby enemies. The ability has a 40 seconds cooldown.

Item Name Equipment Slot Location
Issatar Undone Ring 1 Cavern of Echoes (Hell IV+)
Issatar Enraged Ring 2 Pit of Anguish (Hell IV+)
Issatar’s Open Hand Hands Forgotten Tower (Hell II+)
Issatar At Rest Neck Mad King’s Breach (Hell II+)
Issatar Contained Waist Tomb of Fahir (Hell I+)
Issatar The Brute Feet  Destruction’s End (Hell I+)
Location of Issatar Imbued Set

Windloft Perfection Set

2 pieces equipped – Grants the player with “Thousand Winds.” An ability that provides the player with a 15% increase in movement speed, thus giving them a chance to find an opening and demolish their enemies. However, In this state, if the player takes damage he is forced out of Thousand Winds for up to 3 seconds.

4 pieces equipped – Increased damage for up to 20% whenever thousand winds is in use. This makes the player deal a lot of damage in addition to their already increased speed allowing the player to make some sick combos and even end the battle instantly.

6 pieces equipped – Gain a shield upon activating a Thousand winds, which will protect you from 5 enemy attacks. This ability has a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Item Name Equipment Slot Location
Fairfleet Ring 1 Mad King’s Breach (Hell IV+)
Foulfleet  Ring 2 Pit of Anguish (Hell IV+)
Hurtling Steel  Hands Tomb of Fahir (Hell II+)
Wisdom’s Edge Neck Forgotten Tower (Hell II+)
Whipcrack Waist Destruction’s End (Hell I+)
Stump-Stir Feet Kikuras Rapids (Hell I+)
Location of Windloft Perfection Set

Well, that brings us to the conclusion of our Diablo Immortal Set Drop Locations guide. Moreover, all these items have different perks, so ensure that you match them according to your class and build.

Lastly, let us know down below which item set you find the most useful.

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