Dislyte Farming Guide: Gold, Resources & More

dislyte farming guide

Dislyte is an interesting video game. Another nice and colorful gacha game with pretty to look at characters in a pop-fantasy aesthetic. This is the brainchild of LilithGames, the makers behind AFK Arena, a widely popular auto attacker mobile game. Dislyte also incorporates RPG mechanics into its gameplay using unit collection and upgrading.

The main challenges of the game are trials and worlds with levels on them similar to the original Mario games. For now, we will discuss a Dislyte farming guide for you to follow so you can grind out units and items efficiently.

Key Takeaways

  • Farming in Dislyte consists of a few different resources, including gold, rare stars, advanced experiments, and units. Each of these resources can be acquired separately or all at once using specific techniques.
  • We will use the flow attribute warrior Mona, who is based on a Greek story, to begin farming resources.
  • With just herself, Mona can clear wave after wave with the help of her three powers. The first move is called Moonshot, and it gives an enemy a 30% attack power boost when it attacks.
  • Hunter’s Mark, her second ability, deals 70% of your attack power in damage to each enemy while healing you for 30% of all the damage Mona has dealt.
  • Lunar Hail, her third and final skill, unleashes a hail of arrows on the wave of the adversary, which does an additional 15% damage and attacks each adversary four times. If the attack landed in a critical strike, this is also improved with a 30% damage increase.

dislyte farming guide

What Resources are Available to Farm

In Dislyte farming takes the shape of a few different resources such as gold, rare starimon, advanced experimon, and units. Each of these resources is either obtainable individually or can be obtained collectively through certain methods. One of those methods is the use of Dislyte Codes and Rewards [May 2022] which can offer the player bulks of items to skip the initial early grind and farming.

However, this does not let the player off for free because you may have skipped the farming in the beginning but now it comes back with a vengeance because mid to late game farm is going to start off annoying but it gets better with time trust us.

Slow and steady wins the race, in this case, the race to upgrade and max out your characters quicker with the help of this Dislyte farming guide.

How to Farm In Dislyte for Resources

guide to farming dislyte
Mona (Athena) | Courtesy: Dislyte Wiki

To start farming resources we are going to use a very underrated character in the Dislyte community right now, we will be using Mona the Flow Attribute fighter who has been derived from Greek mythology.

She references Athena the goddess of wild animals and the hunt which is why she carries a bow as her weapon with the whole hunter motif. Credit to Zoxaskun on YouTube for popularising this method of farming in particular.

Skill 1: Moonshot

Mona’s three abilities are quite good at clearing wave after wave with just herself. The first ability is called Moonshot and it strikes an enemy with a bonus of 30% attack power. If this ability kills a target then Mona gets an additional turn which could allow her to set up a chain of attacks that lasts almost an entire wave.

Skill 2: Hunter’s Mark

Her second ability is known as Hunter’s Mark which deals damage to each enemy with 70% of the attack power you have but also healing you for 30% of the total damage dealt by Mona. This is her main sustain technique and given how much damage Mona outputs she can stay healed for a long period of time.

Skill 3: Lunar Hail

Her third and final skill is called Lunar Hail, a raining storm of arrows unleashed upon the enemy wave. This attack in her big wave clear ability which attacks each enemy four times and does a bonus of 15% damage. This is also buffed with a 30% damage increase if the strike landed is a critical strike.

Now onto the Dislyte farming guide and why you are really here. Start off with an easier level if you want to as this is not a very strict guide in terms of where you farm but the end levels will give more loot per battle and have higher drop rates so keep that in mind. Another thing to be noted is that this farming is done in the highest difficulty mode for the same reason as mentioned before.

dislyte farming guide
Frustration at Level 12-8

If you are having trouble defeating Dislyte 12-8 then check out our guide Here is How You Can Beat Dislyte 12-8. However, if you have already defeated this level then this is where we will be farming. Now comes the option to build your squad, in this you must only choose Mona and 3-star starimon.

The logic behind this pick is that this allows Mona to get lots of solo experience from fights while also netting the full rewards from the level. We pick 3-star starimon because it’s simply more economical in the long run if you have more 3-star fodder for your 4-star units rather than taking them into the level and manually having them gain experience.

After some time you should switch from 3-star starimon to 4-star starimon and the same. For runes, we recommend you go for as much critical chance as you can, there are only positives to be had from crit chance on Mona so build as much of it to prioritize her damage and sustain in fights.

Final Thoughts

Farming for some people is half the fun of the game and not so much for others. This guide can cater to both camps by telling you how to farm fast but also set you on your path about how much should I farm?

Well the answer is subjective and we can’t wait to find out which it is, and while you are here why not check out more Dislyte farming guides from our talented writers such as Dislyte Ripples: Farm, Best Units & More.

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