Disney Dreamlight Valley Best Upgrades [Definitive Guide]

In this guide, you'll be given a step-by-step manual to upgrade your tools and renovate your house! By the end of the guide, you'll have a mini castle right at the center of the valley!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Best Upgrades

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can enjoy a life simulation game where they interact with beloved Disney and Pixar characters. This guide focuses on the best upgrades for your house and tools in the game.

  1. House Upgrades: Upgrading your house allows you to gain new rooms and increased storage capacity. This is essential for storing items and expanding your living space.
  2. Tool Upgrades: Your tools, such as the Pickaxe, Shovel, and Watering Can, can be upgraded to enhance their abilities. Upgraded tools are more efficient at whittling down mushrooms, night thorns, digging, and mining for various items.
    • Low-level tools may only be effective against small obstacles.
    • Max-level tools are required to tackle larger obstacles that block your path.

Upgrading your house and tools is crucial for progressing in Disney Dreamlight Valley and accessing new areas and items. This guide will provide insights into the best upgrades to make your gameplay more enjoyable and efficient.

Key Takeaways

  • As of now, players can only upgrade their Pickaxe, Shovel, and Watering Can.
  • Players cannot upgrade items such as the Fishing Rod.
  • You will need in-game currencies such as Star Coins to upgrade your house.
  • The house can be expanded three times to avail different floors.
  • Some equipment in the game can be upgraded by completing different characters’ quests.
  • You can upgrade your Pickaxe by completing various quests of Anna and Elsa in the Frozen Realm.
  • The Watering Can can be upgraded from Merlin.
  • To upgrade the equipment, you’ll need to have a specific friendship level with certain characters.
  • Friendship levels can be increased by giving gifts to the characters. Gifts can include different recipes ranging from one to five stars.

Redecorating The House

You can browse through different sections from the Menu tab!

Your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the first thing you unlock. Although it is rusty and old, you’ll have the option for a complete makeover! To clear out some things, your go-to guy for any construction is Scrooge McDuck.

He has all the necessary tools you need to build and expand your residence. Therefore, your focus will be on completing his quests and increasing your friendship level with McDuck.

If you’re wondering about the purpose of upgrading your house, it is because the place is where you mostly store your collectible items and regain energy. You’ll also have different rooms to serve various purposes.

For instance, you’ll be able to build your very own kitchen to start cooking your favorite meals! You can also tinker around the kitchen to discover new recipes, which can either be eaten, gifted, or sold for Star Coins.

On that note, you can start cooking only after buying a Stove for your kitchen. You can do that with three methods;

  • Building a stove
  • Purchase it from Scrooge McDuck
  • Help Mickey Mouse in his “Foodception” quest

Gathering Collectible Items and Furniture

Scrooge McDuck's Displayed Items
Mr.Scrooge has items displayed in his shop for you to purchase!

You can get your hands on some of the items at the start of the game by removing obstacles from your valley and by opening chests. The game also goes out of the way to give you welcome items.

You can also purchase furniture from the store or craft them with the materials you gather while exploring the game. The best place to look for furniture is through Scrooge McDuck, who you helped rebuild the shop for 1,000 Star Coins.

He’ll give you access to his findings which you can explore. For instance, you’ll be able to browse through a selection of clothes and furniture. To purchase an item you like, you can interact with it, and it will display the price for you.

Some of the available furniture in Scrooge McDuck’s shop include;

  • Wallpapers
  • Beds
  • Tables
  • Rugs
  • Lighting
Ordering Items
If you cannot find any items at his shop, you can order for some furniture!

Other than that, Scrooge McDuck can also provide you with the items on order, which you can have access to later on in the game. Other options to purchase furniture include the Pixar Fest Star Path.

The Pixar Fest can grant you points you can use to purchase the items for free. Once you have the desired furniture for your house, you can always head back and add them to any of your rooms.

Instead of purchasing like you always should, you can also craft furniture at your Crafting Workstation. You’ll only need the necessary items and materials to craft, and you can also look at different recipes to build items, such as Softwood and soil.

If you don’t have the recipes for the furniture you desire, you can always complete quests and obtain them as rewards from the NPCs in the game. 

Adding Furniture

You can add or remove furniture to personalize your rooms!

If you have any collectible items at the beginning of the game or any furniture unlocked through quests, you can add them to your house. To add a piece of furniture and freshen up your living space, you can open the menu and click on the Furniture tab in the inventory.

You’ll find various colors and types of floors to match your preferences. You can always start with the interior of the house before upgrading and redecorating. For that purpose, you have the following options;

  • Wooden Flooring
  • Gray Stone Tilework
  • Dusty Tile Flooring (you wouldn’t want to select this option)
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Diamond-pottered Flooring
Access your wardrobe and customize your character!

You can also change your wardrobe and view your inventory from the menu! If I suggest, Wooden Flooring and Gray Stone Tilework are the best starters to make your house lively and fresh.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Best Upgrades

Upgrading The House
After upgrading your house, you’ll get to see fireworks!

Your house is the best possible asset to upgrade in this simulated game. You can customize it and add or remove items however you like. We discussed various items, collectibles, and furniture, and how you can obtain them by completing quests.

We also talked about how Scrooge McDuck is your go-to person for any construction, including your house.

To upgrade your house, you will need to finish a quest known as “Economy 101.” yes, you guessed correctly. The quest is given by none other than Scrooge McDuck. The quest will revolve around the economy and you’ll have to inject it with money.

Dreamlight Valley Economy 101 Quest
You can have access to the elevator after completing this quest!

Furthermore, you’ll need precious gemstones that will be sold to Goofy at his stall. You can mine them at different locations across the different biomes of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Once the gemstones are sold to Goofy, you’ll have the option to expand your house along with the rooms. You can increase the room size in three different options;

  • 6×6 room
  • 8×8 room
  • 10×10 room
You can use the elevator to access different rooms and expand your house!

To add more rooms to your house, you’ll be granted an elevator by Scrooge McDuck. You can use the elevator to access rooms on different floors. 

Construction Sign
Look for any construction signs!

Also, you can upgrade your house three times to make it look better than before and each time the amount of Star Coins you need will significantly increase! The first upgrade will cost 2,000 Star Coins and affect the external look of your house.

At each stage, your house will look fabulous! The second upgrade will cost 20,000 Star Coins and lastly, 75,000 Star Coins for the final upgrade which will give you access to a third floor.

Further moving down the guide, you’ll find the best tools to upgrade in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

How To Upgrade Tools

Coral Pickaxe Upgrade
The Pickaxe will be upgraded by Maui, and you’ll be able to shatter down large corals!

The first tool you can upgrade is the Pickaxe, which is used to mine rocks and ice cones. You can use it to break structures and obtain items such as snow. To upgrade the Pickaxe, you need to increase your friendship level with Elsa and Maui.

There are two types of upgrades for the Pickaxe;

  • Coral Upgrade
  • Ice Upgrade
Maui will upgrade the Pickaxe if you help him with his quests!

The Coral upgrade allows the players to shatter small and large corals. Visit Maui after unlocking Moana’s Realm and recruit him to your valley. Remember, you have to increase your friendship level with Maui and complete his quests to recruit him.

Once you’ve done that, you can start with his “A Tale of Stone and Fire” quest. Finishing the quest will further increase your friendship and Maui will grant you the Coral Upgrade for your Pickaxe.

Ice Pickaxe Upgrade

Increase your friendship level with Elsa and help her in her quests to upgrade your Pickaxe!

As for the Ice Upgrade, you’ll have to unlock the Frozen Realm and befriend Elsa, the Queen of Ice. The process for both upgrades is equivalently the same and you have to increase your friendship level with Elsa by completing her quests and giving her gifts.

Ice Pickaxe Upgrade
The Ice upgrade for your pickaxe can remove large Ice Crystals!

The ice upgrade for your Pickaxe will allow you to break down small and large ice crystals. You must be wondering what a hassle it is to complete quests for various characters, but that’s exactly what makes this game interesting!

Here’s a tip you could use to speed up the process with Elsa. You can befriend her younger sister Anna and help her out with her quests. Gaining friendship points with Anna will have both of them move into your valley without much effort!

Once Elsa joins you in your valley, you can start her “Breaking the Ice” quest. You’ll be one step closer to upgrading your Pickaxe. As usual, finishing the quest will upgrade your Pickaxe and allow you to break down small and large crystals.

Upgrading The Watering Can

Progress through Merlin’s quest line and increase your friendship levels!

Remember those large mushrooms you couldn’t remove? With a max-level Watering Can, you will have no trouble removing large mushrooms! You can progress through Merlin’s quest line to have your Shovel enchanted.

As always, maintaining a good friendship level with in-game characters rewards you! As for Merlin, you can gift him his favorite meals and talk to him daily to gain his trust and increase your friendship level!

At a certain level of friendship, Merlin will give you new quests to complete. For instance, you can access the “A Dark Experiment” quest once you reach a friendship level of eight.

The first encounter with the Watering Can will be through Merlin’s “New Enchantment” quest. He will provide you with a tool to forage items such as mushrooms. Mushrooms are high in density in the Glade of Trust region, and you’ll frequently bump into larger mushrooms!

Max-level Watering Can

To remove those large mushrooms out of the way, Merlin will help enchant your Watering Can!

If you’re wondering how long it takes to reach Merlin’s “Final Trail” quest, you’ll have to have a level 10 Friendship level. Again, you can do that by frequently surprising him with gifts and engaging in small conversations!

The Final Trial Quest
After completing this quest, Merlin will upgrade your Watering Can by enchanting it!

You’ll eventually reach a certain level for him to give you his last quest. The Final Trail is a quest that will require the following items;

Watering Can
You can use a max-level Watering Can to remove large mushrooms!

Once you deliver the above items to Merlin, he’ll have your Watering Can enchanted to the highest level! Now you can remove large mushrooms by pouring water on them! We have a whole guide on upgrading your Watering Can and progressing through Merlin’s quest. If you wish to read our Disney Dreamlight Valley Mushroom guide, you’ll be able to do all of the above!

Upgrading The Shovel

Increase your friendship level with Anna and she’ll upgrade the Shovel for you!

Instead of two upgrades like the Pickaxe, you can only upgrade the Shovel once. Shovels are best to remove obstacles that block your path. For instance, you’ll encounter them in your ventures across the Forest of Valor.

Shovel Blade
You can craft a Shovel Blade by using the materials shown above!

To upgrade the Shovel you’ll need Anna’s help. You’ll have recruited her in your valley by now and thus, continue completing her quests. At some point, you’ll come across a certain quest that requires the removal of difficult objects.

You can use an upgraded shovel to remove obstacles from your path!

Anna will upgrade your Shovel so that you can clear out the path! It can reward you with some Hardwood as well.

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Final Thoughts

That was the end of our Disney Dreamlight Valley Best Upgrades guide. We hope that you had a great time working out different methods to upgrade your tools and your house!

The world of Disney Dreamlight is fairly unique and has its ways to make the game interesting. As you wander the different biomes in the game, you come across numerous objects and structures that obscure your path. For that, the game provides you with the necessary tools to remove them from your path.

On another note, the Realms we talked about can be unlocked using Dreamlight, which is another currency used in the game. For instance, Elsa’s Frozen Realm can be unlocked for 4,000 Dreamlight, and Moana’s Realm requires 3,000 Dreamlight. Surely, you’ll find ways to gather a huge sum of Dreamlight for each Realm, right?

You can learn how to unlock Moana’s Realm and invite both her and Maui to your valley by reading our Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood Platter guide!

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