Diablo Immortal Stats Explained: Definitive Guide

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Diablo Immortal is an MMORPG recently released in 2022. The game seems to have a lot of hype and has established a strong fanbase. The game’s intricate design and character-building have left many in awe. However, it isn’t easy to understand them fully—that is why this Diablo Immortal Stats Explained guide will help you better understand the game.

Diablo Immortal builds up on the mechanics of its previous parts, with its story lying somewhere between Diablo II and Diablo III. The game allows players to relive their excitement of earlier games and carry it forward. The feeling of cutting down monsters and slaying everything that stands in their way leaves the player’s nostalgic sense tingling.

Furthermore, Diablo Immortals has a vast map for you to explore, each containing a different quest/event to partake in. Moreover, the game allows players to mold their character according to their standards. The players can choose their class and which faction they want to side with. Along with this, the player can also choose which stats they want to increase according to their playstyle. For this, you need awareness of the stats, and this Diablo Immortal Stats Explained guide provides you with that.

Diablo Immortal Stats

The Diablo Immortal Stats are primarily divided into three parts. Primary Attributes, Secondary Attributes, and Additional Attributes. So let’s go through them individually so that you know what you want to max according to your fighting style.

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Primary Attributes

Primary Attributes

Some classes might benefit more from increasing their specific primary attributes, but all classes benefit from Primary attributes are the main attributes you use in your fighting style. Increasing your primary attributes also increases your secondary attributes, increasing your overall character power and skills.

There are five primary attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Fortitude, Vitality, and Willpower.


Strength, as the name suggests, refers to physical power. The higher physical power you have, the higher your physical attacks deal damage. This stat is most important for a player who likes to get up close and personal when fighting. It gels very well with classes like Demon Hunter and Barbarian. However, a high-strength stat is essential for almost all classes during the game’s latter half.


Intelligence is your magic power. A high intelligence strength is crucial for all mages. It fits very well with a playstyle of playing further back and attacking from a distance. Players in the Wizard class need to have a high intelligence if they wish to progress with ease.


Fortitude increases your armor penetration and armor. This is necessary for any tank build so that you can endure the most hellish of attacks from the monsters and still be able to pierce through their tough skin.


Vitality increases your health. To improve your overall health so that you can afford to take prolonged fights, vitality is a must. A single hp can make all the difference in an all-out brawl, so it is recommended that you increase this stat regardless of your class.


This stat helps you increase your resistance and Potency, which I will explain later. Willpower allows you to showcase both offensive attacks and durability. So it is recommended that you raise this stat if you wish to become a hybrid player with high attack damage and defensive capabilities.

Fortitude, Willpower, and Vitality are a must to increase regardless of your class so make sure you keep on leveling those up. Moving on, we have secondary attributes.

Secondary Attributes

The primary attributes are directly linked to the secondary attributes, and they both increase in cohesion. So you can’t increase your primary attributes without realizing what it would mean for your secondary attributes. Secondary attributes are very significant as they allocate you buffs or nerfs depending on your combat rating, so pay attention.

image showing diablo immortal secondary attributes
Secondary Attributes

Offensive Rating

Offensive Rating is critical when fighting someone as it can provide more armor penetration. If you have a high offensive rating than the defensive Rating of your opponent, you will rip through their armor and deal more damage. This can allow you to overcome some of the most formidable foes you face, so you must keep this stat high.

Defensive Rating

The Defensive Rating allows you to take reduced damage if it exceeds the opponent’s offensive Rating. This raises your durability in a fight and will enable you to fight much more freely without always keeping an eye on your HP bar.

Combat Rating

Combat Rating combines both the offensive and defensive Rating. The higher the combat rating, the stronger your character is.

Armor Penetration

Armor Penetration is significant when fighting against tanks or monsters with a high armor stat. This stat allows you to neglect some of their armor and deal more damage which can help you take them down much more effortlessly.


Resistance is related to the amount of time you are under the effect of CC or long-lasting enemy spells. The higher your resistance, the more quickly you can break free of enemy stuns or freeze. It also neglects some of the damage done through burning.


Potency is related to how long your CC or long-lasting spells will last on your foes. The higher your potency stat, the more chance you can have them stun locked for ages. This can allow you to gain an advantage in your fights and win them. However, if the enemy’s resistance is more substantial than your Potency, your CC won’t be able to hold on for long. So, make sure to pay an eye to the enemy’s stats before fighting.

Moreover, Potency is beneficial for mages as they can keep the enemy locked in a position and deal damage from a distance. It can even help finish off enemies as it will continue for longer.

Lastly, we have Additional Attributes.

Additional Attributes

These stats come from equipping your gear. This is why it is necessary to know which items you need and where you can find them. Legendary items grant you many additional attributes hence why players much desire them. However, you must consider your playstyle while keeping the following stats in mind.

image showing additional attributes
Additional Attributes

Accuracy Rating

This Rating determines how successful your character is in hitting their enemies. This can allow you to check how much damage you deal with each strike that lands and strategize a plan according to it. It will also let you know how efficiently you are dealing with your foes.

Evasion Rating

This Rating calculates your chance of dodging enemy attacks. Equipment with this gear is very nice as it allows you to weave through your enemy attacks and land the finishing blow to win the fight.

Cooldown Reduction

As the name suggests, the cooldown reduction stat lowers the cooldown on all your abilities. This allows you to fire dozens of attacks at your enemies quickly. This is important if you want to go for some combos so that once you are done, you are not left defenseless without any way to counter-attack or defend.

Movement Speed

It refers to the speed of your player. Essentially, you would want this to be high so that you can move through the map quickly. Furthermore, it can help you evade attacks from your foes and can help you close the gap between them and you in an instant.

Life Regeneration

Life regeneration is basically you healing a percentage of your health every five seconds. This, coupled with movement speed, would allow you to hit enemies and come back quick enough so that you can heal even when fighting. With a high vitality stat, the recovered amount of health would be even higher. Remember, there are plenty of ways to use these stats with each other.

Damage Increase

This allocates how much damage you deal with other players in the cycle of strife. It is vital as it will showcase your prowess in PVP.

Defense Increase

Similar to Damage Increase, it determines the damage taken from players in the Cycle of Strife. The higher it is, the lesser damage you would take.

Critical Hit Chance

This raises the chance of you landing a critical hit on your opponents. A critical hit is mighty as it allows you to deal double damage to your enemies with a single strike. You can end a fight within seconds if you have a high crit chance.

Critical Hit Damage

This increase the damage of your critical hit beyond the cap of double damage. This can make it, so you deal damage even more than double and end an enemy with a single strike.

Critical Hit Resistance

This reduces the chance of an enemy landing a critical hit on you. This will save you from taking chunks of damage and keep you alive longer in fights.


Resonance is a stat that increases the overall stat of your equipped gear. This can give you a considerable boost in your attack power and can allow you to exhibit your abilities damage exponentially. However, you can only get resonance once you have an item granting you resonance. As of now, the only items where resonance can be found are Legendary Gems; they are the only ones that can help you increase it.

Moreover, it yields a higher percentage bonus to your attributes. As we all know that primary attributes and secondary are interlinked, this would mean that all your stats would be increased. This can allow you to become even more powerful in battle and take down enemies effectively,

Life Drain

This stat determines which amount of damage will be healed back when hit by an enemy. This increases your chances of survival during a battle and can help you regen a lot of HP.

Attack Speed

This determines the time between your attacks. The higher the stat, the lesser time between your attacks, allowing you to deal with your enemies swiftly.

Cheat Death

This stat determines the chance of your avoiding a fatal blow. It can allow you to live even when facing the most potent attacks and living on 1 HP point. This can give you enough time to recuperate and attack the enemy while his abilities are on cooldown

Magic Find

This is really important in an RPG game. It increases the chance of you finding higher-tier materials and gear. It can be an excellent addition to your arsenal when exploring the vast map of Diablo Immortal.

Block Chance

This calculates the chance that you can completely dodge an enemy attack. This is highly useful and can save you from taking a chunk of damage. Its only shortcoming is that it cannot help you avoid critical hits.

These are all the Diablo Immortal stats, each with its purpose. When you playthrough the game, you will slowly understand the effect of these items in battle. However, this information can be a lot to process when deciding what to go for based on your class. Well, worry not, as I will list down some combinations that have proved fruitful for different classes.

Diablo Immortal Stats According to Class


Barbarian is a tank class that must fulfill the role of blocking enemy damage for their party. The best primary attributes suited to this class are Fortitude and Strength. This will give you a bunch of armor to withstand the enemy attacks and deal back with your physical strength. The secondary attributes that can complement this are Armor and Armor Penetration. This will reinforce your defensive capabilities while allowing you to counter-attack when needed.

Alongside this, you can use the Critical Hit Chance and Accuracy Rating to ensure that whatever attack you land hits like a truck at the spot you want it to.


Crusaders are paladins specializing in fulfilling the role of a tank and a mage. Strength, Willpower, and Fortitude make an excellent combination for the Crusader class. This will allow you to be in the frontline to block the enemy’s damage and stun them for your damage dealers to finish the job.

Moreover, you can increase your armor and resistance stat to complement your primary attributes. This will enable you to stay tanking for a long time and will provide you with some immunity from CC. You can increase your kit with Block Chance and Critical Hit Resistance. This will allow you to remain unharmed after an enemy attack, increasing your durability considerably.



Necromancers are mages who call upon the dead to fight their battles. To make sure you are a strong mage, Willpower and Intelligence are a must as primary attributes. This will increase your overall magic damage and will allow you to lock down your enemy while simultaneously avoiding their CC. For secondary attributes, you can take Potency and Resistance, which will reinforce you even more

Furthermore, you can take cooldown reduction and accuracy rating as additional attributes. These will allow you to unleash a barrage of spells without having to wait and strike the enemy accurately.


image showing diablo immortal wizard class

Wizards are your typical long-ranged mages. They can prove to be quite powerful unless you can close the gap between them. For Necromancer, you can take Intelligence, and Willpower for their primary attributes. For secondary attributes, you can go for Potency and Armor Penetration. This will allow you to stun lock your opponents while you rip through their defenses to deal heaps of damage.

You can complement this by taking Resonance and Cooldown Reduction as your additional attributes. Resonance will increase your overall damage output and sustain, while CDR will ensure that you don’t run out of spells while fighting.


image showing diablo immortal monk class

Monks are basically a support class. They can buff allies and deal melee and area of effect attacks. They can shine the most when playing at a party. You can take Willpower and Fortitude as your primary attributes. This will allow you to keep the CC to a minimum while supporting your team. This can be increased even further if you take Potency and Resistance as your secondary attributes.

To ensure that you can also deal damage when necessary, you can take Attack Speed and Block Chance as your additional attributes. This will allow you to deal with enemies with your melee attacks while also dodging what they throw your way.

Demon Hunter

image showing diablo immortal demon hunter class

Lastly, we have the Demon Hunter Class. This class goes for high damage output while having a low HP bar. However, this class specializes in high-speed maneuvers and high-damage bursts. This allows you to one-shot your opponents without ever being in danger, even with that low of an HP bar. The primary attributes that work best with this class are Vitality, Strength, and Willpower. This allows you to exhibit much damage without being relatively weak.

Secondly, for secondary attributes, you can take armor penetration and Potency. This will ensure you can shred through your opponents’ defense while damaging them with long-lasting abilities. It can also help you stun lock them while creating gaps between each other.

The additional attributes that gel well with this kit are the Evasion rating and Attack Speed. This increases your overall damage output and allows you to perform high-level maneuvers.

These are the Diablo Immortal stats. While some might be discovered later, these are all that is possible as of yet. Make sure you keep these in mind while you are selecting your class and equipment. This concludes our guide on Diablo Immortal all stats. Let us know down below which stat you find the most useful.

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