Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Animals Explained

This Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals guide will inform you of all the animals you can find in the game and how to interact with them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals [Explained]
Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals [Explained]

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a relaxing simulator game with adventure missions. You can cook, farm, and interact with animals. This guide introduces the animals in the game.

Cooking is a fun activity in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you can find recipes like Apple Pie and Banana Pie in our guides. Crafting items is essential for progression; keep an eye out for materials, such as iron ingots, which are covered in our guide.

However, the recipes and farming will only come to fruition if you know which animals you can find in this game and how you can interact with them. So, sit tight through this Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals guide to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Animals are creatures you will have to interact with as you progress through the game.
  • Animals have their needs and like certain things, which you must remember when approaching them.
  • They are integral to completing some recipes and missions.

All Animals

Here is a summary table for all the Animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

No.Animal NameVariants
1SquirrelsBlack, Grey, Red
2RabbitsVariants include brown, calico, classic, white, and black rabbits
3Sea TurtlesClassic, black, purple, brown, and white turtles.
4RaccoonsThe variants are white, black, red, blue, and classic color raccoons.
5Sparrowsariants of sparrows include golden, emerald, orchid, red, and turquoise colors.
6FoxesClassic, Red, Blue, Black and White Foxes
7SunbirdEmerald sunbird, Orchid sunbird, Golden sunbird, red sunbird , turquoise sunbird.
9RavensVariants include blue raven, white raven, and red raven, but the classic one is the black variant raven.
10CrowsVariants of crow include blue, brown, classic, red, and white crow.

There are several different animals you can in the game, 9 to be exact. They are cute creatures that will stay by your side in-game if you befriend them. All of them have specific locations where you can find them. Moreover, you can only befriend them after you give them special treats. Hence it is essential to know their favorite foods.

So to ensure that you are fully prepared, we will list off these for all the animals you may encounter in your walkthrough.


Disney Dreamlight Valley Animal Squirrel
Squirrel in-game [Via: IGN[

Squirrels in Disney Dreamlight Valley are docile rodents that enjoy a diet of nuts, corn, leaves, and bark. You can find them in the Plaza. To befriend squirrels, offer them peanuts, their favorite food. Hungry squirrels will approach you, and by feeding them nuts and fruits, you can earn rewards and potentially make them your companions.

Squirrels are not easily frightened by people and have a friendly disposition. This makes them approachable, but be aware that they can be unpredictable and surprisingly fast and strong for their size. If a squirrel stares at you, it’s curious about your actions. However, their sharp claws make them unsuitable as human companions.


The availability of squirrel variants depends on the day. The game has many squirrel variants based on their physical appearance. You can distinguish the squirrel variants by their color, which can be red, grey, white, black, and classic. Black squirrels are only found on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the classic variant of squirrels is readily available on Monday.

Similarly, grey squirrels are available on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Lastly, you can find Red colored squirrels on both Monday and Wednesday.


Disney Dreamlight Valley Animal Rabbit
Rabbit in-game

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can encounter Rabbits in the Peaceful Meadows. Interacting with Rabbits by feeding them or playing with them can lead to exciting rewards and the possibility of befriending them. Rabbits are known for their endearing nature and are popular throughout the valley.

Their favorite food is carrots, but they enjoy all vegetables. Playing with them and giving them lettuce or a carrot can attract their attention, as they seek interaction with their favorite individuals.

Rabbits tend to take their masters as role models and learn from them, so you can teach them manners and etiquette. However, approach them with care, as they tend to flee into the wilderness when someone approaches.

To feed Rabbits, you can obtain carrots from Goofy’s stall in the Peaceful Meadow. If you prefer, you can also grow carrots using seeds acquired after removing the Night Thomas Thorns.


There are five variants of rabbits divided based on their colors. Variants include brown, calico, classic, white, and black rabbits. Different types of rabbits are present on different days in the meadows. Black rabbits are usually found on Mondays and Wednesdays. The Brown rabbits are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Similarly, the classic ones are only on Mondays, while the white rabbits are present only on Tuesdays.

Sea Turtles

Disney Dreamlight Valley Animal Sea Turtle

Turtles, also known as marine turtles, are charming creatures found at the beach. They have a protective hard shell and can be either on land or underwater.

To befriend and train them, complete a quest. Turtles are generally harmless due to their shy and calm nature, but capturing them can be challenging. To make them your companions, feed them their favorite food, seaweed. They are sensitive and prefer peaceful environments, avoiding noisy places.


There are many different types of turtles, depending on their body colors. These types include classic, black, purple, brown, and white turtles. Black turtles are mostly found on Mondays, while brown turtles are available on Mondays and Wednesdays. Likewise, the classic sea turtles can be found on Mondays only, while the Black and purple sea turtles can be found on Tuesdays.


Raccoons are known for their elusiveness and can be found in Valor’s forest. They are challenging to catch due to their speed and potential hostility. When approaching, be subtle to avoid scaring them away.

Some young raccoons are friendly towards humans. They have a distinctive appearance with a round, fuzzy body and a black mask over their eyes. Feeding them their favorite food, like blueberries, can make them your companions.

Raccoons primarily eat meat and vegetables and are often seen near garbage bins searching for food. They are less social compared to other animals and are rarely active during the day, making them difficult to tame in the valley.


There are many variants of raccoons present based on their colors. The variants are white, black, red, blue, and classic color raccoons. White raccoons are present on Mondays only, while the Black and blue raccoons are primarily available on Tuesdays. All the other raccoons are available on both Mondays and Wednesdays.


Sparrows are critical critters with beautiful voices. You can mostly find them on elevated plains. They are the primary food source for other animals in the valley and make up a food chain. Some of the sparrows are dull and grubby, but most of them are brightly colored.

They like different flowers according to their unique taste. They mainly feed on grains and seeds; however, nuts are their favorite food to munch. Feed the sparrow nuts to get the rewards and unlock them as companions.


There are five colors of sparrows at your disposal. Variants of sparrows include golden, emerald, orchid, red, and turquoise colors. You can use the Houseleek orange flower to get the golden sparrow which you can find on Tuesdays. To get the emerald, use the Passerine yellow bromeliad flower on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.

Red sparrows are mostly seen on Mondays, for which you can use red bromeliad to attract. The Pink houseleek flower works best to get the turquoise sparrow which is present on Wednesdays.           


Foxes, medium-sized with flat skulls and triangular eyes, are not typically dangerous to humans. They are known for their cleverness and are easily befriended. You can find them primarily in frozen heights.

Capturing foxes can be challenging. They are attracted to favorite foods like sturgeon or crab and require a specific approach. Similar to hares, they tend to flee when approached. A male fox is called a dog fox, and a female is known as a vixen.


There are many variants of foxes based on their physical appearance. The first variant is the classic fox which is available on Mondays and Wednesdays. The second variant is the red fox, mostly known for being the most clever among other variants. Thirdly, we have the blue fox variant, which likes to eat crabs and is available on Tuesdays only. The penultimate one is the black fox variant which likes to eat sturgeon and appears on Wednesdays. Lastly, we have the white fox variant, which can mostly be seen on Mondays.


Sunbirds are small, beautiful birds known for their captivating voices and thin, bristle-covered tongues. They have fast, direct flight due to their short wings and are categorized as songbirds.

These friendly birds can be found mainly in the Sunlit Plateau, where they seek food and sometimes live in pairs. To approach them successfully, consider their territorial behavior around flowers and feeding areas. They don’t tuck their heads under their wings and prefer nighttime sleep.

Sunbirds primarily feed on nectar, with the Bromeliad flower being their favorite. Capturing them can be challenging due to their flight abilities, but persistence can lead to success.


There are different variants of sunbirds that like different food with respect to their color. The first variant is the emerald sunbird that likes the green passion lily. The second variant is the orchid sunbird which prefers the orange houseleek.

Then we have the Golden sunbird, which enjoys the sunflower very much. The second last is the red sunbird that relishes the red bromeliad. Lastly, we have the turquoise sunbird, which likes the pink houseleek the most.  



Crocodiles are similar to raccoons in the ways they interact with others. They are incredibly anti-social and will run away as soon as you approach them. Even if they have the slightest hint that you are moving towards them, they will run away.

The only way to get close to them is to move towards them while looking at the ground. Use the time window to get close to them and feed them their favorite food, lobster. Once they munch down the Lobster, you will succeed in befriending them. If you are having trouble finding them, head straight to the Glade of Trust.


Ravens are highly intelligent and wander rather than staying in one place. They have sharp memory, recognize other creatures, and can mimic human voices accurately. Ravens are skilled hunters and use their beaks to open objects.

These birds are often associated with negativity due to their black plumage, but they are strong and will defend against potential threats. They can be hostile when their nests are approached, mainly found in the forgotten land. Their behavior can be unpredictable due to mood swings, so caution is advised.

Ravens primarily consume fruits and vegetables, with a preference for pumpkin and sunflower seeds, apples, and blueberries. They also collect shiny objects like pebbles and balls. Despite their reputation, it’s worth attempting to befriend them.


There are many variants of ravens available. These are named based on their colors. Variants include blue raven, white raven, and red raven, but the classic one is the black variant raven.   


The Crows are primarily found in the Forgotten Land of Disney Dreamlight valley. These critters are generally present in black colors, but other variants of crow are also present in the valley. Furthermore, they have the largest brain-to-body ratio of any other bird.

The crows showcase high speeds when flying, meaning that it is easy for them to outrun you. At the start, they won’t be on friendly terms with you. To get them to like you, you will have to feed them their favorite food, seeds, and fruits to get the rewards.


Various crow types are also present in the valley based on their colors and physical appearance. Variants of crow include blue, brown, classic, red, and white crow. 

All of the animals are fun to have as companions in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They add a flair to your gameplay and will help your complete various tasks. All animals have their unique charisma and skillset, which you will experience after interacting with them. Hence, make sure you try your best to befriend them all.

With that, we conclude our Disney Dreamlight Valley Animals guide. Let us know down below which animal is your favorite.

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