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Diablo Immortal Lost Pages Guide

Diablo Immortal: Lost Pages Guide

Diablo Immortal has a ton of hidden items. In this guide we will show you how to acquire the Diablo Immortals Lost Page

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The newest entry of the Diablo series, Diablo Immortal has a ton of hidden items, resources, and lairs that you’ll find in the game. They’re all integral to the progress of your character and being the guardian of Sanctuary. The Lost Pages are something you’ll encounter later in the game in Zoltun Kulle’s library.

As Diablo III players are well aware, Zoltun Kulle is one of the game’s most potent spellcasters. He may be found in Diablo Immortal as well. In fact, he has his own section called the Library of Zoltun Kulle.

This is where you will begin a long and difficult quest chain. However, it is well worth the effort to uncover all its hidden secrets. One of the tasks in this process is to locate and collect many lost pages.

If you are looking to farm the Lost Pages in Diablo Immortal, then we recommend you go through this location guide.

How to Find & Farm the Lost Pages in Diablo Immortal

To start the quest on finding the Lost Pages, you need to start the Zoltun Kulle main quest. After completing all his quests, your goal will branch off to an event called, Kulle’s Secret Chamber.

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Diablo Immortal Lost Pages Guide

During this event, players will be able to collect the Lost Pages, which will require you to make your way through The Library of Zoltun Kulle and collect them. Below is the map of the area with the page locations marked for your reference.

Diablo Immortals Lost Pages-Location Map
Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Diablo Immortal Lost Pages Location

You will need to find at least five Lost Pages which are scattered all over this map, to be able to gain access to Kulle’s Secret Chamber.

You’ll get a notification when you’ve had enough, letting you know that you can now create tome. You will be able to access the Treasure via this link. You’ll be teleported to an area where you can confront the Hydra or the Sandstorm Guardian, and when defeated will grant you powerful and useful items like Gems, Enchanted Dust, legendary armor, and many more useful items and materials.

NOTE: If you’re playing with a party, keep in mind that to craft the tome and get the portal, each party member must collect at least five Lost Pages. They will not be allowed to enter the treasure room and claim their prize.

Here’s the path we recommend you follow in the library:

  1. Hydra’s Lair
  2. Archive of Secrets
  3. Forbidden Archive Waypoint
  4. Hidden Alcove Waypoint
  5. Chaos Engine
  6. Grand Vestibule

As you go through all these areas, keep beating the enemies and see the corners of the page. Once you collect 5 of these Lost Pages, you’ll be able to create a Portal and enter Kulle’s Secret Chamber.

However, there is a warning mentioned as you collect the Portal Tome. Each time you use the Portal Tome, you have a chance to awaken Zoltun Kulle’s Hydra.

You’ll want to check every nook and cranny of the library as quickly as possible using some movement speed buff available to you. This is because the Lost Pages are randomly generated in different locations, and other players may be participating in the event with you, hence being able to move around and collect them as quickly as possible is a huge advantage.

You should also use classes like Crusader, Necromancer, or Demon Hunter to give you the best chance of collecting Lost Pages as quickly as possible. They have wide-range attacks and power-ups that can easily clear a room, giving you the time needed to find lost pages.

That’s all you need from this location guide to find and farm the Lost Pages in Diablo Immortal.

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