Final Fantasy 16: Did Clive Die? [All Theories]

Here you will find out if Clive is dead or alive in Final Fantasy 16.

did Clive die

Clive is the main FF16 character who has sparked intense speculation and debate within the gaming community. Fans have been left wondering whether Clive dies or manages to overcome his tragic fate. We will try to find a definitive answer as this topic has been under debate since the announcement.

Note: Spoilers for Final Fantasy 16 ahead.

Key Takeaways 

  • Clive is the firstborn of the Archduke of Rosaria and can learn abilities via encountering Eikons.
  • Whether Clive dies In FF16 or not is open to interpretation.
  • After destroying Origin and Mothercrystal, we see him washing up the beach, and his hand turns into stone.
  • Fans have crafted numerous theories. Some believe he dies, while others think he lives.
  • The stone does not spread to the full body, so he might still be alive.
  • Jill wish could have saved him just like she did during her childhood at phoenix gate.
  • Use of large amounts of aether and disappearance of red star point towards Clive’s death.
  • If Clive is dead, we should not expect any DLC.
  • The game’s legacy extends far beyond.

The Mysterious Clive 

The protagonist is the firstborn of the Archduke of Rosaria. He could learn abilities through encountering Eikons and was expected to inherit the first Eikon of fire: Phoenix.

However, Joshua awakens it, and Clive Rosfield now has to find a different way to serve Rosaria. So, players embark on a journey with Clive, witnessing challenges and battles he must face, but the question that intrigues the mind of many players is whether Clive survives this harrowing journey or meet his demise. 

Clive | Captured by us  

Did Clive Dies Towards The End?

Square Enix has left this open to interpretation whether Clive dies or not. Towards the end, players witness a gargantuan battle with villain Ultima after which Clive restores his brothers Joshua’s health and puts an end to Mothercrystals and Origin. He utilized a tremendous amount of energy to create this destructive power, and shortly after, we found him lying tirelessly on the beach.

His hand turns into stone as a consequence of his overuse of aether. He then closes his eyes after looking at the moon. The last we see of Rosfield is him being washed up on the beach.

Community Speculation And Theories

As with any game that leaves its ending open to interpretation, the Final Fantasy 16 community is buzzing with all sorts of speculations and theories regarding Clive’s fate. From analyzing Subtle hints from the game fans have crafted numerous theories.

For instance, some believe that since only his hand was converted into stone and it didn’t spread to his whole body, he might still be alive.

One other possibility of him being alive is because of Jill, her wishing upon the Metia saved Clive from death at Phoenix gate, and the ending shows Jill once again wishing just like she did before so many contemplate that this might save Clive again.

On the other hand, many believe that he died as he used a large amount of Aether ultimately fulfilling his purpose: as was able to prevent Ultima from claiming his vessel.

Some link Clive’s death to the red star present next to the moon throughout the game and only seem to disappear when Clive reaches his fate. When Jill and Torgal witnessed the red star’s disappearance, the dog howls, and the women cry as if they knew about Clive’s death. It may have a different meaning, but fans have linked the red star with Clive.

The Impact On Narrative

Clive’s fate holds significant implications not only for the character himself but also for the overall narrative of Final Fantasy 16. Whether he lives or dies, the repercussions of Clive’s journey will undoubtedly shape the storyline and leave a lasting impression on players. If Clive is dead, we should not expect any DLC because the world has rid itself of magic, and limited gameplay possibilities.

That’s It For Now 

The mystery of whether Clive dies or not remains shrouded and subject to much speculation. Engaging in these discussions and sharing theories have become integral parts of the Final Fantasy experience which shows the passion and dedication of the fanbase. One thing is certain: Clive’s story leaves a permanent mark on the hearts of players. Square Enix successfully fueled excitement, and discussion ensured that the game’s legacy extends far beyond.

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