How To Beat Vitaath In Diablo Immortal

diablo immortal vitaath

What is Hellquiry In Diablo Immortal?

Vitaath is the second Helliquary boss you can face after upgrading their Helliquary. There are specific requirements that must be met before you and your party can engage in combat with this mysterious monster. Before we go down that road, let’s discuss the Diablo Immortal Helliquary.

Key Takeaways

  • Vitaath is the second Helliquary boss that players can face after upgrading their Helliquary.
  • To unlock the Helliquary, players need to complete the Bilfen Questline and reach level 41.
  • To activate the Helliquary buffs, players need to navigate to their menu and click on the Helliquary button, where they can select the trophy they received from defeating the boss and put it in an empty slot.
  • Vitaath is a phase-type boss that goes through multiple phases that players must adapt to have a chance of defeating her.
  • Each player has only one revive, so players should avoid dying too often to avoid being a liability to their party.
  • Before facing Vitaath, players must defeat her guard minions, who are strong and can wipe out the entire party if not careful.
  • Phase 1 involves Vitaath using four skills to attack: ice damage debuff, icicle launch, frontal slash, and icicle call.Players should focus on dodging and damaging Vitaath, while avoiding her attacks.
  • Phase 2 begins when Vitaath summons three minions, and players should take them out quickly to force her back down to the ground and continue Phase 1 attacks.
  • Phase 3 involves point-blank AoE attacks that are difficult to dodge and can deal significant damage.
  • Phase 4 is a repeat of Phase 2 but with Vitaath staying on the ground and being assisted by her summoned minions. Players should focus on taking out the minions first.

According to prominent Diablo Immortal YouTuber ECHO Gaming, we know that the Helliquary is a monthly event that you can participate in with a party of eight other players.

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Diablo Immortal Helliquary | Courtesy: SegmentNext

Participating in this event and eventually conquering the raid boss at the end to be rewarded with unique loot. It should be noted, however, that Helliquary bosses are not meant to be taken lightly because they are monsters among monsters for their strength and brutality.

You are recommended to have a decent paragon level before undertaking this task. To learn more about paragon levels, check out our guide on Diablo Immortal: How To Change Difficulty.

Moving on from that, let’s see what rewards we can get from finally slaying this raid boss of a monster. Firstly you get quite a few rare items alongside legendary drops and experience. However, the best part of this is the permanent boost to player stats that you receive. This can be activated by a process that we will explain further.

Activating the Hellquiry Buffs

Travel to Westmarch, and dash towards Deckard Cain’s workshop upon entering the city. Upon entering, ignore Cain and move toward the back of the shop and into the basement. Here you will find Rayoc standing beside what is known as the Helliquary.

In-Lore Rayoc built the Helliquary to trap the souls and essence of powerful demons to prevent them from wreaking havoc across other lands. Rayoc does this to avoid the same from befalling other lands as his home.

After trapping the demon’s soul, it can be linked to a warrior brave enough to undergo this and not lose themselves in the process. The same mechanic is applied in-game as well.

diablo immortal vitaath
Helliquary Activation Screen | Courtesy: wowhead

The minimum requirements to unlock the Helliquary are the completion of the Bilfen Questline and the player character being level 41. To activate the buffs, make sure you navigate to your menu and click on the Helliquary button. Upon clicking this, you will be taken to a screen with multiple slots inside a chest. Afterward, you can select the trophy you get from defeating the boss and put it into an empty slot.

How To Defeat Diablo Immortal Vitaath, The Shivering Death

Now we get into the meat and potatoes of this guide. Talking about how to defeat Diablo Immortal Vitaath, also known as the second Helliquary raid boss. However, before we get into this guide, there is one vital thing that you must know before going in to fight Vitaath. Each player has one revive, but after that, they must be revived by their party members.

If you do it too many times, you will be useless to your party, and this also decreases the likelihood of you receiving lavish rewards like your part members who did all the work while you were staring at the respawn screen. Another demanding boss you can face is known as the Ancient Nightmare and if you would like to know how to defeat him, look no further than our guide: Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare: Guide & Tips.

Vitaath, The Shivering Death introduction

Vitaath, The Shivering Death is a phase-type boss. She goes through multiple phases that must be adapted to have even the slightest chance of slaying her and claiming the rewards she gatekeeps. However, before you even get the opportunity to face her, you first have to take on her guard minions.

They are no pushovers, so don’t go in expecting an easy wipe, as they could sweep your entire party if you are not careful. After that, you will get to face her.

Phase 1

diablo immortal vitaath
Vitaath, The Shivering Death Phase 1 | Courtesy: Ithos25

Phase 1 begins with Diablo Immortal Vitaath using four skills to attack you and your party. The four skills are as listed below:

  1. The first of these skills is a debuff that makes a random party member suffer an ice damage debuff which has them take more damage from her attacks and abilities.
  2. The second skill is launching four icicles at random spots in the arena, careful not to get caught out by this, and keeping a focus on the area indicators for where the attack will land.
  3. The third skill is a frontal slash in a cone in front of herself. This attack is easy to dodge as it is telegraphed, but if you get hit, you will regret it.
  4. The fourth skill is similar to the second skill but differs in the aspect where Diablo Immortal Vitaath calls icicles on top of her and in front of her instead of in four random spots in the arena.

You can get through this phase quickly if you and your party coordinate your attacks and bait out her attacks accordingly; after this comes phase 2, which isn’t as daunting as it may seem but has its challenges.

Phase 2 & 3

Phase 2 begins when you see Vitaath rise into the air and summon her minions. The three summons include Chilling Construct, Icy Clones, and Frozen Shade. If you take out the summons fast enough, you and your party can force Diablo Immortal Vitaath back down onto the ground and continue her attacks and skills from Phase 1.

The best way to handle this phase is to have your front liners draw aggro from the summons and let the backline work on them by chipping away their health bar. Do this, and we get to Phase 3, just one phase away from the final phase.

diablo immortal vitaath
Vitaath, The Shivering Death Phase 3 | Courtesy: Ithos25

Phase 3 is the most different and unique from the previous phases. Vitaath decides that damaging attacks are not enough and starts making point-blank AoE attacks which are almost impossible to dodge unless you have some future vision. This is the most dangerous phase, in our opinion, because it has the most challenging attack to avoid and does quite a significant chunk of damage.

You and your party should try to speed through this phase but also keep in mind that one wrong move could spell your end, but the longer you continue to fight this phase, the higher your chances of being wiped out increase.

Phase 4

Finally, moving on to Phase 4, we see that this is just a repeat of Phase 2 but with a slight twist, that being Vitaath stays on the ground and continues her assault from Phase 3 but this time helped by her loyal summoned minions. The best way to conquer this phase is to treat it as Phase 2 by killing off the summons first.

It may not seem right, but this is the best way to mitigate damage to you and your party members. After cleaning up her minions, you must finish Diablo Immortal Vitaath, The Shivering Death.

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