Disney Dreamlight Emeralds: Uses, Locations + Tips

Disney dreamlight emeralds

What Are Emeralds In Disney Dreamlight

Emeralds are these beautiful green gems in the game that, like any other gems, are difficult to get your hands on. However, if you follow this guide, we are quite optimistic that you will have favorable results in getting emeralds for yourself.

The image shows an emerald in Disney dreamlight

Something that you should know is that there are two types of emeralds in Disney Dreamlight. One of them is just a regular one, while the other one is called a shiny emerald. Some quests will require you to use the regular emeralds only, while in some, you will be able to use either of the emeralds.

Key Takeaways

Emeralds are precious gems in Disney Dreamlight, serving as quest items and valuable for earning star coins. There are two types: regular and shiny, with specific quests requiring each type.

To obtain emeralds:

  1. Unlock Biomes: Unlock the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust biomes with Dreamlight.

  2. Mining Locations: Look for walls with protruding gems in these biomes to mine emeralds.

  3. Mining Skills: Increase your chances by teaming up with characters who have mining skills.

Remember to keep a supply of emeralds for quests and consider expanding your house if you run out of storage space.

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Uses Of Emeralds

In Disney Dreamlight, emeralds serve various purposes:

  1. Quest Usage: Emeralds are used in specific quests, such as “Memory Magnification” and “Lost in the Dark Grove,” as quest items.

  2. Currency Conversion: Emeralds can be sold for star coins, which have multiple uses, such as building houses for other characters.

  3. Value: Regular emeralds can be sold for 325 star coins, while shiny emeralds can fetch you about 1300 star coins.

While the allure of accumulating star coins through emerald sales is tempting, it’s essential to exercise some prudence. Some quests will require emeralds, so keeping a stash of them in your inventory is a wise choice. If storage space becomes a concern, remember that you have the option to upgrade your house, providing a solution to your storage woes.

Lastly, emeralds are also used in crafting some things.

How To Get Disney Dreamlight Emeralds

In my quest for emeralds in Disney Dreamlight, I learned that getting these precious gems follows a familiar process – mining.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Unlock Biomes: To find emeralds, you need to unlock and gain access to two specific biomes: the “Forest of Valor” and the “Glade of Trust.” The Forest of Valor requires 3000 Dreamlight to unlock, while the Glade of Trust requires 5000 Dreamlight.

  2. Mining in the Biomes: Once you’ve unlocked either of these biomes, search for walls that have gems protruding from them, resembling thorns. These walls can be mined with your pickaxe.

  3. Mining for Emeralds: When you mine these walls, they will drop gems. If you’re lucky and the gem is green in color, it’s an emerald.

  4. Repeat as Needed: Continue mining in these biomes to collect emeralds for quests or to sell for star coins.

Mining in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust is the key to getting emeralds in Disney Dreamlight. Keep an eye out for those distinctive gem-laden walls to increase your chances of finding emeralds.

The image shows gems sticking out of the wall in Disney dreamlight
Gems Sticking Out Of The Wall

Important Tips

As I delved deeper into my emerald-seeking adventures in Disney Dreamlight, I picked up some valuable tips that not only enhance your chances of finding emeralds but also make the process smoother.

First and foremost, consider unlocking the Forest of Valor as your initial priority. This choice is recommended because the Glade of Trust presents a unique challenge with extensive mushroom obstacles that can be time-consuming to clear. In contrast, the Forest of Valor also has roadblocks, but removing them proves to be a quicker endeavor.

To maximize your emerald haul, it’s wise to team up with a character who possesses expertise in the mining skill. To identify such characters, check the assigned roles of each character in the collection tab.

Once you’ve identified the character with mining expertise, initiate a conversation with them and select the ‘hang out’ option. Not only will this boost your chances of finding emeralds when you’re together, but it will also strengthen your friendship with that character over time. Ultimately, spending time with the character offers dual benefits in your quest for emeralds.

Keeping these in mind will definitely expedite the process of you getting emeralds.

Final Words

This brings us to the conclusion of our detailed and informative guide on emeralds in Disney Dreamlight. If you enjoyed reading this guide and found it to be helpful, then let us know in the comments below. Also, read our other guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley, like all animals, how to get seaweed, breaking the ice glitch, iron ingot, and many more.

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