Diablo Immortal: Shadow Lottery & Faction [Explained]

Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery is among the ways you can join the Shadow faction. Shadow faction is one of the main factions in Diablo Immortal that contests in the Cycle of Strife. This guide will walk you through how to join the shadow faction and try to win the Shadow Lottery.

Key Takeaways

  • Players need to be at or above level 43 and have completed the Bilefen Quest to join the Shadow faction in Diablo Immortal.
  • Players can join the Shadow faction through winning the Shadow Lottery or receiving an invite from an existing member. The Shadow Lottery takes place three times a day. 
  • If a player wins the Shadow Lottery, they can start the Shadow Mettle Quest and receive the mission contract from Bartender Bailey.
  • The Shadow Mettle Quest has three objectives: Path of the Blood, Master Vault Raider, and The Ancient Champions.
  • Completing the quest rewards you with the Akeba Signet and officially makes you a member of the Shadow Faction.
  • The primary task of a member of the shadow faction is to compete in the Rite of Exile and beat the Immortals.
  • To participate in a Rite of Exile, the shadow member must be part of a Dark Clan and ensure their clan is in the top 10. 
  • Completing tasks assigned to your Clan, such as Path of Blood, can help raise your rank and earn marks. 
  • The members of the shadow faction can earn hilts to purchase crest in-game in Battlegrounds mode and they can gather loot and defeat monsters in the vault of immortals to earn Essentia for rewards in Vault Raids.
  • To progress in the Rite of Exile, you need to secure victory in at least half of the matches. 
  • Once the Rite of Exile is complete, all remaining shadow Faction members are automatically kicked.

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play RPG game primarily made for mobile phones. It takes the player through numerous challenges. The challenges have various difficulties, keeping the player on the edge of their seats at all times. Even though it was released recently, the game has garnered countless fans. Being a sequel to Diablo III, the game’s story lies between Diablo II and III. Fans of the previous parts have been allowed to take part in a new adventure with the nostalgic feeling of slaying down monsters.

The game has a faction system which is in direct relation to the story that unfolds. Therefore, it is better to be cautious when choosing your faction, whether it be Immortals, Adventures, or Shadows. To better understand the factions, I’ll give you a run-down of them.

Every player in diablo Immortal starts as an adventurer who is not swayed by morals and are considered the neutral faction. They are unable to take part in the Cycle of Strife. Secondly, the Immortal faction is the one tasked with the protection of the Cycle of Strife. Lastly, The Shadow Faction fights the Immortal faction to dethrone them and claim their spot. I will explain it further as we go through this guide.

What is the Shadow Faction?

An overview of the PVP from the game showcases the rivalry between the Immortals and the Shadows. It is mainly because the shadow’s task is to lay waste to the Immortals and take their place as the new protectors of the Cycle of Strife. Players are primarily looking to join in on the action and be a part of the glory, which is why we have you covered.

This guide will take you through how you can join the shadow faction. However, the process of joining heavily depends on your luck and your build, so if you want help making a solid build, feel free to check our Diablo Immortal Best Classes guide.

Joining the Shadow Faction

Joining Diablo Immortal Shadow Faction is a tedious process. You need to have enough exp to be at or above level 43 and should have successfully completed the Bilefen Quest. These two requirements are necessary to progress into your journey as a shadow. From here on, your primary goal is to win the Shadow Lottery and officially become one with the shadow.

Joining the Shadow Faction – Method 2

As I mentioned, there are two ways to join the Shadow Faction. The process mentioned above is one of them. The other way is to receive an invite from an existing member of the shadow and ask them to use an extra Akeba Signet to help you join the Shadow Faction. They will also be rewarded if they invite someone to join the faction. However, to obtain the Akeba Signet, the member inside the Shadow Faction will have to go through the abovementioned trials. This will include the Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery.

Now you might be wondering why you need to go through all of this?. What is the point of winning the infamous Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery? Why is it worth it? Well, to answer your question, let’s look at what the Shadow Faction offers you.

What is the Shadow Lottery?

You can become a part of the Shadow faction through two means, although the success of both of them depends on you winning the shadow lottery. The shadow lottery takes place thrice during the day -12 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm-and has an hour-long period where you can play. Winning the shadow lottery is entirely up to chance, so don’t forget to take part in it if you are feeling lucky. Follow the steps below to see if you can join the shadow faction.

Image showing a "dialogue between player and Mysterious Patron in Diablo Immortal"
  • After participating in the Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery, Make your way to the Mysterious Patron at the Westmarch Tavern. You can either you the waypoint to get there or just carry-on foot.
  • When the lottery is finished, you will receive a letterbox announcing whether you won or not. As previously mentioned, the shadow lottery is entirely based on luck, so even if you lose, don’t get disheartened. You can try as many times at these times again until you get an invite.
  • If your luck paid off and you won, run back to the Mysterious Patron so that you can start the Shadow Mettle Quest.
  • Lastly, you will have to talk with Bartender bailey to receive the mission contract.
Photo showing "diablo immortal shadow lottery winner message"
Shadow Lottery Winner Message

The Shadow Mettle Quest

The Shadow Mettle Quest tests your strength and checks if you are worthy of being a part of the shadow faction. Be ready for a lot of action and hurdles you will have to overcome. The quest consists of three objectives that you to complete, so let’s go through them one by one

Path of the Blood

This quest takes place at the ‘Court of Whispers’, which you can find through your map. Once you arrive there, make your way through the crowd and find the NPC named ‘Nuon.’ The NPC will task you with taking out hordes of monsters coming in waves.

image showcasing 'Diablo immortal Shadow Lottery Location"
Location of Court of Whispers

There will be three waves of enemies, and their difficulty will increase with each wave. So, prepare well before making your way there. All you need to do when the monsters arrive is what you do best, slay. Killing all the monsters will complete your first objective of the quest.

Master Vault Raider

Unlike the previous objective, this one is rather laid back. First, you need to find Fyggus in the ‘Court of Whispers.’ He will task you with collecting 25 Essentia. These Essentia come from drops after you kill enemies in the vault. You would have to keep slaying monsters until you gather 25 Essentia.

Image showing "Description of Diablo Immortal Shadow Mettle Quest"

However, even though it isn’t apparent, this quest has a timeframe. The timeframe is not a specific number, but the time you have before the warden intervenes. If he does, it will mean you have failed and have to re-do the quest. To avoid failure, you must ensure you have all you need to defeat them. You can check out our best gems guide to have some extra help. After completing this objective, please make your way to the Mysterious Patron once more so that he can give you the ultimate objective.

The Ancient Champions

Lastly, once you talk with the Mysterious Patron, he will guide you to where you need to kill some enemies. If you don’t wish to fail, don’t think of this as an easy task and prepare fully.

The enemies you will be facing off against are the Ancient Champions. You will need to kill all three champions to complete this quest, and trust me when I tell you they are hard to beat. The objectives require you to fully understand your class so you can masterfully take down your foes.

Completing this objective will reward you with the Akeba Signet. You will have to showcase it to the Mysterious Patron as a token of your strength and what you can contribute to the Shadow Faction. Once you do that, you will officially become a Shadow.

Tasks of a Shadow

The primary task of a member of the shadow faction is to compete in the Rite of Exile and beat the Immortals. However, the journey to that required some grinding with equal if not more worthy rewards. To partake in a Rite of Exile, the shadow member must be part of a Dark Clan. Furthermore, you need to make sure that your clan is in the top 10 so that it is selected in the Rite of Exile. Now, to ensure that your Clan is among the best, you will have to complete the tasks assigned to your Clan.

Image showing "Join dark clan screen"

Firstly, in your activities tab, you will have a familiar name, “Path of blood.” You can start this task in the ‘Court of Whispers.’ This task is what you will mainly have to focus on and completed multiple times. Completing these will reward you with Marks. These marks are significant as they help you raise your rank.

Secondly, once you have enough Marks to increase your level to Initiate II, you can start taking on contracts. To take on these contracts, head to the Westmarch tavern and interact with the bartender. He will give you the contracts which you can complete to earn rewards. Remember that the contracts are only weekly so you will have to keep doing other activities. But make sure not to miss them as they grant you up to 700 marks at the end of the week.

Thirdly, we have Battlegrounds. A member of the shadow faction can participate in an 8v8 PVP mode and earn hilts. These hilts allow you to purchase crest in-game. To participate in these battles, you need to fulfill the requirement first, which is to be at least level 55. If you want to take part, all you have to do is interact with Captain in Westmarch. You can only partake twice in these battles daily, so make sure you win to have exciting rewards.

At number fourth, we have Vault Raids. Vault raids are the most famous among players as it is the easiest way to gather up loot. These raids are like the second objective of the Shadow Mettle Quest. You will have to defeat monsters in the vault of immortals, which you grant you Essentia until killing. The number of Essentia you have will determine the rarity of your reward. If you keep at it, you will have incredible legendary armor and items in no time.

Now that the small stuff Is out of the way, let’s move on to the main event.

Rite of Exile

image showing "Diablo immortal rite of exile description"
Description of Rite of Exile

The top 10 dark clans will be selected to represent the shadow faction in the rite of exile. The members of these clans will have to face off against the immortals with all their might. To progress onwards, you need to secure victory in at least half of the matches. If you are able to win them, you will start the challenge of Immortals. In it, you will face off against a gigantic immortal boss who is very tough to beat. This is why you need to carry out the tasks mentioned above and reach a level where you can easily take on this monster.

If you manage to defeat this monster, you will establish yourself as the Immortals of the server. This will give you enough power that you can even bring two more dark clans from the Shadow Faction to the Immortals.

Once this is done, all the remaining shadow Faction members are automatically kicked. They are once again adventures hoping to become shadows. This is why becoming one of the top 10 dark clan members is essential. If you were kicked from the shadow faction, just look at this guide again and make your way towards the peak starting for the Diablo Immortal Shadow Lottery.

This concludes our guide on Diablo Immortals: Shadow Lottery and Shadow Faction. Let us know down below if you managed to capture yourself an invitation from the shadow lottery.

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