Diablo Immortal Zone Events List & Guide

Diablo Immortal Zone Events
Diablo Immortal Zone Events

In Diablo Immortal, you can gain phenomenal rewards by daily participating and playing in zone events. A vast range of these events is distinguished from each other in their objectives and rewards. Some events are more worthy of doing than others.

These zone events occur throughout the day and have specific timings. Some have fixed schedules, or others can be played at the desired time. You must not miss any of them as they offer many valuable resources and materials such as gold, varying quality gear equipment, enchanted dust, etc.

You can also get an opportunity to interact and play with other players during these quests. We have made a detailed guide for you regarding these events so here you go.

Diablo Immortal Events List

We have created a detailed list for you regarding all the Diablo Immortal zone events that are covered in this article listed below. Each event appears at a certain time of the day so you need to stay vigilant if you don’t want to miss out on extremely rewarding loot.

We have included the Map as well as all the activities you can do while looking for the zone events. It will help you plan your strategies and get the best possible loot from every grind.

Ashwood Cemetery Haunted Carriage

Ashwood Cemetery Zone Events
Ashwood Cemetery Zone Events (Image source: Diablofans)

It is the Ashwood Cemetery zone event and is the first one in Diablo Immortal. It holds great importance, and you can catch up on it 2 times a week. These days are Tuesday and Saturday at 10 pm, 8:30 pm, and noon. The timing is based on your server time.

The event can be completed at different levels of difficulty. If you don’t want to miss it, arrive at the carriage landing area a few minutes before the timing and ensure your participation. It is the place where the carriage will be spawned.

Follow The Carriage’s Route

The carriage begins to move towards the route as the preparation time ends. This path has already been established to reach the final destination. So, start following, and on the way, the guards will come in your way. So beat them down as it is not challenging to fight with them and keep going.

Defeat The Tax Collector

At the end of the path, the tax collector will be spawned. He is the boss in this zone event in Diablo Immortal and has ample health. Players need to fight together against this powerful enemy. The rewards will be the enchanted dust in a hefty amount, gear items, and some consumables.

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Shassar Sea Lost Artifacts Zone Events

Shassar Sea Zone Events
Shassar Sea Zone Events

Lost Artifacts is the Shassar Sea zone event, and it can be a bit perplexing, but don’t worry, we have got you. The eligibility requirements to play in this event include player level 60 and Hell difficulty settings.

The objectives are to obtain the Mysterious Scroll by killing enemies and searching the Lost Artifact location, and the last is to demolish Ancient Urns to get the Artifact.

Mysterious Scroll

 You will encounter enemies at sea, and one of them will drop the Mysterious Scroll. The chances of dropping it are relatively low, so the players have to kill many enemies until they get it. As the Scroll drops, you need to pick it up yourself, so be alert and keep checking the ground constantly.

After acquiring the Lost Artifact message will appear on the left of your screen. By clicking it, you can see a marked location on the map. Each time you open the scroll, the location will be changed. You will be automatically navigated to the spot.

Ancient Urns destruction

You better kill the enemies first so they may not interrupt you by attacking. There are Ancient Urns scattered all over this place; you have to search through them and destroy them as one of the Urns has the Lost Artifact.

Beware while interacting with Urns as the enemy may show up, or there can be a trap, or it may be empty. By interacting with the right one, the claim will be spawned, and then you can teleport to Tabri’s Encampment to get the reward.

You will receive the gear components (normal to legendary), gold and 6 drops of enchanted dust.

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Kulle’s Hidden Chamber Zone Events

Kulle’s Hidden Chamber Zone Events
Kulle’s Hidden Chamber Zone Events

This zone event occurs in the library of Zoltun Kulle. It is not scheduled and can be played at any hour of the day. It is only available in hell difficulties.

Lost pages collection

First, find and collect the lost pages randomly placed all over the library’s floor. They seem golden and glowing. The other players can also see them, so be quick in picking them up before anyone else. The 5 pages are required to be collected for the portal Tomes.

After collecting them, you can spawn to Kulle’s hidden chambers. There are five hidden chambers; you can get into any of them through this portal.

World Bosses

You can use it to spawn the world bosses such as Sandstone Golem or Fleshcraft Hydra. Players receive t   “Zoltun Kulle’s ingenuity” vessel by defeating Hydra, and in the case of Golem, a “Guilt of the Nameless” Horadic vessel is presented as a reward.

The achievement of Kulle’s trial can also be accomplished as you defeat these monsters. The reward is a treasure chest that holds the magical dust and hilts.

Assassination Of Monsters

One of the chambers begins with a timer of 1 min and 15 seconds, and you have to assassinate the numerous monsters within the given time.

Destruction Of Jars

In this chamber, players are supposed to destroy the jars to obtain the enchanted dust.

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Frozen Tundra Call Of The Ancients

Frozen Tundra Zone Events
Frozen Tundra Zone Events

Call of Ancients is a Frozen Tundra zone events in Diablo Immortal that stays active throughout the day. It has no fixed timing so that you can play anytime. The event has specific objectives, including Essence collection, protection of the Spirit, the killing of Hunters, and Ancient Relics purification.

Collect the Ancient Essence

Kill the enemies in Frozen Tundra to gather the essence and make the progress bar fill to 100%. Other players can also contribute to it.

Guard The Ancient Spirit

The Spirit will be automatically summoned as soon as the collection is done. Reach the route near the Bitter Hearth as it will spawn there. The Ancient spirit will start moving, and you must guard it until it reaches the end. Beat down the Spirit Hunters to protect its health from damage.

On defeating them, you will get the Ancestral Relics which will be used to obtain rewards later on. Also, make sure that you may not come in contact with the fire circles and keep on checking if darkness chains are hindering your mobility.

Realm Of Damnation Zone Events

Realm Of Damnation First Half Zone Events
Realm Of Damnation First Half Zone Events
Realm Of Damnation Second Half Zone Events
Realm Of Damnation Second Half Zone Events

The Realm of Damnation in Diablo Immortal allows players to participate in the Demon Gate zone events. The timing schedule follows as Monday, Thursday, and Sunday at 12 pm, 8:30 pm, and 10 pm. On your quest log, you can see the countdown for this one as you travel to the Realm.

You can only participate if you have hell difficulty settings.

Gate Activation

On the activation of the event, the players will be notified about the demon gates’ position. These gates are spawned in random locations. A mark will appear on the map if any of the gates are close to your location.

Once you find the gate, active it with other players as three or more players are required for the activation.

Defeat Demon Boss

After entering, the players have to combat the boss of demons, and after getting the victory, they can collect the prizes, including XP, gold, and gear equipment. The Damination’s achievement can also be done by completing this event.

Dark Wood Purify The Corruption

DarkWood Zone Events
DarkWood Zone Events

A Dark wood zone event and you can play it anytime as it has no specific timings. It remains activated the whole day.

Blood Rose Elimination And Corruption bar

You must first complete the corruption progress by defeating the monsters in wood. Then in the Blood Rose, one of the world bosses will be spawned, and the task is to kill him. The spawning location is near the Blood Rose Waypoint, and the cooldown timer is 20 mins.

You may also need other players’ assistance because the monster is quite powerful. Boost up your progress by winning and killing Blood Rose fills up the progress log by 28%, and also you will obtain the Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge, a Horadric vessel.

Purify The Corruption

As the progress is accomplished, move to the Tree of Inifuss, there the area will be highlighted where you need to go so that you can purify the corruption.

Combat Shadow Clone

The last objective is to crush the shadow clone within 90 seconds to complete the event. The event rewards include sparkling shards and gear equipment.


There you have it guys a detailed guide and map locations for all the zone events in Diablo Immortal. We tried to keep everything simple and easy to understand, We also added the map locations with all the other activities that you can enjoy while looking for these events.

If you enjoy what we do please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family as it will help us massively. Keep supporting us and keep coming back for all the latest and greatest news related to gaming. We’ll see you at the next one.

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