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Avatar Designer Tool Guide

Having your different avatar makes you unique among all. You can surprise and flaunt a fascinating look in front of your friends. For this purpose, there is an avatar designer tool for Disney Dreamlight Valley where you can customize your character in any way you want.

Key Takeaways

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game with a mix of enchanting & dark elements.
  • Players can complete quests to develop relationships with Disney characters & engage in activities like fishing, cooking, & mining.
  • In-game currencies include star coins, moonstones, and Dreamlight.
  • The Avatar Designer Tool is a free customization tool for creating avatars in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • The tool offers a wide range of customization options, including skin tone, body type, facial features, hair, outfits, & accessories.
  • To import your designed avatar into the game, you need to generate a code from the tool & then import it into the game from the avatar settings.
  • Players can share their designed avatars through photos & social media.

This Tool it’s working, and everything related is going to be our Today’s guide Topic. The avatar used in the game is your visual representation through which you interact with everyone in the game and carry out the activities.

Playing with the same and common character can be super boring. Then why not should our avatar be developed to make the game more gripping and sensational? Let’s begin.

Key Highlights

  • In this article, we will discuss the Disney Dreamlight Valley Avatar Designer Tool.
  • This guide describes the Avatar designer tool and its functions regarding unique character creation options.
  • This guide explains how you can create an avatar and how one can import it into the Disney Dreamlight Valley game.


The Disney Dreamlight Valley is more than the enchanted valley and world of fairytales. It’s a venturesome and thrilling life simulation game. This valley has not only a bewitching side but also a dark one, and you will be the one to light up the dark Disney Dreamlight Valley world.

The game includes a great number of Disney characters, and players have to complete their quests to become friends with them or to develop relationships. Some can be easy, while others might be tricky and challenging.

There are a lot of activities for you to perform: fishing, cooking, mining, finding materials, and growing crops. These are enough not to let you get bored. You may find collecting items difficult for some time, but with time, you will get used to it.

Every item you attain is useful, so don’t miss out on accumulating the resources. You must focus on getting loot as much as you can. One way is by destroying the night thorns, and there are many other methods.

You have to gather the ingredients by visiting places. The map is interactive and simple. You will find it convenient to use. To buy the items in Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are certain currencies such as star coins, moonstones, and Dreamlight.

In-game, you own a house that looks like a shack at first, but with upgrading, you can make it look luxurious. Your energy gets utilized by performing actions, so to recharge yourself take a rest or eat food.

You can change your face and features, hair, clothes, shoes, and head wears. Players can even take selfies and share their self-created avatars. The most exciting thing is that you can design your avatar with many customization options.

Avatar Designer Tool

As the name speaks for itself, it is a tool through which you can design or customize your character in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Avatar Designer
Avatar Designer Tool (Image Credits: Best Game Videos)

The best thing is that it is free of cost and has tons of customization options including hair, body, outfits, and many more.

Players can develop an avatar that matches their personality, which doubles the game’s enjoyment. You can also attach a logo to your clothes. There is a wide range of colors, from dark to light shades. One can choose between male and female body types and shapes.

This Avatar designer tool allows you to show your creativity in the best of ways and let people know about your style and fashion sense. You can download it through Steam, the Console store, Epic Games, and Microsoft.

How To Create an Avatar

The steps to create an avatar are:-

Create an Avatar
How To Create an Avatar
  1. Open your Avatar Designer Tool.
  2. Select the skin tone and then body type based on your gender.
  3. The next option is to select the body shape.
  4. Once done, choose the eyes’ color and shape. There are so many details in the designing process that you can modify your eyebrows, i.e., their shape and color.
  5. There are so many nose shape preferences. Go for the one that suits well on your face.
  6. Moving forward, pick up the lips shape and lipstick shade. However, You can change its capacity.
  7. The face shape plays an essential role, so choose the right one. The options to apply blush and add freckles and birthmarks are also here.
  8. Afterward, Opt for the fascinating hairstyle and color. Moreover, you can decorate them with head wears like hats, bandanas, helmets, and hairbands. You can also wear glasses and earrings.
  9. Speaking of outfits, you get enormous types of clothes: Jackets, Shirts, Tops, Suits, Pants and the list goes on. Multiple varieties of shoes and dresses are alluring. So go to the related section and get whatever item you want.
  10. Don’t forget about trying out carrying the adorable backpacks available in the avatar designer tool.
  11. As you select the wearing item, you can alter its appearance with “Touch of Magic.” It allows the addition of motifs, patterns, and color changing.
  12. The name box will appear on the screen, write your name and save it.

Click Photo and Share your design

The next step is “Taking a Photo”.

Click Photo And Share
Click Photo and Share your design

Choose the format, impression, camera mode, and selfie. Furthermore, you can change the background and avatar facial expressions and apply filters and borders. As you complete the previous step now, you can share your newly designed avatar look.

Import The Avatar

Now the most important task is how you can import your avatar to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Let us assist you here again.

Import Design
Import The Avatar

Go to the avatar designer tool menu. In the options below, you can see the “Show avatar code” option. Click on it, and a generated code will be provided to you. Save it by taking a screenshot or note it down somewhere. The validity time for this code is 24 hours only.

Now exit the tool and open your Disney Dreamlight Valley game. From the menu, select “New Game.” Go to avatar settings and look for the import avatar mark here. Click and type your code; by doing so, your designed avatar imports to the game.

Final Remarks

We have developed this guide to help you throughout your avatar creation journey in the Disney Dreamlight Valley avatar designer tool. We have brought every related information for you in this piece of information.

If you liked our work, then as an appreciation, share it with your friends. Stay tuned.

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