Disney Dreamlight Valley BEST Harvest [Top 10]

This guide lists top 10 Disney Dreamlight Valley best harvest that you can sell to earn good profits in the in-game market.

Disney Dreamlight Valley best harvest
Disney Dreamlight Valley best harvest

Disney Dreamlight Valley brings all kinds of fun and colors to the massive fans and gamers community globally. The game allows your character to engage with attention to detail and become the hero by creating a unique world with some helping hands from friends from Disney. One of the best aspects of the game is to enable players to harvest crops, which encourages players to pursue Disney Dreamlight Valley best harvest to achieve hefty profits. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley promotes creativity to engage with the massive world and detailed elements. The harvesting feature of the game follows a similar process to not only to give a unique experience to players but also to ensure it reaps the best rewards for whatever vegetable or fruit you sow in the field. For that instance, players will need to know what are some of the best harvests that yields better profits in the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

If you are also a player with a keen eye for detail and want to make an in-game profit, this guide is just for you. This guide details the top 10 Disney Dreamlight Valley harvests that will aid in gaining unlimited access to your delicious recipes and earning good Star Coins daily. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Earning money in Disney Dreamlight Valley is as important as in any other genre game.
  • Meanwhile, the new Disney Dreamlight Valley allows players to earn a good amount of Star Coins(in-game currency) by planting crops and then selling them in the market. 
  • Numerous crops will yield better profits in a short period.
  • Here is the list of top harvests that you can consider for earning good profits.

Here is a summary table for the Best Harvest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Everything you see here has been organized for your ease:

1Cucumber40 Star Coins.
2Cotton42 Star Coins,
3Carrots10 Star Coins
4Chilli Pepper20 Star Coins
5Eggplant95 Star Coins
6Canola25 Star Coins
7Asparagusfree of cost
8Potato55 Star Coins.
9Leekfree of cost
10Pumpkin275 Star Coins

Disney Dreamlight Valley Best Harvest

Gardening is the most lucrative approach to earning in-game money in the all-new Disney Dreamlight Valley. Surprisingly, the process of cultivating is similar to real life. However, it will also involve a significant investment of time and in-game currency to purchase seeds and maintain the crops. 

There is a myriad of vegetables and fruits available that players can cultivate in their village. The game also allows your character to ask for help from any of the Disney companion friends in your village. Apart from that, players must make the right decision for the best harvest in the game world. 

Harvesting Canola in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Harvesting Canola in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The main reason is that players do not have unlimited space in their village to plant the crops and will need to progress slowly for gardening. More importantly, cultivating farms is a straining task, from getting the seeds, to the plantation, and watering the field to seeing the sprouts grow. 

In this case, narrowing down the list of the best fields that you can cultivate is crucial. Eventually, it will enhance your gameplay experience and harvest time in the game. Let’s discuss the best harvests in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 


The first one on the list for gardening is the Cucumber. Everyone loves Cucumber in a salad, sandwich, or the Disney Dreamlight Valley Crudites. Harvesting Cucumbers can always be beneficial to cater to your recipes and sell them in the market for good profits. 

The vegetable takes around 75 minutes to grow, with only one crop per harvest. The most critical aspect of Cucumbers is that you will have to purchase seeds to crop in the field. You can purchase the seeds in Frosted Heights from Goofy’s stall for 40 Star Coins. 

As said earlier, some vegetable harvest will cost you some money and time for the preparation of the crops. But in the end, all the investment will be totally worth it as you start selling the Cucumbers in the in-game market. When the Cucumber crop is ready, you can sell one harvest for 159 Star Coins. 


Players can also harvest Cotton that can be used for various purposes in the games. Unlike most vegetables and fruits gardening in the game, Cotton harvest is pretty straightforward. The cherry on top is that it takes significantly less growth time with a reasonable selling price for early-level players. 

Cotton seeds are also available to merchants like Goofy in the Disney Drealight Valley. The seeds will cost you 42 Star Coins, so make sure to have enough money before you purchase them from the merchant. Moreover, players will be able to receive one Cotton per harvest with a growth time of 25 minutes only. 

With this harvest, you can sell it for profit. Unfortunately, Cotton only yields 37 Star Coins from one harvest. This will impact your profit-based venture in the game directly from Cotton. However, this is still an ideal approach if you use Cotton for crafting in the game. 


Like Cucumbers, Carrots also make a prominent entry in the list of harvest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This is because the vegetable is crucial for a variety of recipes, and our Disney friends love them. On the other side, Carrots can also allow players to earn serious profits for Star Coins, so you no longer have to worry about in-game currency. 

The process of harvesting Carrots starts with getting your hands on the seeds. As mentioned earlier, you can obtain the seeds from the Goofy store with only 10 Star Coins. After that, you can seed the crop. 

Surprisingly, Carrots take only 15 minutes with only one crop per harvest to dish out the best gardening experience to players. Now all you need to do is to sell out the crop for 55 Star Coins, allowing you to earn a profit of 34. Especially, early-level players can consider farming Carrots to earn decent profits early on in the game. 

Chilli Pepper

It is time to spice things up with the Chilli Pepper in the sparkling world of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Chilli Pepper is also widely used in recipes and makes up a huge portion of sales in the in-game market. 

It is highly advised to consider Chilli Pepper if you are planning on covering a considerable portion of the village into a crop. This way, you can maximize the profits output quickly. 

Firstly, you can get your hands on the Chilli Pepper seeds for 20 Star Coins. This may sound expensive on the pocket, but the investment of only 20 will later return as massive profits for your character in the game. 

Once the crop is ready to harvest, you will receive only one Chilli Pepper that you can sell for profit. One crop per harvest will dish out 78 Star Coins upon selling in the market. Considering the 20 Star Coins for purchasing seeds and a minimal waiting time of 45 minutes, Chilli Pepper is the best harvest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, giving you a 58 Star Coins profit on each harvest. 


When it comes to harvesting vegetables purely for profits, Eggplants never go as an exception. Eggplants take massive time for growth with over 180 minutes and significant investment and effort. These aspects of the vegetable make it the best harvest for mid-level players with resources to invest and time to take care of the crops. 

Regarding resources, players must purchase Eggplant seeds for 95 Star Coins. Moreover, players will receive only one Eggplant crop per harvest. Now that players have healthy Eggplants, they can sell the vegetable for 308 Star Coins. It will earn every character a massive profit of 213 Star Coins, thus pushing the money-making capabilities in the game even further. 


As we progress in the list of best vegetables, we start to look at some of the best profit-making harvests in the game. One of the primary reasons behind it is the availability of Canola seeds for free. It means you do not have to invest in the seeds early on, and you can receive full profits from the Canola in the first crop. 

This is only possible for players progressing the storyline and reaching the Forest of Valor. Here, players can pick up the Canola seeds from Night Thorns for entirely free. Although, if you have missed the storyline and would like to harvest Canola, you can pay a visit to Goofy’s store to purchase the seeds for 25 Star Coins. 

Moving on to the stats of Canola, the complete farming will take a growth time of 35 minutes. Conversely, with one crop per harvest, players can earn 109 Star Coins for selling Canola. Make sure to get your hands on the free seeds first so that you can maximize the profits for the first harvest. 


Another unique and free crop that you can sell in the market is Asparagus. The vegetable is widely helpful and accessible in the game stores, so you can also set up a crop to sell it for massive profits. 

The only downside of the vegetable is that it takes a massive growth time of 165 minutes. At the same time, the Asparagus will yield 3 crops per harvest that can be sold for 133 Star Coins. 

As said earlier, like Canola, players can also get their hands on free seeds of Asparagus to make the best profits easily. For that instance, players must have unlocked the Frosted Heights and gained access to the Night Thorns. Simply removing them will get you the Asparagus seeds, which can be cultivated for vegetables. If you can still not obtain the seeds for free, you can consider Goofy’s store and purchase the seeds. 


Potatoes are also an essential profit-making vegetable that can be easily harvested in the game. Although you may not get free seeds this time with Potato, you can easily purchase them from Goofy for a value of 55 Star Coins. 

Potatoes in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Potatoes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Potatoes are easy to crop and will take very little time of only 35 minutes, for growth. This growth time with one crop per harvest will yield 126 per crop sale profits. That is almost 71 Star Coins’ profit on each sale, paving the way for an ultimate farming venture for your character. 


Leeks are also crucial for salads and other recipes. The cherry on top is that Leeks do not require many struggles for growth, and the seeds are available free of cost in the game. 

All you need to do is to progress the storyline and be mindful of your visit to the Forgotten Lands. Like most vegetables, you will also remove the Night Thorns to receive the free seeds of Leek in your garden. Or, if you do not want to visit the place, Goofy will help trade 120 Star Coins for Leek seeds. 

Leeks take about 120 minutes for the growth of one crop per harvest. The growth time is optimal if you plan on short Disney Dreamlight Valley sessions daily. 

Selling one crop per harvest will give you the earning of 309 Star Coins. Or if you have purchased the seeds instead of obtaining them for free, it is a whopping 189 Star Coins profit. 


Lastly, Pumpkins are a priority to harvest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Not only because of the delicious recipe but also because Spooktober season is here, and hopefully, developers will be adding content for Halloween. 

Pumpkins are famous for the massive growth time and the profits they can generate on each crop harvest. Pumpkin crops take a vast 240 minutes for only one crop per harvest. But here comes the catch: selling this crop will earn 664 at the cost of 275 Star Coins for seeds.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Pumpkins
Disney Dreamlight Valley Pumpkins

In the end, players will receive a profit of 389 Star Coins, which is remarkable for all the wait and effort for growing the massive crop. With the available resources and investment, Pumpkin makes up for the best harvest in Disney Dreamlight Valley for players willing to give in to earn a good amount of in-game money. 

Final Words

Players can consider numerous other crops and farms to meet the requirements of recipes and earn good Star Coins in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. But that also depends on the land available in your village to turn it into a garden for crops waiting for them to grow for sale. 

Some players struggle to clear out the land from obstacles like tree stumps. Removing them is indeed a hassle, but do not worry, as we have a complete guide on Disney Dreamlight Valley how to get rid of stumps and clear the ground for harvesting crops. 

That is about it for our guide on the top 10 best harvest to consider for both recipe quests and profits in the game. Do you find this guide helpful in earning good Star Coins in your playthrough? What is your favorite vegetable or fruit to harvest in the Disney Dreamlight Valley? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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