Diablo Immortal Shadow War: Secret Clan Guide

Diablo Immortal Shadow War
Diablo Immortal Shadow War

Diablo Immortal is making a lot of noise with a fair share of community approval and criticism. Despite the mobile exclusivity and whopping micro-transactions, players are still enjoying the myriad of the content offered by players. One of these endgame content also includes Diablo Immortal shadow war, which is becoming players’ prime attention. 

Key Takeaways

  • Shadow War is a PvP battle mode introduced by Diable Immortal in which players make clans and fight each other, resultantly getting amazing rewards.
  • Players that have achieved the endgame can play this exclusive weekly tournament.
  • You can use two ways to join a clan. One way is to pursue the lottery from the Mysterious Patron in Westmarch. The lottery is held 3 times a day. The other way to get into a clan is by getting an invitation from a friend that is already a member. This requires your friend to gift you the Akeba’s Signet.
  • There are two battle stages; Main Battles and Support Battles. Main battles are played by Immortal Boss that fights a horde of 30 players respawning after dying. His objective is to stay longer than the shadow team. He has some of the best skills in his arsenal like Bladestorm, Eternal Fire, Howl of Terror, Immortal Leap, and many others.
  • Support Battles are played by 30 other clan members whose performances affect the skills of the boss in the main battle. Thus, both battles go hand in hand with each other.
  • You can use the initial time to make player-team strategies. You can make calls, distribute players in the team, look for possible loopholes, and much more. Defeat the first boss as soon as possible to gain an advantage in the upcoming one. Do read the stats after any battle and see for the positives and the weaknesses.
  • Shadow Wars reward a ton of items. These include Immortal Cloak Cosmetic, Kion’s Ordeal raid, a Vault raid, and many more. Your team will also get ranked as top 10 Dark Clans. Leaders can also reward their fellow players.

Apart from fighting numerous monsters in the deep legions of hell, the latest Diablo Immortal has introduced a PvP combat system that will enhance the players’ experience even further. The Shadow War is purely a PvP-focused mode that allows players to join a clan and compete against other players to earn some hefty rewards. 

Unlike the traditional clan system in other games, Diablo Immortal shadow war is more detailed and broad with stringent rules for fighting against each other. If you are also one of those players that are looking for new PvP experiences in Diablo Immortal, then you are at the right place.

This guide entails all the details you need to know from what is shadow war to how to join the clan in Diablo Immortal. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Diablo Immortal Shadow War

Now players can become immortal warriors by winning the Shadow War Player vs. Player battle in the game. The battle is filled with rich lore and hellish battle, that is going to test your abilities. 

For those that are new to the Diablo Immortal shadow war, it is the weekly PvP tournament in addition to the Cycle of Strife exclusive for selected candidates. The selected candidates must have reached the endgame of the campaign and must prove their abilities to participate in the tournament. 

Diablo Immortal Shadow War
Diablo Immortal Shadow War

To dive into the PvP world, first, you will have to join the players’ clan to compete in the shadow war. Some of the notable clans in the game are Shadow Lottery Clan and Dark Clan. Let’s discuss how you can join these clans to become a part of the legendary shadow war in Diablo Immortal.

How To Join Clan For Shadow War?

Joining the clan for the shadow war is another crux of the matter. Additionally, it will not be going to be an easy feat as the process is slow because of weekly openings.

These openings will be available on Monday and Tuesday every week. Meanwhile, if you are selected, you will be able to face the battle on Thursday and a second battle on Saturday.  For that instance, you will have to signup for a Shadow Faction to join a clan, such as Dark Clan. 

In order to join the clans, you can either pursue the lottery from the Mysterious Patron in Westmarch. All you need to do is to sign up and wait for your character to get selected through a lottery. The lottery event is held every day at 12 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm in the real life. Meanwhile, the results are announced after an hour.

Or you can also get invited by a clan member to join the Dark Clan without having to worry about a huge time of lottery and take on the journey of a shadow war. In essence, players will not send a direct invitation to your character from the Dark Clan. In fact, players from Dark Clan will gift Akeba’s Signet item to the player that is seeking to join the clan. 

For that, all you need to do is ask your friend that is in the clan to gift you the Akeba’s Signet. This way you can join the Dark Clan and pursue the next objectives for the shadow war. Those that want to invite their friends to the clan must have Akeba’s Signet item. Players will be able to get the item by re-entering the lottery session. Winning the lottery again will allow them to get an Akeba’s Signet to use for inviting a friend to the clan. 

Akeba's Signet for player recruitment
Akeba’s Signet for player recruitment

Players can also register themselves for the clan leader after joining Dark Clan. Once you are in the clan, you will be able to see the interactive menu for Top 10, Brackets, and the upcoming Battle. 

Diablo Immortal Tournament Brackets
Tournament Brackets

The top 10 shows the 10 entries of teams that are going to play in the tournament. On the other side, Brackets are the tournament representation for all the teams and their competition against each other. With each competition, the game will also show the respective time of the battle. 

For that instance, players must ensure to join the game at the respective time of the battles as there is no waiting time and you may lose your battle. Apart from that, the winning team will progress further in the Brackets while the losing team will be knocked out of the tournament. 

How To Fight in Shadow War Diablo Immortal?

At this moment, the mighty battle of immortals and shadows begins to test the abilities and team coordination to win the war. Meanwhile, it is not a single battle that determines who is worthy of taking the throne. In fact, game mechanics start multiple simultaneous battles to allow players to progress towards victory. Let’s discuss each battle stage and what you can expect in the Diablo Immortal shadow war

Main Battle

As you enter the battle brackets, players will face two types of battle stages. One is the Main Battle, while the next will be Support Battles. As for the Main Battle, the leader of the clan will enter the battleground as an Immortal with a plethora of different skills and abilities. 

The Immortal raid player will face 30 players as an opposing team in the Main Battle, with the top objective to kill the Immortal boss. Now, both teams of Immortal leader of the clan and opposing 30 players must strive to win the Main Battle to progress further in the tournament. 

On the other side, the rest of the team Dark Clan will be fighting in Support Battles at the same time as Main Battle. Support Battle is essential for Main Battle. For that instance, you might want to make efficient choices of players in both Battles to ensure success in the shadow war. 

Shadow War
Shadow War Battles

As for the main Battle, a player that is turned into an Immortal boss will be on their own against the massive opposing force of 30 players. The objective of the Immortal is to survive the wave of storming players alone. It is because these shadow players will respawn after dying. Plus their objective is to take down Immortal with only 1 life to claim the victory. 

As an Immortal player, you must use abilities and stay alive as much longer as you can while fighting hordes of opposing foes. Survive longer than the shadow team and you will be all set to win the Main Battle. 

The shadows team will join the battlegrounds with the choices of their own arsenal and abilities. Meanwhile, the Immortal character enters the battle with some of the best intro sequences and powerful skills to defend the position. 

These skills include Bladestorm, Eternal Fire, Howl of Terror, Immortal Leap, and many more. Bladestorm is one of the primary skills for Immortal allows players to deal continuous damage by turning their character into an intense storm of blades. The continuous damage is massive for PvP and will aid you to take out multiple opponents at a single time. 

Immortal Leader Skills
Immortal Leader Skills

On the other side, Eternal Fire dishes out a huge three waves of fire that moves along the battlefield. The cherry on top is that it is going to slow down the foes, thus giving you an edge to make the next brutal move. Howl of Terror and Immortal Leap are also significant skills that may aid in the AoE and combat movements. 

Players may also hear that Immortal must be the highest level in Main Battle. It is because, the higher level will ensure the best skills and abilities, thus giving a prominent edge in battle. You must ensure the leader of the clan must be of a higher level with tons of experience in the game mechanics to easily tackle the tricky situations of the PvP battle. 

Support Battle

Apart from the main battle, another half of your team will be playing the Support Battles in the shadow war of Diablo Immortal. There are two Support Battles that will directly contribute to your Immortal leader in the Main Battle. 

Each of the two battles involves 30 players from your clan. Unlike Main Battle, these 30 players will fight an NPC Immortal boss. This aspect of the Support Battles does not make them much different from the Main Battle.

However, the contribution of the buffs from the 30 players is what makes Support Battle more significant. 

Support Battle
Support Battle

It means, that winning the Support Battle will aid Immortal with health and combat buffs in the main battle, thus assisting to win the shadow war. For that instance, players will have to make careful considerations for both selecting the Immortal leader and the 30-player team for Support Battle. 

As you can see, both of the battles are extremely important and will pave the way for securing the victory at the end of the tournament. Make the right choice for the team in Main and Support Battles. This way you can increase the chance of winning the shadow war. 

Proper communication is extremely crucial to ensure which clan member will be going for Main Battle and which is going into the Support. The essence of the PvP relies on VoIP software to ensure an efficient distribution team and discuss the progress along the way. As a leader of the clan, you can incorporate the combat rating of each clan member to decide the team distribution dilemma. 

Tips and Tricks for Shadow War

Shadow war is an extremely immersive experience for being the PvP game in Diablo Immortal. With this immersive experience, the battle poses challenges to players of all kinds. Since you will be competing with players of all kinds with different combat ratings, you are going to face unexpected at every corner of the battle. 

However, incorporating some tips and tricks will assist players to enhance the defense and offense sides and ensure success against the opposing teams. One of the first and most important aspects of the shadow war is the start. The start of the battle has so much detail and features that you must not overlook. 

The initial screen will show all the battle listings as well as a menu option containing Rite Practice and Challenge Practice. It is worth noting that your first battle will not start right away. For instance, if your battle starts at 10 pm eastern, then joining the battle will give you an extra 20-minute time period for planning. 

During this period, you can distribute your team. Because, once the war commences, players will not be able to switch sides and will have to wait for the complete battle session. Also, it is essential to give attention to the details on the screen. 

The start of the battle will show you the team distribution, giving you a summary of what your team looks like. Additionally, you will also be able to see the main objectives on the left corner of your screen. 

For instance, players in the Support Battle will see the primary objective to Defeat the Immortal to add Damage to the Main Battle. Not just that but players will also be able to see a real-time bar that will show damage added and remaining. Following the objective will enable players to defeat the Immortal boss as fast as they can to dish out damage and HP bonus to their Immortal leader in Main Battle. 

The earlier you will defeat the NPC Immortal, the sooner you will be able to hop into Support Battle 2. It is one of the most effective strategies that work under coordination through communication and skills to defeat opponents and achieve victory in each battle. 

After winning a battle, you do not really have to quit the shadow war immediately. The ideal practice is to return to the Brackets and check out the eye icon of the battle that you just won. This eye icon will show you the breakdown of your battle. Incorporate your team to discuss the strength and weaknesses and how you can improve different aspects of your battle. 

Battle Overview
Battle Overview

Players can also check out other group battle breakdowns to see how well they are performing and how you can get a competitive edge by re-distribution of your team. There will always be a huge difference in your and others’ teams’ distribution. 

Shadow War Rewards

Apart from the tactical tricks to win the shadow war, you will also need to know about what rewards you will gain after claiming victory. Diablo Immortal dishes out some pretty amazing rewards for the tournament winners to make all the effort worth it. These rewards include all kinds of items ranging from normal to legendary rewards. 

Shadow War Rewards
Shadow War Rewards

Once you win the tournament, your team will be added to the top 10 Dark Clans along with access to the Immortal Factions. The rewards for the Diablo Immortal shadow war include Immortal Cloak Cosmetic, Kion’s Ordeal raid, a Vault raid, and many more. Players will also receive free weekly legendary items straight from the Vault. 

Diablo Immortal Top 10 Dark Clans
Top 10 Dark Clans

Now leaders will also be able to give certain roles to their players in the clan for a more rewarding gameplay experience. For instance, a winning clan leader can give crowns for ranking up to Leautanants levels. Rank up will also allow leaders to give them buffs and skills to prepare them for other quests and battles. 

Final Words

Although gaining access to the shadow war is a bit tricky and daunting, it is still one of the best experiences you can avail of from the all-new Diablo Immortal. Moreover, the PvP mode is not precise and you may face issues and bugs. These may include disconnection and other bugs that may hinder your performance and unexpected outcomes for your grinding. 

However, you can ignore these issues and still get a unique experience by crafting a perfect team with your friends in highly detailed Diablo Immortal. That is about it for diving into a shadow war in Diablo Immortal. Do you find this guide helpful for navigating through the shadow war with your team? What are your strategies and tricks to dominate in all battles of shadow war? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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