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dislyte ripples

Dislyte is an action RPG with Gacha-style mechanics regarding unit and material collection. Created by a collaboration of Lilith Games and Farlight Games; the developers and visionaries behind AFK Arena, Rise of Conquest, Warpath, and Rise of Kingdoms.

The game itself has many different characters with a colorful and stylish splash of personality on each one. Alongside this, there are many different trials and dimensions that the player can access known as Trials. In this guide, we will talk about the Dislyte Ripples, or basically the Ripple Dimension, and what you can expect from it.

Dislyte Ripples Explained

The Ripple Dimension is one of six possible locations the player has access to. These include but are not limited to; the Infinite Miracle, the Ritual Miracle, the Sonic Miracle, the Cube Miracle, and lastly the Ripple Dimension.

The Ripple Dimension is another way for the player to acquire units for no extra charge. It mainly contains 3-star characters but there is one 4-star character that can be acquired.

The best way to access this dimension is when you are farming the story or farming Sonic/Ritual Miracles keep a lookout for a prompt in the chat regarding a dislyte ripples.

Once you click on the prompt you will be taken to a screen where you have to face the ripples of the character you wish to obtain. For 3-star units, it’s five times and for 4-star units, it’s eight times.

There is however a limit to how many people can obtain certain dislyte ripples. Only 20 people can engage with a 3-star unit and 30 people can engage with a 4-star unit.

Best 3-Star Units to Farm

Some good 3-star units to farm are Tang Yun, Chang Pu, Freddy, and Ye Suhua. These characters are quite good in the game and are powerful for being 3-stars, hence the recommendation.

Tang Yun

dislyte ripples
Tang Yun | Courtesy: Dislyte Wiki

Twin brother to Tang Xuan, Tang Yun is a DPS powerhouse belonging to the wind attribute. His mythological origin is Chinese and references the fake Sun Wukong. Great character to have alongside tanks and supports as he can dish out unreal numbers and help you clear Trials like they were nothing but a skip in the park.

Chang Pu

dislyte ripples
Chang Pu | Courtesy: Dislyte Wiki

Daughter of Yi An, Chang Pu is a wonder of a support belonging to the flow attribute. Her mythological origin is Chinese and references the Yao Grass, also called the Wushan Goddess.

Amazing support to have around burst damage dealers and tanks so that they can keep on standing till every last enemy has dropped while your team is still at full power.



dislyte ripple dimension
Freddy | Courtesy: Dislyte Wiki

Freddy, a member of the Shadow Guard is a DPS tank belonging to the inferno attribute. His mythological origin is Norse and references the wolf child of Loki names Fenrir.

Outstanding character to have in your team because he can dish out damage like no other while having no fear of the enemy, always being the first to jump into a brawl with a monster 100 times his size.

Ye Suhua

dislyte ripple dimension
Ye Suhua | Courtesy: Dislyte Wiki

Ye Suhua is an amazing support belonging to the shimmer attribute. Her mythological origin is Chinese and references the Goddess of Birth. Excellent support to have on your team when you have squishy units who die too fast.

With Ye Suhua’s help you can keep them alive for as long as you need due to her special invincibility ability.


After defeating the dislyte ripples in the Ripple Dimension you can see if you have their fragments by going into your inventory and checking your Esper Ripple tab. Once you know you have the specified amount of ripple to summon a unit you can go to the gacha part of the game and click on Record Stand. This will allow you to craft the unit and add it to your collection.

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