Diablo Immortal: Transfer Essence of Legendary Items

There are many amazing features in Diablo Immortal. One of these amazing features is the essence transfer which helps players extract and inherit the essence of one legendary item to another legendary item. It has been very useful and helpful feature.

Key Takeaways

  • Essence transfer is a feature in Diablo Immortal that allows players to extract and inherit the essence of one legendary item to another.
  • It is useful for transferring traits from a low-level item to a higher-level one.
  • To transfer essence, players must first identify if the item they want to use is a legendary item by going to the Identifier in West March.
  • The essence transfer takes place in West March with an NPC named “ZAMINA” near “RAKKIS PLAZA”.
  • Players can extract essence from a low ranking item and save it for a better equipped item.
  • Extracted essence can be inherited to any item preferred by the player, and this process is unlimited and free.
  • Essence trading of legendary items is restricted to a few item slots, including head, pants, shoulders, chest, main hand weapons, and off-hand weapons.

What Is Essence Transfer In Diablo Immortal?

Essence transfer is an amazing feature which helps you transfer the traits of any legendary item to another. If you have a low level item with nice traits in it, you can extract those traits and transfer them into another, higher level legendary item.

It may seem crass at first, to extract essence from a legendary item, but it will help in the long run when the essence is needed for a higher level legendary item which, maybe way more useful than it would have been with the first item.

How Do You Transfer Essence In Diablo Immortal?

Essence Transfer of Legendary Items.
Essence Transfer of Legendary Items.

Essence transfer works on legendary items. By following the simple steps, you’ll be able to transfer and extract essence of any legendary item that you select.

Identify The Item

Firstly, you’ll have to identify if the item you are using for essence transfer is a legendary item. Legendary items that are in the inventory may have question marks on them, which indicates that it is unidentified. For identifying the item, you have to go to the “Identifier” in West March.

Identifier of the Legendary Items

In West march, you’ll find a NPC (non-player character) that helps you figure out what the legendary item is and what essence it contains. Then, head on out and transfer essence of any legendary item you want.

From Where Do You Transfer Essence?

You go to West March, where there is an NPC named “ZAMINA”, who will help you extract or inherit essence of your legendary item. That is place is near “RAKKIS PLAZA”.

essence transfer place
Essence Transfer Place in West March

Extract Essence

Extract Essence from items
Extract Essence

Now, that you’ve reached the place, you can transfer the essence. From there, you can extract a special trait from a low ranking item and save it later for a better equipped item.

In Extract, you can see all the items you have extracted or the items that you can extract. You click on the item of your choosing, then you extract the essence from it. This feature can only be used once because the item is destroyed after you extract from it.

Players might get fearful of going through with this, but it doesn’t ruin your game plan. Once the item is destroyed, you still have its essence which you use in a much more well equipped legendary item.

While scrolling in the Extract area, you’ll notice some items are grey. That is because you don’t own them or maybe because you do not have a legendary item on your person.

Inherit Essence

Inherit essence of legendary item.
Inherit Essence

Once you have extracted the essence from the legendary item, you can inherit its properties into another item. You can inherit it to any item of that you prefer.

You select the item in which you want the new essence to be inherited. Once it is selected, you would have to choose the essence that was previously extracted. Once you choose the extracted essence, you can inherit it. When the essence is inherited, it chances the item completely as it now has new properties in it which makes it all the better.

Inherit essence
Inherit essence of a previously extracted essence

This process is unlimited and free. You can always go back to the original item, even after it has inherited some essence before. If you want to make changes to your new upgraded item, you can always go back and change it to its original form.

Where Can We Apply Essence Trades

As appealing as it may seem, the essence trading of these legendary item is restricted to a few item slots only. Firstly, the trading can only be done with a legendary item. Secondly, it is only applicable to the following item slots:

  1. Head.
  2. Pants.
  3. Shoulders.
  4. Chest.
  5. Man hand Weapons.
  6. Off-hand Weapons.

Hope this small guide was accommodating. Some people often confuse some attributes of legendary items with legendary gems. They are a complete different thing. Find out more about legendary gems. Special thanks to Kibbles and Ithos25 for the images.

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