Disney Dreamlight Valley Bigger Chests: Increase Storage

Disney Dreamlight Valley bigger chests

Different quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley will require you to have different materials like hardwood and more. Having bigger chests in Disney Dreamlight Valley will mean that you will be able to have more materials in storage, and hence completing quests will be comparatively easier.

In this Disney Dreamlight Valley bigger chests guide, we will cover all that you need to know about it, from what it is storage to how you can craft chests.

Quick Points

  • Storage is used to store different materials that you come across in the game.
  • To increase storage, you will have to upgrade your house.
  • You will need to help Scrooge McDuck in a few quests in order to upgrade your house.
  • Another way to increase storage is by crafting chests.
  • You will need 25 softwood and 25 stones to craft a chest.

Storage Overview

As you progress in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will come across different materials that you will use in different quests. In addition to that, you will also get many other materials from different activities like mining, farming, and more.

All of these will need to be stored somewhere. That is where your house comes in. It is because apart from your home being a place for you to channel out your inner creativity and cook food. It also serves as a storage place.

You will get your first house from Merlin, and it will have a chest in it as well. The chest will be relatively small as it will only have eight item slots. However, that is something you should not worry about because upgrading is a huge part of the game. You will not only get the opportunity to upgrade your chests but your house as well.

Increasing Storage

If you are interested in increasing your storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are two things that we suggest to you. The first one is upgrading your house, and the other one is making more chests. We have talked about both of these in detail in the following two sections of our Disney Dreamlight Valley bigger chests guide.

Something that you should know is that upgrading your house and increasing storage pretty much go hand in hand. Therefore, if you want to increase your storage, you should focus on upgrading your house.

How To Upgrade Your House

Doing that is not a challenging task. All that you need to do is complete three quests for Scrooge McDuck. The quests that you need to help Scrooge McDuck in are listed down below:

  • Making Cents of Things
  • Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening
  • Dreamlight Valley Economy 101

These quests are pretty easy to complete. In the first quest, you need to raise 1000 star coins that you will use to re-open his store. The second one requires you to tackle the lack of business that Scrooge McDuck is facing by helping him advertise his store better.

In the third quest, you will need to find and sell gems to goofy at his stall. Now that we have mentioned gems, we highly suggest that you read our detailed guide on Disney Dreamlight Valley Emeralds. In it, we have covered all that you need to know about it, from its uses to how you can get it.

Anyways, once you have done that, Scrooge will add an elevator to your house that you can interact with in order to expand your house in exchange for some star coins. It will be 1000 coins for a medium upgrade and 2000 coins for a larger upgrade. However, you will not have gotten the storage upgrade yet.

To get that, you will need to interact with a Scrooge McDuck sign outside. Do that, and you will be able to make upgrades for a different amount of star coins, as listed below. Each of the upgrades adds another row of chest space.

  • 2000 star coins- Adds new rooms
  • 20,000 star coins- Adds a second floor
  • 75,000 star coins- Adds a third floor

However, if you do not have that many coins lying around, there is another strategy that you can opt for to increase your storage.

Craft Chests

Something that is worth mentioning here is that when you upgrade your house, the only chest that gets upgraded is the one that came with it. Therefore, we highly suggest that you utilize the space available in your house by putting as many chests there as you want.

That being said, if you do not know how to craft chests, then do not worry, as we have got you covered with our Disney Dreamlight Valley bigger chests guide. Crafting chests is pretty easy to do. All that you need to do is acquire 25 softwood and 25 stones, and you will be good to go.

The image shows softwood and stone
Softwood And Stone

Both of these are readily available. Softwood can be found in the vicinity of trees and bushes around the village. Stones, on the other hand, can be acquired by breaking up the larger stones.

Once you have the items mentioned above, go to the crafting table. There you will find a design for a chest under the Functional Items Tab in the crafting menu. Craft the chest and viola; you will now have a chest with 16 item slots.

The image shows the chest design under the functional items tab.
Chest Design

A really great benefit of this is that you can craft as many chests as you want. You can use your house space, even the gardening space outside, to place these chests. This is a great way to increase your storage quickly, considering how easily you can get the items that are needed to craft the chests.

Final Words

With that, we reach the conclusion of our Disney Dreamlight bigger chests guide. Now you do not need to throw any of your items that you do not want to. Just store them in chests. We hope that you found this guide to be helpful and informative. If you enjoyed reading this guide, consider reading our other guides on Disney Dreamlight Valley, like moonstones, Krisftoff stall, mint chocolate, soil, pumpkin house, and many more.

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