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Diablo IV

Diablo Game Series Quiz | Do You Know Enough?

If you have played Diablo IV extensively, then this quiz is well-designed to put your experience to the test. Our quiz comes with a 45-second challenge to answer several questions correctly. You will be able to receive the correction options as you interact with each question. Later on, you will also receive a result that will give you insights into how much you know about your favorite video game. 

What Do You Know About Diablo Series?

Let's put your Diablo experience to test!!!

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In "Diablo IV", who is the main antagonist?

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In "Diablo II", what act features the jungle and Kurast Bazaar?

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In "Diablo III", what is the name of the angel of death?

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What is the name of the artifact used by Deckard Cain to identify items in "Diablo II"?

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In "Diablo III", what is the name of the blacksmith who assists the player?

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What is the name of the demonic lord also known as the Lord of Lies in "Diablo III"?

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In "Diablo", what is the name of the town where the game begins?

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Which character class is exclusive to "Diablo III" and not present in previous games?

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What artifact must be used to capture the souls of the Prime Evils in "Diablo II"?

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Who is the final boss in "Diablo II"?

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Which class was first introduced in "Diablo II: Lord of Destruction"?

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In "Diablo III", what are the randomly generated dungeons called?

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What is the name of the angel who aids the player in "Diablo III"?

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In "Diablo II", which act is set in the desert city of Lut Gholein?

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