Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Upgrade House? [With Images]

Learn everything about upgrading house with efficient resources.

Upgrade The House in valley
Complete Guide To Upgrading The House

Worried about the accumulation of resources and house enhancement? Well, our Disney Dreamlight Valley house upgrade guide will sort out all the concerned issues. Upgrading your house in the valley provides more storage as it becomes more spacious and commodious.

You can decorate it accordingly and can keep more furniture. When you progress through the game, your resources also increase, but at the beginning, the capacity is low, and without a good space in your home, you cannot accommodate them.

Anyhow the process of advancement is not that simple. It demands certain tasks, and then you will be able to upgrade the house.

Scrooge McDuck’s Quests

You are required to complete some of Scrooge McDuck’s quests to enable the process. However, you can play the Disney Dreamlight Valley as per your desire, don’t neglect McDuck, as without accomplishing his quests, you won’t be able to achieve your upgrading purpose.

Let’s discuss his quests first, then move to the procedure to upgrade the house. As we have mentioned earlier, you must meet Scrooge McDuck to develop a good relationship with him to attain your end goal. However, he won’t assist you in upgrading.

Rather, you have to participate and help in his business and educate yourself with some economics knowledge that will come in handy later. The quests are given below:

  1. Making Cents of Things Quest.
  2. Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Reopening Quest.
  3. Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 Quest.

Making Cents Of Things

In this quest you are supposed to do the certain things:

Making Cents Of Things quest
Making Cents Of Things 

Visit Scrooge, and as you communicate, he asks you to talk to Goofy to get him back in business and run it. After completing the task, he returns to McDuck and explains that you must collect 1000-star coins for his store renovation.

You can exchange items with Goofy to earn cash. Once done, make your way to his store for its building.

Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-Opening

In the Grand Re-opening quest you have to perform the following actions:

Scrooge McDuck's Grand Re-opening  Quest
Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening

Your next task is to advertise and promote his business as it’s the beginning, and he demands the customer. You are offered a shirt, and then you must walk around the valley while wearing it and bring him some softwood to craft the signs. Besides this, you have to craft the Rising Penstemon and Dandelion pots, and he asks you to place flower pots outside.

Dreamlight Valley Economy 101

The last step to upgrading the house is to fulfill the Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 quest.

 Economy 101 quest
Dream light Valley Economy 101

In this one, Scrooge instructs you to sell gems to Goofy in exchange for star coins. It can be hard if you have already spent the rocks. Otherwise, when the selling is done, Head to the McDuck, and then the quest will be finished. And he tells you that he has installed the elevator in your house.

Upgrade The House

There are two ways to upgrade the house. You can increase the rooms’ area and the storage capacity.

House Expansion

Here is how you can increase the size:

Expand the house in Dreamlight Valley
House Expansion

To expand the size, enter your house, and you can see the blue-colored floor on the left of the door. Step on it, and the option to expand it appears on the screen. Spend the money and get it developed. You can edit and write the name of your rooms.

But it will not increase the storage. The way to do it goes as:

Enhance Storage
Increase storage 

For this, go outside the house; here, you have to interact with Scrooge’s Sign outside your home, and you can enhance the storage.

  • First upgrade: 2000 coins, and you can build new rooms
  • Second upgrade: 20,000 coins, and this unlocks the 2nd floor
  • Third upgrade: 75,000 coins and this opens the 3rd floor.

Decorate The House

The next step is to decorate the house.

House Decoration
Decorate The House

Buying new furniture and changing the theme can make it look pretty decent. You can decorate the home on the spot if you already have items in your inventory. If that’s not the case, you can earn the items as a reward by doing quests.

Aside from this, you can remove unnecessary furniture. So upgrade the house in Disney Dreamlight Valley and decorate it as you like.

We hope that our guide has been very helpful. Nearly all of the information that players need to know about this quest has been covered in this article.

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