Disney Dreamlight Valley: Deal With Ursula [Full Guide]

Disney Dreamlight Valley a deal with ursula

Most of us have grown up watching Disney movies and stuff. And we are a hundred thousand percent sure that, at some point, we wished for an opportunity to live among our favorite Disney characters. Well, thanks to Gameloft, the developer that has brought us masterpieces like ‘Asphalt’, that no longer seems impossible because of their newly released Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide is for you if you want to find out more about the game, especially Disney Dreamlight Valley a deal with Ursula.

The game was released on the 6th of September, 2022, for players to enjoy on several platforms. It can be played on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh Operating systems.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an extremely interactive game to play and you will definitely love it as well if you liked titles like Sims and Animal Crossings. It allows you to engage in different activities like cooking, befriending different characters, doing different quests, and so much more.

Now that we have mentioned cooking, a feature of Disney Dreamlight Valley that has seen a rise in popularity among gamers is cooking. If we are being honest, we love it as well. Cooking different recipes can do different things. For example, 3-star recipes are crucial in restoring energy. To find out more about them, head on over and read our detailed guide on Disney Dreamlight Valley 3-Star Recipes.

In addition to that, the game also has many exciting updates coming up that will bring in new characters. One such character is Scar, the most iconic villain from the Lion King.

In this Disney Dreamlight Valley Ursula guide, we will cover everything you need to know about it from what it is to the locations of crystals you need to find.

Main Points

  • To unlock Ursula, you will need to complete the story quest called “With Great Power”.
  • You need to complete “a deal with Ursula” quest to free Prince Eric.
  • The dark crystals can be found in Forgotten Lands, Frosted Heights, Sunlit Plateau, and Glade of Trust.
  • These dark crystal will be used to get the unique crystal that Ursula wants. Deliver this to her and she will hold her end of the bargain.

Who is Ursula


Those of us who have been watching Disney movies since our childhood probably know who Ursula is. However, if you do not, she is the main villain in The Little Mermaid. She made her first appearance more than 30 years ago in the 28th animated feature film by Disney: The Little Mermaid.

How To Unlock Ursula

Ursula is someone we would not want to unlock because of the fear she has instilled in us over the years. However, we must do it because according to Merlin, the valley needs her help and powers. That being said, to unlock Ursula, you will need to complete a story quest called “With Great Power”.

Before we get into the details of how to unlock Ursula, to get access to her, you need to make sure that you have access to Dazzle Beach. If you do not, you can get it by completing the “Friendship Is Everything” quest and giving Merlin 10,000 Dreamlight.

Once you have done that, head to Dazzle Beach and there you will find Ursula, the sea witch locked up in a cave nearby. You will then be given a key of crystal by her which will help you in opening the entrance to the mystical cave.

The next thing that you need to do is get the power orb. To get to it you will need to solve three puzzles called the Magic Gates. In it, you will essentially need to get past these gates and get the power orb. Once you retrieved the power orb, take it to its corresponding pillar in the valley.

Afterward, go and talk to Ursula and Merlin to complete the quest, and viola, you will have unlocked Ursula.

A Deal With Ursula In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Each character in Disney Dreamlight Valley comes with their specific quests. Just like that Ursula, even though she is a villain, comes with her quests that you will need to complete. The final quest that she gives you is called ‘A deal with Ursula’.

Something that you should know is that in order to get this quest from her, your friendship level with her should be 10. If it is not, a good way to increase your friendship level with someone in the game faster is by gifting them different items. Preferably their desired items.

If it already is, then go ahead and speak with Ursula. She will tell you about a powerful item in the Forgotten land ruins that has come into her knowledge and that she wants your help in getting. There, you will take advantage of the situation and bargain with her for something in return. She will then tell you that she has Prince Eric and will free him once you get her what she wants from the Forgotten Land ruins.

By the way, the item that she is referring to here is the dark crystal. To get the dark crystal, you need to head to the Forgotten Lands. Look around for a pond there. Once you find the pond, you will be able to see a set of pedestals behind it. One of these four pedestals will have a dark crystal on it.

Take this dark crystal back to Ursula and when you tell her that there were three more empty pedestals there as well, she will send you back to get them. Then you will go on to find the rest of the three dark crystals and once you do so you will need to place them on the pedestals.

Location Of The Remaining Dark Crystals

What makes Disney Dreamlight Valley a deal with Ursula quest so hard is the fact that Ursula does not provide you with any information with regards to where you can find the dark crystals. This equates to finding a needle in the haystack.

Thanks to us, you do not have to worry about anything because we have got you covered with our detailed guide on the Ursula Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Before we move any further, we highly suggest that you read our guide on Disney Dreamlight Valley Kristoff stall, in which we have covered all that you need to know about it, from how to unlock Kristoff and the stall to how to upgrade the stall.

By the way, the location of the first dark crystal has already been mentioned in the preceding section of this guide. That being said, let us jump right into the location of the second dark crystal that you need to get.

Location No.2

The next dark crystal that we will be talking about can be found in the Glade of Trust region. By the way, you can also find emeralds in this region. For more detail on the subject, we highly suggest that you read our detailed guide on Disney Dreamlight Valley emeralds in which we have covered everything you need to know about them, from their uses to how you can get them.

Anyways, once you get there, head to Mother Gothel’s house. The crystal that you came looking for can be found on the right side of the door of Mother Gothel’s house. To be more accurate, it will be between the tree’s roots.

The image shows the dark crystal in Glade of Trust, that you will need to complete Disney Dreamlight Valley a deal with Ursula quest.
Dark Crystal In Glade Of Trust

Location No.3

The next dark crystal that we will be talking about in our Disney Dreamlight Valley a deal with Ursula guide can be found in the Sunlit Plateau biome. You can reach the Sunlit Plateau by moving through the Plaza from east to west.

Once you are in the Sunlit Plateau, you can simply grab the dark crystal that will be lying on the ground beside the lake, as shown In the picture below.

The image shows the dark crystal in Sunlit Plateau.
Dark Crystal In Sunlit Plateau

Location No.4

The fourth and final dark crystal that you will need to acquire before moving on to complete the deal with Ursula quest – it can be found in the Frosted Heights region.

By the way, now that we have mentioned, Frosted Heights, something that you should know is that you can get ice heart in this region as well. For more information on the matter, read our detailed guide on Disney Dreamlight Valley ice heart.

The dark crystal that you are looking for will be resting on the ground on the right side of the river near the northern stone bridge.

The image shows the dark crystal in Frosted Heights
Dark Crystal In Frosted Heights

After you have acquired all of the dark crystals, head back to the Forgotten Lands and place each of the dark crystals on a pedestal there. The order in which you approach this situation does not matter. The final goal is to make sure that each dark crystal is on one of the pedestals.

Once you have done so, a unique crystal will appear on the ground. If you cannot see it immediately, look around a little bit as it will be somewhere nearby. Pick it up and give it to Ursula. In return, Ursula will give you the Sea Witch’s Gown and the Poor Unfortunate Eric item.

Final Words

Some of the factors that make this quest difficult include things like you cannot hang out with Ursula but also need to increase your friendship level to 10 to get the quest. Ursula does not give you any details about the locations of the dark crystals and so on. However, we are sure that after reading this guide you will have breezed past this quest.

With that, we conclude our Disney Dreamlight Valley a deal with Ursula guide. If you found it to be helpful and informative, head on over to read our other guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley like veggie pasta, the secret door, best harvest, the final trial quest, best upgrades, and so much more.

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